WIAW: Getting ready!

Yep!  It’s that time of the week again, time to get yet your WIAW party on! A big thank you to Jenn!


Well for me as per usual this is what I ate Tuesday as I thought I would get in there early since I’m currently rushing around prepping for my trip to London for the Cosmo Blog Awards later today.   I can’t wait to get mingling with all the other bloggers attending the event.  It’s sounds like it’s going to be a really fantastic evening! (*squealing with excitement!!*) 🙂

Yesterday morning I woke up early and decided to do a  power yoga podcast from Yoga Download.com.  This time I tried the hip opening podcast, which was great at stretching out my limbs as I had woken up feeling all achy.  I have a runny nose and throat thing going on at the moment too.  I really hope it’s not the dreaded Fresher’s Flu that I always seem to catch without fail when all the new students are on campus.  😦  

For breakfast I made a velvety smooth squash smoothie.  It includes kabocha squash, cinnamon, soya milk, water, maple syrup and xanthan gum.

This tasted amazing.  I loved the creamy texture that it had and the carob raisin, hazelnut and dried cherry topping made it that extra wow!

For lunch I made a huge salad beast that included cos lettuce, green lentils that I cooked at the weekend, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber and half an avocado.  This tasted lovely especially when loaded with a simple dressing made form balsamic vinegar, homey and canola oil.

Snackage and pre-workout fuel was some chopped raw carrot sticks with a crunchy peanut butter sauce. When I think about putting carrots with nut butters it sounds insane.  It sounds to wrong to be right, but as soon as I start eating it I know that this combo was meant to be.  😀

In the afternoon I headed to the gym to do my 10 minute warm up intervals on the treadmill and go to another awesome Body Pump class.  I decided to go lighter on the weights this week because of my cold.  It was still a great class though. 

Dinner included a sweet and sour stir fry using some fresh bean curd that picked up at the Chinese supermarket.  I mixed together red pepper, chestnut mushrooms, edamame beans, fresh pineapple and courgettes with the bean curd in a wok.  To make the sauce I added sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, chilli, lime juice and ume plum vinegar and served the stirfry with some brussel sprouts stir fried in coconut oil.

WOW this was good!!!

For dessert I munched on a persimmon and some Lindt coconut and biscotti chocolate…yum!

Well I better get my skates on as I still have so much to before I have to leave for London…nails, hair, make up etc.  My date for the evening is the lovely Philippa who is also nominated in the same category as me.  🙂  I can’t wait to meet her and everyone else.  I get the impression that lots of champagne and cocktails will be doing the rounds tonight.  🙂  Thank you for everyone that took the time to vote- it really means a lot.

Obviously I will be doing a recap post with what went on and the people in due course, but I’ll give you all a lil’ peek of my dress cos’ I love it…

But, for now I really must go…

Do you have any rituals or things that you have to do when getting ready for a party/event?

What was the best thing that you’ve eaten at this weeks WIAW party?

🙂  I hope you are all having a great WIAW!  🙂



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43 responses to “WIAW: Getting ready!

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Enjoy you stay in London and the Awards 🙂 I can´t wait to read the recap and see your dress 🙂
    I love eating carrots with nutbutters, such a tasty combo! The squash smoothie looks really delicious, so velvety.

  2. A squash smoothie?? Looks great!

  3. beautyinthebalance

    Have a great time at the awards Jemma! What a brilliant experience!

  4. I can’t wait to meet YOU! 😀 x

  5. Good luck sweetie! I hope you win because I love your blog 🙂 xx

  6. Good Luck! hope you have a great time, can’t wait to see your dress 🙂

  7. The best thing so far has been my oats, with tons of pb 😀

  8. Errign

    Have so much fun at the event!

    Best things I’m going to eat today is the dining hall! Yum.

  9. Mmm… delicious looking smoothie. Best thing I’m gonna eat…. veggie chili.. hearty… perfect for fall.

  10. That squash smoothie looks so creamy! I hadn’t thought about using xanthan gum in my smoothies.

    Can’t wait to read your re-cap of tonight – have fun and good luck again! 🙂

  11. Ahh finally someone else who wouln’t think i’m completely crazy for eating carrots and nut butter!
    I hope you have a great time at the event.

  12. The smoothie looks delicious! Happy WIAW!

  13. I hope you have a fab time tonight – good luck!!
    I can’t wait to hear all about it and see the dress 🙂

  14. Have a great time at the awards 🙂

  15. Eek, good luck! Hope you have a fab time x

  16. An award show in London?! You’re a lucky girl! That smoothie look SO good. And really, what *isn’t* good dipped in nut butter?

  17. Hope you have an amazing time at the blog awards! x

  18. Im so excited about the award!! cant wait to hear about it!
    That smoothie looks so thick and creamy and delicious- just the way i like it! I must try squash in smoothie soooon! 🙂

  19. It tastes so good- especially with maple syrup and cinnamon.

  20. Sara Grambusch

    People are really into these squash smoothies, I don’t know if I’m that brave.

  21. Mmm…where do you find your Kabocha squash? I can’t seem to find it anywhere! That smoothie sounds and looks divine! ❤ xyx

  22. Yum, that smoothie looks so good! I love kabocha, but I’ve never thought to use it in a smoothie.

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