Yesterday was a day of great food… 

DSCF1280 After polishing off these lovelies for a late breakfast my dad took me to a super cool Chinese buffet restaurant for a late lunch/dinner.



I’ve been to a few Chinese buffet restaurants in my time, but for me Cosmo has to be the best one so far that I have experienced.  The restaurant has a lovely cafe reception area downstairs where you can relax, drink and enjoy a selection of pastries.  But, after climbing a marbled winding staircase that is where all the magic happens.  You are always greeted by somebody wearing a walkie-talkie and headphones (military organisation makes this place so efficient) and after being seated in the lovely dining area and ordered your drinks, you are then let loose on all of the delicious food.




There is such an amazing array of food on offer and it is all cooked fresh.  So there is none of that horrible skin forming on top of the food because it has been sitting there for hours on end. 



I love the fact that the counters are low enough so you can see the chefs at work creating and preparing the food at all times. 

The variety of food here is immense.  There is the obvious bread crumbed and battered sea food, chicken, won tons and crispy sea weed but there is also cooking stations where the food is prepared fresh to order including a Teppanyaki hotplate, Yakitori barbecue grill, dim sum bar, pasta bar, noodle bar and the freshly prepared sushi bar.  There is also the most amazing dessert section full of cakes, fresh fruits, ice cream, jellies a chocolate fountain and so much more.


With all of this delicious food on display I made the most of it all and filled up my plates!!!

IMG_0584 A selection of sushi, Szechuan chilli prawn toast, milky squid, prawns and bean curd.


More sushi, bean curd, bean curd with mixed vegetables, stir fried green beans and shredded kelp.

IMG_0600For dessert I headed over to the dim sum counter and feasted on a water chestnut cake, pumpkin parcels and a date and nut cake.  These were really nice but a little bit too sweet for me. 

It always feels like a treat when I go out to eat at a restaurant and after such a lovely relaxing day this was just the cherry on the cake.  I’ve been to this restaurant a few times now and it never fails to disappoint as they are constantly trying out new dishes and have a plentiful amount of food out on display to cater for pretty much most diets.  It was such a great way to end the weekend!

I hope you are all having a great start to your week! 🙂

Do you like Chinese buffet restaurants?

What is you favourite kind of cuisine?

Have you been to a great restaurant recently?



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36 responses to “Cosmo

  1. Your breakfast looks so good! And so does that Chinese place! 🙂

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Look at all that amazing food! 🙂 I have never been to a Chinese buffet, I see I am missing a lot 😦 And it´s been quite some time since I last visited a restaurant… I love Indian, Persian, African or Peruvian cuisine. Basically I think I like anything but the typical Czech cuisine 😀

  3. Oh my goodness that restaurant looks beyond amazing! I love asian food, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Chinese buffet. I haven’t really even seen them much around here, so who knows, we may not have very many of them.
    I haven’t been to many great restaurants lately, as I can’t really afford to take myself out for a meal. Whenever I’m with the parents, though, I make sure to go to all the best places!

  4. Wow that looks utterly amazing! I love chinese buffets but there’s only one I really love now I’m vegan that does veggie skewers and mapo tofu 🙂

  5. Wow, everything looks delicious 🙂 never seen such an array of choices in Chinese restaurants here in Germany. Most of the times you can only choose between fried and fried dishes 😉 or dishes drenched in starchy sauce 😦 Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine is pretty decent though, at least here in Berlin!

    Have a lovely evening
    xoxo Mel

  6. We have a buffet back home that’s a lot like that only not as huge or nice looking. But they do have just about EVERYTHING under the sun! And I love any buffet with sushi (as long as it’s actually good).

  7. Weee, this food looks amazing! Ive had chinese foods before, but never as an buffet!
    My favorit cuisine is italian and mediteranian 🙂

  8. we have chinese buffets, but i don’t think i have ever seen one that nice!

  9. I’ve never been to a Chinese buffet, but that one almost tempts me to!

    The array of sushi and desserts is so pretty 🙂

    I don’t think I have a favourite cuisine any more, just ‘Jessica food’ that doesn’t seem to have any particular category other than being slightly strange 😉


  10. I have to admit I really don’t like chinese takeaways/buffets they use way to much MSG in their food which makes me really ill so I stopped eating it years ago : )

  11. Wow! What a spread! 😀 I’ve never been to a chinese buffet before, but it looks delicious from what i can see here! The best restaurant I’ve been to recently was a sushi place in Denver, Colorado, last week…it was amazing…so good that I ate 23 pieces of sushi rolls lol! 🙂 xyx

  12. LOVE chinese food! my fam is taiwanese so i get to eat asian food all the time–its one of my fav kinds!

  13. what an amazing looking Chinese selection! I must say that it looks pretty healthy too – not like the greasy buffet i once went to….eurgh!!! not good! xx

  14. Wow that place looks great! I feel like most chinese buffets I’ve been too are kind of… ehhh. But this looks fantastic!

  15. jenandberries

    Cosmos in my favourite buffet restaurant EVER …ok just fave restaurant in general! your plates look sooo yummy, I need to splash out and go again! The dessert station is my fave! All those minitures are amazing, with a big bowl of fruit and chocolate along the side, you could just get dessert there and it would still be worth it!

  16. That restaurant looks amazing. I would go crazy over that sushi selection! x

  17. Mmmm!! Everything looks soooo good…it doesn’t help that I’m super hungry right now either! Or getting there. I love Japanese foods, particularly the ones that do have more flavor and not so bland. Chinese is delicious too! But my body almost never reacts well when I eat a lot of it, unless it’s truly authentic Chinese. So, I try to limit that one hehe.

  18. Wow that looks like an absolutely amazing buffet! I’m so jealous!!

  19. Katy Aubrey

    There’s a Cosmo here in Cardiff, and it is DELISH! It’s by far the nicest buffet place I’ve been, because like you said everything is so fresh! My favourite cuisine has to be Italian, we went to Jamie’s Italian last weekend and it was so nice! The food was fab, and the atmosphere was really nice! I also love love love Wagamamas!! x

  20. Karla

    I have been here!!! Have your tried the Chinese hot pot at red panda??

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