WIAW…Feeling Snacky!

Hello loves!  How are you all of this lovely day? I hope you are all having a great week.  It’s the it’s that time of the week again where the best party in blog land is happening. 

Peas and Crayons

It’s time for WIAW of course!

IMG_0636 All ready to go! OTTD: top, Vila @ House of Fraser, black skinny jeans, H&M, brown mac, Zara, rose earrings, Topshop, unpictured ankle boots, Famous Footwear @ House of Fraser

So yesterday I woke up nice and early to fit in my planned yoga session.  I decided not to use a podcast this time and just go with the flow and do my own thing.  It was great and involved a lot of salutations, pigeon poses, runners lunges to really stretch out my legs.  As it was feeling a bit nippy so I knew that oats were definitely in the cards for breakfast:

1/2 cup of oats, 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of soya milk, topped with hazelnuts, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and homemade pumpkin butter.

This huge bowl of creamy oats and 2 mugs of tea were really the perfect way to start my day.  It was freezing outside…autumn is finally here! 🙂

By mid-morning hunger set in so I ate some unpictured rice cakes and an apple. Lunch time involved a lovely salad made using mixed lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, yellow pepper, carrot and raw beetroot.  I made a dressing using mango chutney loosened with some water and mixed with some mixed herbs, vinegar and salt to dull down the sweetness a little.  The tangy dressing with the earthy sweetness of the beetroot was really lovely.

In the afternoon my appetite returned in leaps and bounds so I snacked on a persimmon and some pan forte that I had bought in Florence.  It’s made from dates and dried fruits mixed with nuts and spices- a bit like a huge Nakd bar I guess.

I found the persimmon on the market as they have been a little bit scarce in the supermarkets recently.  I’m so glad that I picked some up though as they taste amazing, like always! 🙂

Right before my Body Pump class I snacked on an apple and a plum to keep me going till dinner.  I don’t know what was wrong with me yesterday but my belly was like a bottomless pit.  Rather than just ignoring my hunger pangs though I just rolled with it and gave my body the abundance of food that it seemed to need.  I knew that everything that I was eating was good for me so there was no genuine reason why I should deny myself of anything, just because it felt like I was eating too much. 

Geez! If only I thought this way a few years ago!

Dinner last night was a meag stir fry served with some Clearspring udon noodles in a yummy peanut flour sauce. The stir fry included onion, carrots, kabocha squash, aubergine, cauliflower and savoy cabbage in a sauce made form peanut flour, soy sauce, black rice vinegar and a bit of sweet chilli sauce.  I’m now all out of peanut flour but luckily I’ve ordered a huge bag from iHerb. 😀

After this I found some room for a big pink lady apple and my belly was finally full!

Do you every have those days when you just want to eat and eat?  How do you deal with this?

What is the best thing you ate this WIAW?



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31 responses to “WIAW…Feeling Snacky!

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Yes, I have thise days when all I can think of is just eat and eat everything. And you know what? I don´t fight against those feelings – I jusr eat 🙂 It can´t hurt from time to time 🙂
    I love your top, your style is really great!

  2. beautyinthebalance

    I totally have those days too! You’ve just got to go with it and not worry about it- especially if you’re fuelling your body with healthy food like you detailed above!

    You know it’s getting towards winter when the hot oats come out!

  3. Yep, definitely know that “I could eat for England today” feeling! I think you’re right and you’ve got to go with it – you were eating great stuff so it was only giving you more nutrients and you must have needed it!
    I haven’t eaten any yet but I’m hoping the cake I made my mum will be the best food of the day, fingers crossed 🙂

  4. Jenny Bridger

    persimmon are seasonal aren’t they? Waitrose sell things like Pan forte on their cheese counter – designed to go with cheese, however my love of dried fruit would mean i’d just munch it on its own!

    Pomellos are seasonal too winter season for us! yay! – they should start appearing soon and i can’t wait.

    Today’s best eat? nothing has really felt amazing. but i’ve felt icky so even a midweek treat (normally a weekend thing) of stilton & raisin bread from an amazing bakery didn’t feel so yummy.

    Perhaps i’ll have to decide on something to inspire me after Body Step tonight. Hopefully after a nap i’ll feel less nauseous.

    Must buy some skinny jeans too sometime, or at least get as far as trying a pair on!

  5. Err, I have ‘those’ days every day 😛

    Could you have been hungry due to your lunch being just veggies? Perhaps a protein/fat addition might have helped? Not being cheeky – just a thought!



  6. Your mindset is so so healthy- I love that about you!
    I have those days when Im super hungry! im working on just “letting go” a little with my rules. I only crave good stuff, so why shouldnt I let my body get it? Its defintely along way but ill get there 🙂
    Your meals looks fantastic as always! I want to try to make my own pan forte- looks delicious!

  7. I think I used to just battle through, but now I’m much better at listening to my body and going with the flow, as long as I’m eating stuff that’s wholesome and good for me I don’t mind. I also try and check that the hunger isn’t down to boredom or stress first though.

    • I think it is hard to let go of and go with the flow sometimes, but at the end of the day I know that eating a little extra on some days in what is right for my body at that particular time. 🙂 I’m glad that you feel that you can listen to your body more now.

  8. yumm how did you get all that liquid in the oats??
    how do you cook them?

  9. I definitely have days where I could eat my whole kitchen/pantry. It makes me a bit nervous but I realize it’s my body telling me that for that day I simply need a bit more fuel 🙂

  10. The biggest thing I’ve learned over the past few months of trying to eat more intuitively is that my appetite varies quite a lot of a daily basis. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating very much, but sometimes nothing fills me up. As long as I’m eating nutritious and filling foods I just ride with it now.

  11. I have those days- often the day after body pump I am super hungry and I think it must be my muscles needing it! So I try to plan more snacks or more substantial meals so that I fuel myself properly. That pan forte looks delish.

  12. I have those days where I am just not getting full at all. But usualy thats because I had a some biiig cardio session on the day before or I’ve been running around a lot and busy all the time.
    In my opinion your body knows what it needs and as long as its not out of boredome eating its best to give it what its asking for.

  13. i don’t just have those days I have weeks! : )

  14. jenandberries

    The slice thingy looks totally delish and omg I found persimmons the other day too! can I say juicy or what! When I get the eat and eat and eat days, I usually wait like 20 mins or so and if my bellys still asking for food then I give it fruit , nut butters or yogurt or whatever. All your eats look lovely, you eat soooo healthily its so inspiring 🙂

  15. I have days like these too. I try to add more veggies to my salads and have substantial snacks to keep me going. It usually happens on days where i work and teach yoga, plus appointments, its stressful and i need a lot more to keep my energy levels up! love your eats! panforte is so yummy too. Italians just know what to do with food 🙂

  16. Panforte is so yum, I’ve only had it once or twice before but it’s good!
    I often find that on days when I’m working out a lot, I’m not hungry, but the day after I’ll be eating like craaaazy!

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