A Sunday Survey

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. 

I’ve had such a restful weekend- apart from work yesterday of course.  It has also been very productive too though as I’ve managed to move all of my summer clothes out of my wardrobe and move in all of my winter garms.  I’ve rediscovered so many clothes that I had forgotten that I owned, so I can’t wait to wear them.  During my wardrobe makeover I also found some more bits to put on Ebay.  🙂 

With the last lot of money I made on Ebay I treated myself to some Liz Earle skincare products:


I can’t wait for these to arrive.  After having used Liz Earle before I know how great they are already, but I’ve been using the same products for the past 2 and a half years so I thought it was about time I changed.  These are a lot more cheaper to what I’ve been using too- my bank balance is going to love the change as well as my skin!

Today was a rest day for me after quite a hectic and tiring 6 day week, but my workouts during the week have looked a little bit like this:

Monday: 1 hour cardio session including a 30 minute cross trainer hill climb, 30 minutes of intervals, abs and core work

Tuesday: Hip opening yoga session and BodyPump

Wednesday: 4.6 miles in 44 minutes (9.33 minutes/mile)

Thursday: 45 minute strength workout

Friday: 1 hour cardio session of intervals, abs and core work.

To be honest I wasn’t feeling that great about working out this week- a shake up of my routine is very much needed me thinks!

Now I love a good survey and I was tagged in the Butterfly Award a few weeks ago by the lovely Sarah…so here it goes!

Favourite Colour: This is always changing for me generally depending on the season in the summer it was bright cobalt blue now that it’s Autumn I’m channeling that claret/burgundy vibe.  

Favourite Song: Ahhhhhhhhgh!  This one is really difficult as I don’t just have one favourite song and I’m quite eclectic in my musical tastes.  A few would include Love Is by Jah Cure, Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, Tell Him by Melanie Fiona, Waiting for the World to Change by John Mayer, Yellow by Cold Play. Anything by Eva Cassidy and Sade, anything old skool, soul, jazz, funk, hip hop and classical music.  I really cannot settle on one song…sorry!

Favourite dessert: Cheese cake or cupcakes of course!

What really annoys you: People that judge other people’s choices without no real understanding anything about the person or how they came to making that choice.  One major pet hate of mine is when people don’t indicate at roundabouts and junctions too. :/

When you are upset you: Depending on the situation that has caused me to be upset I will either cry, curse or both.  I can be quite an emotional person.

Your favourite pet: I had a gorgeous lobbed ear rabbit called Muffin and two very loud budgies called Sampson and Misty.

Black or white: Ha! Both as I’m mix raced and proud! 🙂

Biggest fear: Steep stairwells/slopes.  I have to grab on to the railings like a little old granny 🙂

Best feature: My curves!

Everyday attitude: I’m a positive, happy and seeking that silver lining kinda chick!

What is perfection: An unattainable entity that many of us are always chasing.

Guilty pleasure: The fact that I rejoice in having so many open nut butter jars.  Some may call me mad, but I say nut butters RULE!

I’m probably one of last people to do this survey, but if you haven’t done it yet and want to then you are tagged for sure!    

What skin care range are you currently using?

What is your favourite song?

What is your biggest fear?



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30 responses to “A Sunday Survey

  1. My biggest fear is sharks! I like going to the beach and all, but I dont really like going into the water that much because Im scared that I’ll get attacked by a shark!

    I love popcorn with cinnamon! yum! 🙂

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I love your answer on the Best feature question, you rock! 🙂 I was cleaning out my closet a bit too, it is always nice to find old yet wearable clothes 🙂 I am currently using no skin care range. Shocking? 😀 I am doing a sort of honey/oil cleansing routine and it works wonders for my skin.
    My biggest fear – spiders and elevators. The worst nightmare would be spiders in an elevator 😀

  3. I wash my face with Dove soap and that’s pretty much it! Haha, I take pretty bad care of my skin. I need to start moisturizing at the very least!

  4. I love these survey posts! I’m currently using Avene skincare which seems to really suit my sensitive skin and it’s not too pricey either.
    That popcorn looks amazing, I really need to start home popping popcorn as it’s so much cheaper than buying the bags in Pret! x

  5. survivingcandyland

    I love survey posts. They are so fun! Your smoothies always look so freaking amazing. Mine are pitiful. What is the secret?

  6. I use Dr Organics and Green People skin care, I’ve also started to experiment with using coconut oil as a moisturiser and its working really well. I see you had some popcorn like me last night, glad my tweet inspired you! You’ll have to try it with pb flour sometime 🙂

  7. Hey girl – really enjoyed learning more about you! I love using Kiehl´s skin care products, especially their Imperial body butter – so nice 🙂

    You left a comment on my blog a few weeks ago and I wanted to say thank you, as this really means so much to me! I just published a new post and thought you might be interested.

    Hope you´re having a great sunday
    xoxo Mel

  8. I couldn’t think of just one song either – love your choices!
    I love this new moisturiser called Good Things, which was on offer in Sainsbury’s; it’s all natural ingredients, including goji berries and blackcurrant… it smells delicious!

  9. jenandberries

    I couldn’t agree more with annoying judgemental people! ugh! Sooo small minded. Great job on the weeks working out, go Jem!! At the moment I’m using a nivea and garnier combo 🙂

  10. I’m on a popcorn kick at the mo! My biggest fear…….I have lots of really horrible fears but I’m gonna stick to a simple one and say snakes……brrrr! They send chills down my spine!

  11. I think that looks like a great workout week!!

    I love your answeres here! My favorit is that you put your curves as your best feature!! Curves are beautiful!! It has taken me a couple of years to accept that I will always have hips and curves- but no¨w I LOVE it! Usually, anyways.. 😉

  12. love this post! i did mine a couple weeks ago and i just loved it! surveys r so fun 🙂

  13. livinglearningeating

    So jealous of your food processor!

  14. I love clinique skincare range- it has made my skin so much more manageable since I started using it- I have really sensitive skin so I would not try anything else now I have found something that works. 🙂

  15. I eat my popcorn with cinnamon too!! I LOVE IT!

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