Vita Coco and Nakd Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

I hope you have all had a great start to the week.  To get your weeks off to an even better start I have a lovely treat for you.

At the beginning of the month I was happy to announce that Vita Coco and Nakd were sponsoring my blog and as a result I have some lovely items to giveaway.  I recently had the opportunity to review a selection of their products and you can read my Vita Coco revie here, Nakd product review pending.  I really enjoyed road testing an amazing haul of coconut water and infused raisins, but now it’s your turn!

One lucky winner will get the chance to try the full range of Vita Coco coconut water including the pineapple, peach and mango, acai and pomegranate and the 100% pure coconut water.

The 10 runners up, YES that is 10 will win 2 packets of the new Nakd Crazy Cola and Tangy Lime infused raisins each!


To get your hands on one of these super tasty prizes simply…

  •  leave a comment on this post stating why you want to get your hands on these lovely products.
  • follow me on twitter
  • tweet about this giveaway ensuring that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet!
  • Like my Celery and Cupcakes Facebook page
  • link back to this giveaway in your blog post.

Each action counts as a separate entry and please leave a comment for each one as I wouldn’t want to miss one out when I count them all up.  The giveaway will end on Monday 17th October 12pm GMT with the winner to be announced next Tuesday.

 *Sorry but this giveaway is open to UK residents only– huge apologies to my international friends!

 Now go get entering!

 **All original sources are available by clicking on each individual picture.





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69 responses to “Vita Coco and Nakd Giveaway!

  1. beautyinthebalance

    Wowww I would LOVE to try all the Vita Coco as I am currently training for some races and I know how important it is to put those electrolytes back into your bod!

  2. beautyinthebalance

    I follow you on twitter and I have tweeted!

  3. beautyinthebalance

    I like you on FB 🙂

  4. Bronagh

    I’d love to try those coconut drinks – I always see them on blogs but have never actually got around to buying some for myself to try. I heard they’re good for rehydration after exercise too so they’d be the perfect refreshment for after my running sessions.

  5. Bronagh

    I already like your facebook page 🙂

  6. Oooh fabby! Well I would love to win cos I’m just really getting into my healthy eating etc.. I went to buy coconut water in H&B and it was sooo expensive! So I can’t really afford it so would be a nice treat to win! ALso, I tired a packet of the lime raisins, lovely! I don’t like normal raisins either 🙂

  7. I already like you on FBook (as Nicola McCandless)

  8. I already follow you on Twitter (@NicsNotebook)

  9. And I have just tweeted your link as well 🙂 xx

  10. I always see coconut water around but have never tried it – except I have had a real baby coconut on the streets of Mumbai and it was a bit young so the water wasn’t quite right 😉 I would love to try these.

    Do they mix well with champagne, I wonder? 😉

    PS: I follow you on Twitter.

  11. Rachel Wilson

    I would love to try vita coca and the Nakd raisins (so actually wouldn’t mind being a runner up haha). Naks bars are my favoruite pre-gym snack! I have wanted to try the different vita coca drinks for ages and so would love to win your generous giveaway xx

  12. I’ve only ever had the original Vita-Coco but it was so good, a little pricey for my student budget so I’d love to try all the different flavours 😀

    And I absolutely love anything nakd – their bars are like crack to me and the raisins make for great on-the-go snacks.

  13. i LOVE nakd and we can’t get them here! i had a friend send me some and i was hooked! i would love some more!

    i also have tried the vita-coco and really liked it!

  14. Candy

    I’d love to try them because Vita-Coco is just amaze-balls!! ❤ Don't even get me started on Nakd! xxxx

  15. Cerian Jones

    i love you on facebook!

  16. I love Nakd raisins, but I haven’t managed to try the new flavours yet, so I would love to win!

  17. How exciting! I love coconut water for dehydrating after a hard workout or long run 🙂

  18. Jenny Bridger

    Green flavours always taste better (Jelly Babies, Star burst, Jelly etc) so even though the i’m sure the lime raisin won’t look green (unless they use green raisins/sultanas!) Lime is still a great flavour. And cola raisins just sounds so wrong it must be right!
    I think like rachel being a runner up would be good! lol!

