WIAW…Granola fix

Howdy my lovelies!  How are we on this fine WIAW?

Peas and Crayons

I hope you are enjoying this weeks link up party! As per usual for this WIAW I will share Tuesday’s eats with you all. 🙂

Yesterday for breakfast after completing a yoga podcast I made a quick breakfast fruit smoothie, no greens here!  The smoothie included strawberries, a chopped banana, honey, water, and strawberry protein powder. I also had a small bowl of orange and walnut granola with some vanilla rice milk and a chopped apple.  This granola is lovely and I’m so eager to create my own version of it this weekend. I just love the fruity orange flavour with the crunchy granola.  I’ve never thought of putting walnuts and oranges together before, but it totally works.

On the run up to lunch I snacked on some apples- I ended up having 3 before the afternoon came around.  I just love my apples! 🙂 For lunch I munched on my new favourite salad combo courtesy of Ragnhild:

Love this sweet and salty salad!  The sweet figs just make it super tasty!

For afternoon snackage I raided my stash of rice cakes and topped them with a sachet of Justin’s peanut butter…yum!  I also treated myself to a large gingerbread soy latte (sans coffee!).

This was my first try of Justin’s nut butter and my taste buds were really impressed.  It’s most definitely going on my shopping list for my trip to America next month!

All fuelled up I headed over to my 1 hour Body Pump class.  I did a 10 minute interval warm up session on the cross trainer before the class.  The class was amazing with even more newbies than last week.  I love it when the class is full as the instructor seems to get a kick out of it and seems more into the class.  She really worked us hard and I even increased my weights last night too.  I think I may have increased my weights a little bit too much as I am really feeling it today.

For dinner I headed to the freezer for a hit of my Carrot and Ginger Soup swirled with plain soy yoghurt and two slices of toasted rye bread for a quick meal. 

After dinner I inhaled another apple and lots of 99% dark chocolate..yum!

This Friday marks the closing of the voting stage of the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011.  If you would like to vote for C & C then I’ve written a little “How to…” outlined below.

How to vote (if you would like to of course!)

1.  Click here to take you to the voting page

2.  Enter your email address in the first box

3.  Click on the category “Health, Diet and Fitness Blog

4.  Click on Celery and Cupcakes and then on the “Vote Now” that will appear in the same box.

Thank you to everyone that has voted so far and shown your support- you are all amazing! 🙂

What is your favourite granola flavour?

Have you had anything super tasty to eat so far today?



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48 responses to “WIAW…Granola fix

  1. Yum! That salad looks great! Love those figs in there 🙂

  2. Errign

    I haven’t had anything yet today – still in bed reading blogs!

  3. What a great day of eats sweetie! That salad looks yummy! I must try it! Mmmm…..granola 😉 xxx

  4. awesome eats! i love the salad!!!

  5. Jenny Bridger

    How do you have the latte – sans coffee ?! ( i don’t like coffee by the way)

  6. beautyinthebalance

    That salad really does look amazing! I have never tried fresh figs before. Where did you buy yours?

  7. i love raisin and cherry granolas! and blueberry!

  8. I made some lovely raw pear and ginger granola at the weekend that I can’t wait to enjoy on top of smoothies! I also tried some raw cacao granola I got from viva pure and it is gorgeous, all hail the granola! Orange and walnut sounds like a nice combo too 🙂

  9. Ooh, that soup looks so warming and comforting. Definitely autumnal – I’m not usually a fan of soups but I may have to give that one a go once I manage to stop being lazy and make more time for cooking!

    I love chocolate granola, but Lizi’s Pecan one is my all-time favourite. I can’t have it around though, because a bag tends to end up being a serving…so I go for chocolate cherry Bear granola instead, because it comes in packets (then again, I still eat two!)

    Voted for you love 🙂


  10. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I want that chocolate, now! 😀 All your meals look super tasty, as usual. Carrot and ginger soup sounds so good! My meals have been pretty steretypical lately, I made a big batch of millet on Sunday and I have been eating it for the whole week 😀

  11. kabochafashionista

    Yummy eats lovie!! My fave granola are definitely the BEAR ones – particularly the Tropical and Cocoa Cherry ones, one of my fave snacks 🙂
    Good eats? Well…I’m currently holding a squash baby from all this kabocha of course hehe 😛

  12. I like granola, but I haven’t tried loads of flavours. I would love to make my own, so if you recreate it make sure that you post the recipe!
    Good luck with the Cosmo award – I already voted 🙂

  13. A latte without the coffee? How silly 🙂 Also, I want some of that chocolate… for some reason it’s really hard to find chocolate that dark around here! Justin’s = crack… and you can get it on iHerb, which is dangerous!
    I’m excited you’re coming to the States! Where are you visiting?

  14. Ooo yum the figs are such a great addition! I like to have a nice crunchy and sweet granola.. I think maple flavor is my favorite

  15. I am loving Lizi’s chocolate granola at the moment- it is more chunky than the other ones by her and it is sooooo good with all the nuts in it too.

  16. OOH, where did you get your Justin’s sachets from? Been dying to try ’em.

  17. Ooh I feel your Body Pump day after pain – not good – hope you recover soon!
    Your fig salad looks delicious, the figs look so juicy! Best thing I’ve eaten today is a quinoa cookie – few more to come I reckon 🙂

  18. A big YEY to your lunch 😀 Im in love with that combo, and I need to stock up on figs so I can enjoy it again!
    Ginger bread latte sounds amazing!! Never heard of it before, but I guess it is perfect for fall!

  19. Health Freak College Girl

    voted for you 🙂 good luck girl!

  20. i am totally into figs right now. they add such great texture and sweetness wherever you add them. love them on a fresh salad.

  21. Ooh I do love granola, a little too much though because the box seems to disappear quite quickly. I’d love to try Justin’s one day, I’ve never heard a bad word against it!

  22. The salad with figs in it looks amazing. And I love the idea of peanut butter in sachets…I find it far too moreish when I have a while jar at my disposal. x

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