Budget Busting Meals 6

Hello lovelies!

Thank you all so much for your lovely and heart felt comments and congratulations on my last post.  It was so hard to keep it a secret for a week, but after relaying the news to my family and close friends it then felt right to share the news with my blog land family.  I’m in such a special place right now and incredibly happy.  🙂

Well since I’ve been on cloud 9 for the past week and a bit, but as always reality strikes and it’s time to get back to looking at that all important budget.

big budget buttonbig

The past few weeks I have been taking on more teaching responsibilities by demonstrating in the first year undergraduate labs and invigilating exams to earn some extra money.

DSCF1809 Although all of this teaching also comes with lots of extra marking!  A slight disadvantage, given my already huge work load with my thesis but it’s worth it for the extra cash.

This week I picked up a bargain pack of tofu that was reduced for quick sale.


It really is one big chunk of tofu.  I made sure that I froze it as soon as I got home.  But, it’s now thawed out and marinating in my fridge for a tasty stir fry for tomorrows dinner.

I’ve made sure to only buy petrol from the major supermarkets as they tend to be more competitive than local independent garages.  I was caught short on the trip back from Bath and completely blown away by the price of the petrol at the motor way service station.  Fair enough there was only an 11p difference to the gallon, but every little bit counts.


Next week I want to get the relaxer on my hair retouched and cut before I fly to America.  My usual hairdresser does a great job at a cost.  My usual retouch and cut can cost between £45-£50 a time and although this isn’t something that I have done all the time (last time being March) I would rather save my money for America.  Instead I’ve been thinking about buying a box of relaxer for about £6 and doing it myself.  I also spotted a voucher in the local magazine that was delivered yesterday for a cut and blow dry at another hair salon that I love for £20.

DSCF1802 £28 vs. £45-£50…hmmmmm…

Making the use of cheap seasonal vegetables has also been a big thing for me this week.  I have been making the most of some of the ingredients that I already have in my cupboards to jazz them up.


*Sweet and Salty Sprouts*


  • A handful of brussel sprouts
  • maple syrup (depending  on how sweet you want it)
  • salt (again depending on your taste buds)
  • pre-roasted hazelnuts (optional)
  • a splash of water

In a pan heat a little bit of canola oil and add the brussel  sprouts.  Add a splash of water to allow them to steam and aid the cooking process.  Next add the maple syrup and salt, the amount added will depend on your own personal taste buds.  Cook the brussel sprouts until tender, adding splashes of more water if needed.  Stir through the hazelnuts and serve.

These taste so good and would make a brilliant side to any meal and would be perfect on Christmas day!


I also made this lovely and quick Curried Parsnip Soup today for lunch:


I made it using 2 cups of steamed parsnips, veggie stock, 1/4 tsp of garam masala, 1/3 tsp of cumin, 1/4 tsp of dried chilli flakes and 1/3 tsp of ground coriander.  This was a such a lovely way to spice up a pretty ordinary vegetable.


You can catch up on all of my other Budget Busting Meal ideas here.

How is your budget holding up this week?

How do you jazz up your veggies?



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20 responses to “Budget Busting Meals 6

  1. Mmm, those brussels sprouts look so tasty! I’ve never done my own relaxer at home, I’ve always been too nervous about handling the chemicals and whatnot. But it certainly is a way to save money! Good luck if you decide to do it!

  2. I am slightly dubious about the prospect, but lots of people dye their own hair so it can’t be that bad right?

  3. I saw that you’d posted this on twitter just as I posted my update so I quickly managed to update the post with your link! Congrats again, I’m just so happy for you and your fella! I love brussel sprouts with maple syrup!

  4. Interesting – I’ve never had sweet veggies (except for unhealthy uber sweet sauce at cheap, Americanized Chinese restaurants). I had salty roast Brussels last night though, and they were pretty yummy!

  5. I love the idea of roasted nuts seen a few recipes for roasted chesnuts which take my fancy. That tofu is a bargain.

  6. You just made my night with that sprout recipe. I can’t hide the fact that I love the little green guys, any way I can get them on a meal is a bonus in my book.

    Forget the turkey, these are my main event this year 🙂

    I love roasting veggies. Beetroot, courgett, carrot, squash. You name it, I roast it.


  7. Gah. Budget. :S I’ve been doing everything possible NOT to spend money after unexpectedly going over last month. Bleh.

  8. I love the look of those sprouts – yummy!
    My budget isn’t going too badly this month so far – I’m going to visit my parents this weekend, so I’ll get fed for free 😉

  9. I love brussel sprouts and LOVE parsnips! Not many people use parsnips but this soup looks delicious! Did you blend it or did the veggies just break down? It sounds wonderful!

  10. Augh, the price of petrol is awful. I was reminiscing the other day about when it was about 95p per gallon. Wish it would go that low again! I love your budget busting meals posts, keep ’em coming. I can’t do brussels in the slightest but I commend your recipe. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try it 😉 I do love a parsnip soup though!

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