Friday Feature: Three words

In our very vast vocabulary there are just a few words that I despise- three in fact.  I find them really negative and harsh and wished that there were other words to use in there place.  So here’s my top three:

1. Diet


This is not one of my favourite words at all.  I’m an advocate of healthy food and balance, but to me the “D-word” just sounds so restrictive and just down right boring.  To me it also suggests a temporary situation or a quick fix.  Wanting to get healthy shouldn’t be about wanting to eat a certain way for a short while just to loose a few pounds, but more about a lifestyle change.

A diet is something that eventually you will stop embracing because you are tired of weighing things, counting calories, flavourless food and such.  But, taking the perspective that you want to adopt a more healthier lifestyle sounds much more long term.  Just making small changes in the way you think about food and view exercise can make all of the difference and far more enjoyable than stripping all everything from your meals.

2. Detox


Yeahhhh another “D”, what’s up with that?  Resetting your body can do the world of good and I’m planning a little something like this myself in a few weeks.  But, for me the word detox implies that all foods are infested with toxins and dirt, which really isn’t so. Food is beautiful.  Food is enjoyable.  Food is amazing!

3. Low Fat


Another annoying word!  It really does berate so many delicious foods that are high in fat but are good for us, such as avocados and peanut butter. Where would we be without our beloved nut butters?  Some low fat products are actually pumped full with additives and chemicals to compensate for the different taste (only in a few cases) that taking a huge portion of fat out of the original version. This for me is counter productive as the low fat product becomes more unhealthy than the initial full fat version.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Which word(s) do you really hate? Why?!

Do you share the same thoughts on my choices?



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40 responses to “Friday Feature: Three words

  1. I definately share the same thoughts as you on those three words, especially “low fat”. Healthy fats are such an important part of healthy nutrition (I was going to say “diet” hehe) x

  2. survivingcandyland

    I totally feel you about those words. Diet is such a negative word. People should just think about eating whole foods rather than obsessing over calories and weight. I learned in one of my nutrition classes that detoxes aren’t good for you anyways.

  3. Those drive me crazy too!!! So does “weight” arrrrrgh!!

  4. I agree about ‘low-fat.’ The only ‘low fat’ foods worth eating are those naturally comprised of predominantly protein, wholegrain carbs or water/fibre. Anything else is just processed muck mass-marketed at poor people with very low self-esteem. Manufacturers and the diet industry should be ashamed.

    I despise the use of the word ‘naughty’ in relation to food. ‘Bad’ doesn’t bother me as much, but ‘naughty’ smacks of little kids doing something they shouldn’t to be ‘told off’ by an authority figure…and also the type of people that use that word are usually judgemental and smug.

    I’m not so crazy about the term ‘orthorexic’ either, as I feel it a) belittles people such as my Mum suffering from anorexia and b) is overused in relation to people that simply like to eat healthily.

    ‘Diet’ and ‘Detox’ I’m okay with, particularly the latter. Society’s use of the word ‘diet’ has become skewed and loaded but I tend to see it in terms of a general ‘diet’ in terms of noun rather than verb. And sometimes when I’ve ODed on sugar for example, it really does feel like mild poison…it’s difficult to explain, but to me ‘detox’ implies something holistic and not necessarily existing on water and maple syrup with Cayenne pepper. I feel the same way about ‘cleanse,’ another often vilified word.

    Another excellent post topic: really got me thinking 🙂


    • Yes I can understand where you are coming from with naughty being applied to certain foods. No food should be considered naughty. It’s all about the choices that we make that are right for us, even if they are perceived as “naughty” by someone else it doesn’t make them so.

  5. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I agree with you! Whenever I see some new “low-fat” meal, new detox regime or a new trendy diet, I really don´t get it! Why do people think that those things will make them healthy, thin and happy? Why don´t they believe in fueling themselves properly, without any restrictions and without the need to additionaly detox their bodies when they are able to detox themselves without any special teas or juices?

  6. I’m not a fan of detox either. My body is pretty good at taking care of itself, and I think most detox products are gimmicks anyway. I hate the term “belly fat.” There’s this one commercial that comes on all the time, and this annoying woman talks about “stubborn belly fat.” I guess the writers of that commercial expect people to believe they can lose fat from their bellies (but not entire bodies) just by using whatever silly product she’s selling. The hubby and I joke now about stupid “stubborn belly fat”

  7. Detox definitely bothers me… I hear that word and get peeved. People claiming they are making themselves healthier by doing something like this…er no!

  8. i agree with this post!!!!!!
    all of these words are annoying to well as the sugar free processed foods that are full of splenda..yuck!

  9. buttonss - Cherie

    Oh my gosh yes!!! I could not agree more with this post!!

  10. I so agree! But these things are so ‘popular’ and everywhere, it’s so hard to break free of them.

  11. “no added sugar” – hate it because it’s so misleading! parents always buy juices with this label because they label them as being healthy and low in sugar…..not true! you just have to look at peoples teeth!

  12. Errign

    I hate that the word diet is associated with it’s current meaning, instead of just a way a person eats!

    Random word I hate: panties.

  13. Totally agree with you on these ones! I cant do detox at the moment myself, but I have nothing against others doing it! And Im all for clean helthy foods year round!
    low-fat and low-cal and low-carb annoyes me though! Because we can never judge if something is healthy or not by simply looking at that! I think that might be the thing that makes me must upset with my calorie-counting friends 😛
    Have a lovely Saturday ❤

  14. I knew that detox was going to be one of your words before I even scrolled down the page! I completely agree, I wish there were other words we could use. I’m racking my brains to try and figure out a better word to use instead of detox, I’ll let you know if I think of one! I’m planning my ‘detox’ at the end of next week and I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

  15. When I use the word “diet” I use it to mean the food that I eat on a daily basis – it shouldn’t necessarily mean something restrictive, but I often does.

  16. I wholeheartedly agree! Happy weekend 🙂

  17. I used to be all about low-fat products until I realized that fats can be healthy! It drives me crazy to hear people talking about eating low-fat things now. Our bodies NEED fat! Ugh, I make peanut butter so much and when I offer it to my mom she only takes a little bit because ‘it has too much fat in it.’ I keep trying to tell her that everyone needs fat!

  18. jenandberries

    Great post! Low fat is the worst, especially when they write it on stuff like jam haha and people say fat free coke and then think it’s super healthy ;p

  19. Just discovered your blog and I cant wait to read more:)
    hate those 3 words as well! also hate the word ‘light’, it can be so misleading. people think that because it is light it is also healthy!!!!

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