Friday Feature: Being in tune with your body

The past few weeks I have been really struggling with fuelling my body correctly and my sugar levels have been all over the place recently.  Luckily I think everything is back in check and I’m feeling a lot better.  Since everything with my eating patterns seems to be running a lot more smoothly I thought it would be perfect to address this issue in a Friday Feature post.

A lot of people on many occasions ignore what their body is telling them- I’m guilty as charged!   However, honoring your body’s requests will heap huge rewards for you to be comfortable, healthy and happy.  Listening to your body is a tough skill to develop.   I never post everything that I eat and sometimes after my evening meal I do find myself snacking on random foods even when I’m not actually hungry.  This leaves me feeling heavy and sometimes a little guilty.  I have killed the guilt trip after snacking raids though and figured that that’s what my body needs, especially if I have eaten very light in the day.  It’s also not a regular occurrence and it was the effect it was having on my whole mind set was becoming a problem at first.  At the moment I’m just rolling with it for now, enjoying my food and feeling great.

There are times when my body is regularly craving for a salad or a green smoothie.  I love my huge salad plates and smoothies with a passion, but sometimes with some health foods (especially the more exotic stuff) I sometimes wonder if I am eating them for the right reasons.  Am I eating it because my body really wants or am I eating it just because that what I think I should be eating?  It can be a case of snacking on a couple of apples, which may not be satisfying as eating a cookie or a cupcake at that particular point in time.  Again these kind of incidences are rare as my body is more in tune and drawn to lots of veggies and whole foods, but I do believe that balance is vital in any diet as is listening to what your body truly wants which was the main idea behind my previous post.

Balance is everything to me- Ying and Yang, taking the good with the bad, all that jazz!  It’s important to become aware to what is “normal” for your body.  Everyone is different and it is definitely not one size fits all, how boring would that be!?  Restricting my diet has always led to harmful side effects, both physically and mentally. In most cases when I cut things out completely it just makes the situation worse and I end up raiding the cupboards and consuming way more than I realistically need too.

Over the last few weeks I think I am finally in tune with my body wants, not completely but I’m getting there slowly.  I know that I cannot strip sugar out of my diet completely.  I know that I cannot strip carbohydrates form my diet completely.  I know that it’s ok to eat cupcakes, cookies and chocolate every now an then, all it requires is that little thing called moderation.  I’m planning a little super “clean eating” regime soon, but doing things my way and abiding what my body needs- more about that in another post.i love food

I think me and my body are finally at peace and it’s such an amazing feeling!

Well now I’m off to find my dessert for this evening- I’m thinking of breaking in to my 99% Lindt dark chocolate right now-yum!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Are you in tune with what your body wants?

Have you ever struggled to find that healthy balance food wise?

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39 responses to “Friday Feature: Being in tune with your body

  1. Fab post! I agree with all of this and feel just the same way. As you say we are all different, and thats a wonderful thing! I don’t think it means you are more or less healthy than anyone else. I’m planning a ‘detox’ (don’t you just wish there was a better word for it than that?) too just because I know that’s what my body needs and I don’t thinks theres anything wrong with that!

  2. I’m not sure if I’m in-tune with what my body wants or not. I don’t have many issues, so I guess I am. 🙂 have a great weekend!

  3. Charlotte Katherine

    Sometime I think I struggle to find a balance – for instance today I haven’t had my usual amount of veggies so a veggie stir fry would be an ideal dinner, but honestly its getting late and what I’m really craving is a nice bowl of oats topped with fruit and nuts – its not what I should technically be having, but I know if I have the stirfry I’ll be left completely unsatisfied.

    I also struggle sometime with the times I should be eating, I think I need to learn to listen to my body more and eat a little more in the day and a little less at night when its the ‘appropriate’ time to eat, I’m planning on trying to increase the size of lunch and my afternoon snack and decrease dinner and dessert!

  4. I am definitely working to find my balance and become more in tune with my body!! Wonderful post! 🙂

  5. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Enjoy that chocolate 🙂 I also sometimes find myself snacking on random stuff after eating light and clean for the whole day. I think my body (and especially my mind) just needs those little indulgences to keep all things going right and nice.
    I am not always listening to my body, I know it, but I am trying. Sometimes it is hard to let myself eat that big bowl of pudding instead of a veggie salad just because my body says me so. So I am trying to be in the control of my cravings. But I agree that it is important to listen and to honor our bodies and give them what they want, because that´s what they need 🙂

  6. I’m glad that you were able to fix the issues! Our bodies are so amazing, aren’t they? The first SIAB looks awesome btw!


