Booja Booja non-dairy ice cream review

A few months a go I was contacted by the lovely people at Booja-Booja to review some of their non-dairy ice cream:booja ice Source

I really love Booja-Booja as a brand and everything they stand for.  I have previously reviewed their Champagne Truffles and Hazelnut Truffles and seriously enjoyed them, so as you can imagine I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to their ice cream range.

As a huge fan of all things coconut I selected the Coconut Hullabaloo (yes, these ice creams have some great names!) to try out:


As with virtually all of Booja-Booja’s products their ice creams are organic dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol and soya free and unlike most specialist ice creams they don’t contain any added sugar too.  Instead all of the ice cream is sweetened with agave to prevent those sugar highs.  But, don’t be thinking that because this ice cream is so specialist that it is lacking in flavour because it has bundles!  The ice creams are vegan and vegetarian with a really simple ingredients list.  Coconut Hullabaloo is made from just 5 ingredients: water, agave syrup, cashew nuts and coconut.

I really enjoyed reviewing this product.  It’s sumptuous smooth and creamy texture and rich coconut flavour just made it heavenly.  I just ate it plain or topped with banana chips, but it would be perfect served with desserts, cakes and topped with granola, in a smoothie…the options are endless!

Another fact to about the product to throw at you is that some of the ice cream in the range is raw or uses raw ingredients.  I never knew raw ice cream existed but Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla is a 100% raw! This really took me by surprise as I love to experiment with raw foods.  Coconut Hulalabaloo isn’t raw, but I will definitely be on the look out to try some of the raw frozen products.

The only downside to these products is that the tubs are too small for my liking.  My mum always says “all good things come in small packages” always in reference to her height-she’s teeny tiny.  But, seriously I think there may be some truth in it where these ice creams are concerned.  Also, you aren’t going to find these in your local supermarket either but you can order them from goodness direct at £7.51 for 500 ml and you can find your local stockist here.

Have you tried any Booja-Booja products before? What did you think?

How do you rate non-dairy ice creams to non-specialist ice creams?



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16 responses to “Booja Booja non-dairy ice cream review

  1. That looks so good! I love coconut and I’m addicted to banana chips so I reckon I’d just about be happy with that 🙂
    I still haven’t tried any Booja-Booja products but they sound so good, not just as in taste but for the simple ingredients, etc – and I love the names!

  2. I haven’t tried the booja booja ice cream but I am dying to! I just wish it was more readily available. I would have bought some from goodness direct if it wasn’t for the minimum freezer item purchase rule. It just sounds so delicious!

  3. Never heard of these!! But they look so delicious~ And I love the packaging, as well as the clever names.

  4. I saw some of the Booja Booja ice cream at Infinity in Brighton this weekend, I was so tempted to get some!!

    Congrats on your Cosmoblog nomination too Jemma 🙂

  5. This sounds seriosuly good! I’ve never tried any of their products before, but I would love to!

  6. almosstovernow

    Grr, I can’t find Booja Booja anywhere near me, and as you say it’s so pricey!

    It does look worth it though…that pic of the coconut ice cream is just amazing.

    I haven’t liked any non-dairy ice creams I’ve tried much (Swedish Glace was too sweet and processed, and Sweet Freedom was nice but bit too watery…more like chocolatey sorbet?) Banana soft serve is still the closest I can get – have you seen that brill place in NYC that sells it like Froyo? I want to move there just so I can have some.


  7. \\there is a shop not too far away from me that I have just discovered sells Booja Booja ice cream: I need to make a visit!

  8. that sounds sooo good! i wish they were sold near me.. 😦

  9. Healthy Teen on a Mission

    sounds good! i’ve never even heard of the company before…but now i know! the only non dairy ice cream i have had is so delicious and that ones pretty good too. gotta keep an eye out for this now!

  10. Lucky you 😉
    Ive heard so many great things about Booja Booja! But their products are no where to be found in Norway! Im going to order their chocolates online!

  11. Alexiasana

    I love Booja products. I was addicted to their dark Ecuadorian truffles when I was in London. And I enjoyed the chocolate ice cream a lot too! I wished they could be shipped to India. haha.. well I will be back soon!

  12. kabochafashionista

    Great review lovely! I’ve been dying to try some of their ice cream but I have a problem of getting it to my house without it all melting haha! I LOVE their truffles decadent and yum! They are always a nice special treat for when I need a chocolate fix 🙂

  13. Haha, I’m loving the ice cream names! I’ve had some hits and misses with non-dairy ice cream, but I definitely have found some good ones. My favorites are the ones made of coconut milk, the consistency is pretty good and it lends itself well to flavors.

  14. Great product, tried them all countless times, it sounds like i’m lucky that I sell them in my shop! The vanilla is extraordinary, better than most “real” ice creams.

  15. Thanks for all the positive comments, we do our best to make totally delicious dairy-free goodies and it’s lovely to hear that so many of you enjoy them!!!

    But we are sorry to hear that lots of you have trouble getting hold of our products. It’s always worth asking in your nearest deli or health food shop as they may stock our range – or if they don’t, they may be willing to try doing so with a little consumer pressure!!! We try to keep an up to date list of the stockists we’re aware of on our website so do check out, you’ll also find a list of online stockists there too.

    Do let us know how you get on, which products you try and like and what you think… you’ll find us at and we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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