WIAW…The Bath edition

Yayyy for WIAW this week!  I love Wednesday’s just for this special foodie party.


This week I have some sights and food from my recent trip to Bath to share with you.



We were very lucky by the fact that we had this beautiful view of the River Avon from our hotel room.  It was great seeing the sunrise over the river everyday during our stay.  Alfie loved the view so much that on Monday he suggested that we went for a run along the river.  After getting over the shock of Alfie actually wanting to go for a run we headed out one early morning for a short stint.  We did 1.82 miles in 15 minutes with a pace of 8.25.  Although it was only a short distance it was great to get out there amongst the gorgeous scenery.  I also added some lunges, squats, push ups, tricep dips and an ab workout to the mix once we to back to the hotel room. 

DSCF1493 DSCF1494
















DSCF1653I had never even thought of visiting Bath before now, but it one amazing place steeped with history, quaint shops and houses and lots of greenery.  All of the buildings are built out of a creamy coloured Bath stone with some gorgeous architecture.  It was like walking through a Jane Austen novel.

Despite all of the sight seeing and walking I did manage to sneak in some outfit snapshots for you too:


OTTD: Jacket, H&M, scarf, House of Fraser, cream bat winged top, H&M, belt, Zara, skirt, Zara, tights, House of Fraser, patent riding boots, Dune.


OTTD: Jacket, H&M, top, H&M, flared jeans, Topshop, suede black heels, Primark.


OTTD: Dress, Miss Selfidges, tights, House of Fraser, black vest top, H&M, swallow earrings, Accessorize, boots, Dune.

And of course lots of tasty eats were consumed at some lovely restaurants:

DSCF1449 On Sunday evening we ventured to a little place called the Bathampton Mill that was beside the river near our hotel.  There was so much tasty food on the menu that I wanted to order it all.


In the end I settled for fried pumpkin ravioli with parmesan cheese and a tomato sauce for my starter and some salmon and caper fish cakes for my main…

IMG_0679 …YUM!

On Monday whilst exploring the town we headed in to the M&S Kitchen looking for something to warm us up as it was a little chilly outside.  The seasonal soup sounded perfect, especially because it was Halloween and the seasonal soup that day was made from butternut squash.

IMG_0691 This tasted divine and definitely warmed me up for the next stint around town.

That evening we headed to a lovely hidden Moroccan restaurant.  It was gorgeous inside with wooden carvings and lanterns.  The menu was full of Eastern promise and I decided to order two starters of falafel that came with hummus and a tahini dip and also chargrilled vegetables with haloumi cheese.

IMG_0695 IMG_0696

Alfie got stuck right in with a lamb tagine with saffron rice:


On Tuesday, our final day in Bath I was completely spoilt.  Alfie got me some gorgeous roses delivered to our hotel:

DSCF1659 He also took me to The Bath Priory for a mega lunch. This meal was probably the best meal of my life.  The food was simply stunning and so beautiful, so much so I will be writing a full post about it soon, but until then I will leave you with this…


…and they say romance is dead…obviously not!

🙂 Happy WIAW everyone 🙂

What is the best thing that you have eaten today?

Have you been to any nice places or restaurants recently?



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45 responses to “WIAW…The Bath edition

  1. accidentlydelish

    you, scenery, food. all beautiful ❤

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Those pictures are so amazing! I wish I were in Bath with you 😀 And once again – I really like your fashion sense, your dresses and clothes in general always look so stylish!

  3. Bath looks beautiful, definitely a place on my list to visit! Looking forward to hearing about your meal!

  4. I concentrated in Medieval English literature in college and we studied Bath several times! I would really love to visit it one day, it looks beautiful. Your eats look SO GOOD! I’m drooling over that ravioli.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! When I went to London a few years ago, I had a plan to take a day trip to Bath, but ended up having to cancel it. Want to go back!
    I’m going through restaurant withdrawal now – sad, but my bank account is thanking me.

  6. Everything is beautiful. Such gorgeous food and Bath is amazing.

  7. Those are all really nice pictures! I love all of your outfits 🙂
    And all that food looks great to! 🙂

  8. I’m going to bath for a long weekend at the end of the month, and this post has got me really excited now 😀

  9. Ahhhhh I want to visit the UK so bad!!!! I hope to someday teehee. Every photo and scenery looks gorgeous~! It’s so hard to see even lush places like that in socal. Well, you have to drive a lot to see that. And I can see why that’s probably the best lunch you’ve ever tried! 😀

  10. Wow what beautiful photos! That is so cool that you got to see all of those lovely places, lucky girl! 🙂 And the food looks wonderful too!


  11. I’m so jealous of all that delicious food that you ate in Bath. I love discovering new restaurants in new cities. Bath looks so pretty – I have to visit soon.

  12. Bath’s so gorgeous. I’ve only been once for the Bath half which is quite embarrassing considering it’s like 7 minutes on the train! Still, it’s so pretty! I LOVE Chandos Deli…there are quite a few in Bristol and they always have so many colours of tomatoes outside! 🙂

    Glad you had a great time and looks like some delicious eats too!

  13. wow! love your pictures! you look great!

  14. Gorgeous photos! I really want to go there now. 🙂

  15. What lovely photos! I had never been to Bath before this year- we went over new years when our holiday got cancelled and it was fab- such pretty buildings. 🙂

  16. Beautiful shots of Bath, and a series of stunning outfits.

    My favourite has to be the roses though – I’m such a sucker for anything rose-related.

    I had the most wonderful hummus/sun dried tomato salad at Olive and Bean on Sunday. Makes me want to move to Newcastle just to get my hands on it more regularly.


  17. Ive never been to Bath, but this post certainly makes me want to go! What a beautiful place!!
    All the food you ate looks super yum! I so so want to taste pumpkin raviolo, or even make it myself!
    I always love your style Jemma! Love it when you post outfit photos!

  18. Wow! Your pictures from Bath are absolutely, beautifully stunning!

  19. I love Bath! Although the last time I was there was 2005, so a long, long time ago (kind of hard to believe almost) but I had a friend who lived there, so it was nice to see all the touristy bits & the bits off-the-beaten-track. Really glad you enjoyed it! I’d love to go again now I’m a bit older. Think next year, I’m going to be doing a lot of UK travelling. Liberating the UK! Oh & ooh, because I can’t go through one of your posts without commenting about food: that pumpkin ravioli looks IMMENSE.

  20. Such beautiful scenery – thanks for posting! I can’t wait to see it all myself when I run the Bath half in March. Sounds like you had such a lovely trip, all the food looks divine. Romance is definitely not dead 🙂

  21. I love traveling around in Europe! The tastiest thing I ate today (I’m eating it right now, actually) is my chocolate chip lettuce pie. http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com/2011/11/oh.html

  22. Love the outfits!!! And the scenery!

  23. Bath is such a beautiful city, looks like you had a lovely trip and ate some amazing food! x

  24. Tesni

    Aww I live in Bath, and it was so nice to see you enjoy my hometown 🙂 It’s so beautiful and I love it, I feel so lucky to live there. Currently at uni is a huge city and it makes me miss Bath so much. Definitely a small town girl.

    Those roses are gorgeous! I am very jealous. Never been to the priory but the food photos make me want to go!

  25. Tesni

    Oh I forgot to say, Bath has a food festival, usually in July. So if you really enjoyed the food, perhaps you can head back in the summer for some food delights 🙂

  26. Wow what an amazing trip and experience!

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