  7. i’m so glad you wrote this!!! I’ve been going through the same thing!! XOX

  8. This is such an emotive issue, and I’m extremely impressed at how well-written and balanced this post is: you really address issues many of us face without ever becoming too personal or blinded by your own experience to the issues at hand.

    I am probably the most out of tune Blogger out there with what my body wants, sadly. My emotional eating is fuelled by anxiety and sugar often triggers episodes which border on the manic or dissociative. This is something I’ve only recently come to realise, after tracking my moods.

    I was told by several external sources that I was bingeing because I loved green smoothies and huge salads, thus I turned to sweet, sugary, calorie-dense meals in an attempt to stop the painful process. However, eating out, trying fatty and sugary foods, only seemed to make things worse. If you go ahead with the clean eating plan, I would love to attempt to join in in some form: you have such a brilliant brain on you, with emotional as well as intellectual intuition. I know that any ‘cleanse’ you do will be balanced and, as you say, based on what you know is best for your body.

    And Lindtt 99% is a food from the Gods: I dunk mine in hot tea so that it melts a bit 😉


    • Awww thanks Jess! It is a tough subject to address and I think a lot of women at some point go through this issue. I’m definitely going ahead with the clean eating plan. It will include natural sugar and lots of whole grains, veggies etc. I loved the Lindt choc- so rich and bitter, yum! x

  9. I think that’s exactly it – my mum used to say “a little of what you fancy does you good” – and I think that’s exactly it!
    Really interesting thought though, as to whether people think they want something because they’re telling yourself they should or not… maybe it’s the brain making connections with health and then making you feel better after you’ve eaten it – I could be rambling complete rubbish there but I know what you mean!

  10. It’s all about finding a happy balance 🙂

  11. Such a great post and obviously one I can both relate to and benefit from! This is a wonderfully written post and I love how you articulated your words so well with the emotions you are trying to get across. That is what I attempt to do on my blog and I think it helps with this healing process and gaining a peace with ourselves 🙂

  12. Sometimes I DO ignore what my body wants! I don’t give into a craving because it’s not what I “should” eat. Or sometimes, my body isn’t hungry but I STILL polish off half a box of peanut butter puffins… oops

  13. I’m so glad to hear that you have found your healthy balance! For me, it is definitely still a struggle, as at times I still have a hard time differentiating between true hunger and emotional or boredom eating. It’s especially hard with school again, as now I have stress added back into the mix. I really want to figure it out, though, I’m hopeful that it will come someday.

  14. I’m really trying to get in tune with my body. I went from denying myself too much to going way overboard, so finding the balance is really tough!

  15. buttonss - Cherie

    Your the queen of smoothie I tells ya!
    I’m glad to hear your listening to your body more! It really does make you feel a whole lot better.
    I agree, give your body what it wants, if it wants a cookie, fine. But yes, moderation is key!!!

  16. I’ve felt more in tune with what my body needs recently, but not all the time, which I think is fine. I try to include foods that I really love in my daily diet because I know that it’s a huge part of feeling satisfied. I tend to overeat if I don’t eat the food that I love. I love fruit & veggies and salad, but I also love chocolate and cake!

  17. Sometime I don’t know what my body NEEDS or what my mind WANTS.. it’s hard sometimes! especially after a long day of work.. a big bowl of ice cream would make my mind sure feel good but my body feel like crap! finding a balance is key, moderation is key.. just like you said 🙂

  18. jenandberries

    I think it’s great that you’re able to rationally see when you are really craving something particular. I’m usually pretty good at eating what I’m craving, even if I do sometimes feel like I shouldn’t have such and such or I’ve just eaten too much protein but there is NO perfect way of doing anything so I usually just roll with it! Really great post! And 99% – wowza, thats some seriously daaaark chocolate!

  19. I try to keep a good balance and keep sugar intake to fruit and not much else but when a review or something comes up I tend to indulge more : )

  20. LOVE this post!!
    First of all, Im so happy that you are finding your the way you want to live and eat, YOUR balance!
    This is really a think that Im getting more and more aware of! I used to think that there is only one way to eat that is perfect for everyone! But now, I really dont think iot is anymore!
    Ive learned that I WANT to be vegan, because I feel like it is the right thing to do- for me! But, I have also learned that I need to find what foods that makes MY body happy! I love a lot of raw fresh foods. But without some ghrains and beans, I feel light-headed (in abad way), tired and sad. I cant eat a lot of sugar like some bloggers do, but i definetely will never give up chocolate!
    Im on my way, and far from were I want to be in the future! I really try to take it one day, and one meal at the time.

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