I *HEART* October

Hello lovelies!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post- I read every single one and was completely blown away by your kindness.  I’ve just got back from an amazing few days in Bath and it was definitely the cherry on the cake to end a fantastic month.


Other highlights that made October special include:


Well the biggest has to be the Cosmo Blog Awards, which was out of this world. 

phil Jem 

I also got to meet the very lovely Philippa!


*Cherry Bakewell Granola*

I’ve been making headway and sticking to a budget to reign in my spending as part of the Big Budget Challenge and by cooking and baking my own food rather than buying ready made foods from the supermarket.


I’ve also really enjoyed doing my new strength training routine.

I’ve also got a head start with my Christmas shopping, written my academic CV that is all good good to go to start applying for jobs and made some more progress with my thesis.  It’s such a slow burner but it’s getting there.



October has gone so it’s time to set some new goals for November:

  • continue with my strength training program and increase my repetitions or weights
  • write another chapter for my thesis
  • continue to stick to a budget
  • getting prepared for Christmas
  • make plans for and have lots of fun in America…I cannot wait!!!

This month I’m excited to announce and say a big thank you to my new blog sponsors Linwoods.  I use their ground flax products a lot and love them!linwoodsI would also like to welcome back Munchy Seeds who will be sponsoring the blog this month too.  So watch out for some great giveaways from both companies. 


Continuous sponsors Pulsin, Viva Pure  and the lovely Gina a fashion blogger over at The Seventh Letter are continuing to sponsor the blog this month.  If you are interested in promoting your blog or business on Celery and Cupcakes then you can read more on my sponsorship page and contact me at celeryandcupcakes@gmail.com.

How was October for you?

Do you have anything exciting coming up for November?



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22 responses to “I *HEART* October

  1. A lovely October for you 🙂
    I have a weekend away this weekend which will be lovely after a super busy week at work 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed Bath!! Did you get to Demuths????

  3. Love your November goals! Mine are:
    – to blog over at my new place every day (inspired by you brilliant Cosmo nominees!)
    – to complete the 30 day shred and then start over again to make it 60 days by mid-December
    – to put some cash aside for Christmas, and buy at least two of the four presents I need to get this year
    – to save some cash for my new year holiday in Belgrade (can’t wait!)
    – to cook at least four new meals
    – not to buy any new clothes but do only charity-shopping

    I’ll let you know if I stick to them! CS x

  4. I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving. I will have guests in town for a few days and will be cooking for 8. I’m excited but am also a bit stressed. I hope it turns out okay!

  5. Another good month for you 🙂 October was really busy for me, but November should be a lot more chilled out … hopefully!

  6. Oh I’m glad munchy seeds are sponsoring you, I love their vanilla seeds if they still do them. have a great november.

  7. Bath is such a pretty place. I’d love to go back there some day.

  8. Hope you had a good time in Bath! I have a few parties I’m really looking forward to in November, and getting all set for Christmas will be fun too!

  9. Your October recap looks fabulous 🙂 Bath looks stunning (I must visit there) as do you at the Cosmo night! x

  10. Errign

    My October was awesome. My mom visited, I got to run again, etc.

    I’m excited for our Thanksgiving break from school in November because I’m going to Florida for a few days.

  11. October was a pretty good month and I’m super excited about November. I’m starting a budget, the weather is cooling down and my best friend is coming to visit. Bring it 🙂

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