Whole Earth Review

Last month I was contacted by the lovely people at Whole Earth Foods to review a selection of the products in their range.  I buy their peanut butter on a regular basis as it is easily accessible compared to other good brands that make peanut butter and is sold in every major supermarket.  I like many was completlely unaware that the Whole Earth Foods range extends to  spreads, cereals, drinks, snacks, baked beans, ketchup and even coffee alternatives.  So I was very excited to try some of the different products in the range that were entirely new to me.

The first product I tried was the Organic Sparkling Cranberry drink.  I normally stay clear of fizzy drinks due to the high sugar content and the sugar crash that soon follows, however I was willing to give this one a try and I love cranberries!

This was very refreshing on a warm summers day and had a great taste that wasn’t sickly sweet as all of the sugar in the drink is naturally derived from the fruit.  What I loved about it is the fact that it is organic, which you cannot say about a lot of fizzy drinks on the market and it has a really short ingredients list:

  • Sparkling water,
  • Organic agave syrup,
  • Organic cranberry juice from concentrate (4.2%),
  • Organic lemon juice from concentrate (0.9%),
  • Lemon flavouring,
  • Mixed berry flavouring.

It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.  I was slightly disappointed that the cranberry juice is from concentrate and it contains some flavourings although they are not articficial.

Now I’m a big museli girl so I was happy to see a box of the Swiss Style Organic Muesli in my haul.   I’ve had this topped with fresh berries, crumbled coconut butter and homemade cashew nut milk.

I also whipped up a quick bircher muesli by mixing it with some vanilla soya yoghurt too.

This museli is high in fibre, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, dairy free and free from preservatives and additives.  I found this museli to have a well balanced mix of oats, hazelnuts, seeds and raisins as with some muesli brands they tend to pack out the boxes with more oats making it like saw dust.

I’m a big fan of their peanut butter and Whole Earth PB are made using natural ingredients including ~97%  roasted peanuts and are additive free and contain no added sugar, producing spreads that are naturally tasty.  Those huge jars are fab for OAIJ too! 🙂 They come in both crunchy and smooth varieties and also includes an organic range too.

I recieved all of the PB’s in the range except my organic crunchy PB jar was smashed on arrival.  But, don’t fear I managed to rescue most of it as I’m sure any peanut butter nutter like me would! 🙂

Using the peanut butters I made some very delicious Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

So good!

I also loved using the PB simply straight out the jar and on top of my oats…

I really enjoyed using these products especially the muesli as it was new to me.  As a newbie to the entire Whole Foods range s I only every buy their peanut butter I will definitely be on the look out for some of their other products.  Has anyone seen their chocolate spreads? -Yes please!

I have an amazing Whole Earth Blog Sponsor Giveaway coming up soon so look out for that!

Have you tried Whole Earth Products before?

What is your favourite product in their range?



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18 responses to “Whole Earth Review

  1. I love Whole Earth PB 🙂
    I’ll definitely look out for the muesli!

  2. Hah, I was just eating a huge spoonful of Whole Earth crunchy PB as I read this 😉

    Excellent review, particularly your beautiful photography and creative use of the products!


  3. Bronagh

    I’ve never tried any of the Whole Earth products so looking forward to your giveaway 🙂 Those cookies you baked look AMAZING!

  4. I like their nut butters and I’ve tried the sparkling ginger, which was yummy 🙂

  5. Jana

    I love their Elderflower sparkling drink. It’s sooo delicious and refreshing!

  6. Peanut Butter/Almond Butter = JOY.
    I have never heard of Whole Earth. Going to have to check at Whole Foods!

  7. I’ve only tried the pb and elderflower drink which was lovely! I would be interested in seeing what the muesli is like, I’m also a muesli lover and your description of it sounds right up my street!

  8. These products look great! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’ve tried their PB and sparkling elderflower, and loved both! I prefer the crunchy to the smooth, but smooth is definitely better for smoothies and the like 🙂

  10. I’ve never tried anything of theirs! *hangs head in shame* – I always seem to stick with Meridian because I know I love it! That cranberry drink looks great though, as does the muesli 🙂

  11. Angela

    I’ve gone through more jars of their PB than I care to admit! The dark chocolate spread is amazing. I had PB and chocolate porridge everyday for about 2 weeks. I think they only sell it in Asda though as I haven’t seen it anywhere else and unfortunately I don’t live near enough to one for regular shopping 😦

  12. I’ve gone throught 2 jars of nut butter in 3 weeks!! I’m obsessed 🙂
    that brand looks really tastey!!

  13. Hmm I have never even heard of this company, but I am glad you enjoy it… and did some much great stuff with the product!
    I go through almond butter and PB so fast now, it’s rather alarming!

  14. Whole Earth PB is my favorite! Those cookies look so good 🙂

  15. Errign

    Never tried them, but I think they’re a UK brand?

    Still really want those cookies though…and the sparkling cranberry drink sounds delicious!

  16. Great review! Although we dont have their products in Norway 😦
    Those cookies looks so so yummy!
    And that is how I like my coconut butter too- all crumbeled up 😀
    Have agreat Wednesday ❤

  17. I looooooooooove whole earth PB, it’s on offer in Asda at the mo, the organic is actually cheaper than the standard! Lovin it!

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