  19. Jenny Bridger

    just checked but yep, already like you on Facebook

  20. Jenny Bridger

    @jennygymbunny <—- thats me! tweet tweet!

  21. Jenny Bridger

    Already a twitty follower!

  22. Ooooh, what an opportunity! I’ve always wanted to try Vita Coco but I have to admit, the price puts me & my holey pockets off a little bit. Fingers & toes crossed that I strike lucky so I can try them!

  23. Ooh & I thought I was following you on Twitter already but apparently not – have just started though!

  24. jana

    I’d love to try the flavoured coconut water. Had just the ‘normal’ one and loved it!

  25. Great giveaway! I’d love to win either of the prizes! 😀 I’ve never tried the Nakd raisins and have only tried plain coconut water – the other flavours look great 🙂

  26. Just tweeted 🙂 I’ll try to remember to write about your giveaway in my next blog post…I’ll be sure to let you know if I do!

  27. I already “like” you on facebook

  28. Rachel

    I would love to win because I have never tried coconut water-even though I know its good for me!

  29. Oh heavens, there’s HOW MANY different varieties of VIta Coco? I would like to win just to try them all!

    And Cola raisins exist? YES PLEASE!!

  30. I have always wanted to try Vito coco! It seems amazing especially the fruity flavors, I am a run and It would be awesome for a post race, or practice drink! 🙂

  31. I follow you on twitter!!

  32. I linked you to my blog!!

  33. I like you and Vita coco on facebook! 🙂

  34. Rebecca

    holllllllllllly schniz… wait, stuff infused into raisins? i’ve loved yogurt covered raisins in the past, but this is new! i loooove coconut water because it’s so refreshing and mostly because i exercise!

  35. Rebecca

    i’m already following you on twitter!

  36. Rebecca

    i just liked your facebook page!

  37. Rebecca

    i tweeted about this giveaway!

  38. sarah

    Iv never tried any of these products and I’d love the opportunity to- iv not veen able to find the new nakd products in the shops so I guess ill just have to win then:)

  39. Cool products!! I’d love to try them b/c I’m always up for eating new foods! 🙂

  40. Carolyn M.

    Oooher, been looking to try coconut water!

  41. i want these cuz i havent tried them yet!

  42. Katy Aubrey

    I’d love to win this comp as I’ve never tried the products, and have heard fab things about Vita Coca water … plus I always enter your comps and I’m yet to win! 😦

  43. Katy Aubrey

    I follow you on Twitter

  44. Katy Aubrey

    I’ve tweeted about this giveaway! 🙂

  45. Katy Aubrey

    I’ve liked your page on FaceBook! 🙂

  46. Katy Aubrey

    I don’t have a blog to write about you in! 😦

  47. I’m a huge fan of vita coco and nakd so would love to have more to add to my stash!

  48. I follow your blog with google!

  49. I follow you on twitter and have tweeted!

  50. I already like your facebook page 🙂

  51. LaRae

    I want to get my hands on these delicious products because finally after three years of ring anorexic and fighting with my weight, I have over come it all! And I’m not afraid of food anymore! So now I love to eat healthy nutrional things an these raisins sound AMAZING!

  52. LaRae

    I also follow celery and cupcakes on twitter!

  53. Kate

    I would love to win as I miss all these yummy treats being in France and I can have them when I get home 😀 x

  54. Kate

    I also follow your blog on twitter/google reader too! xx

  55. Pingback: New strength workout routine « Celery and Cupcakes

  56. What a fab giveaway! I’ve never tried either of these products, which is why I’d like to try them!

  57. I need to get my hands on some coconut water to get me through some runs!

  58. i always see the cocnut water on other blogs and id love to give them tr! ive looked in my local grocery stores but sadly they dont sell them ): id love to try these!

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