Random Pairings

Happy Friday friends!

I hope you have all had fabulous weeks.  You can all probably guess that I have! 🙂  Despite the obvious I have also had a really productive week and managed to finish a results chapter for my thesis and a set of my student marking…BOOM!

Because I have been working from home all week I haven’t really left the house except to go to the gym.  Today I headed to the shops to pick up some groceries though and thought I better make a but of an effort.

IMG_0734 OOTD: mustard knitted top, Topshop, white vest top, H&M, scarf, House of Fraser, necklace, French Connection, black skinnies, H&M, Uggs…errm UGGS!

As well as being super productive I’ve also had a great week in the gym and even increase the weights on some of my strength exercises too.  I’m really enjoying my strength training at the moment and looking forward to changing up soon.

Monday: 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and bike, strength workout 1, 5 minutes cool down on the cross trainer.

Tuesday: Yoga download hip opening podcast and 1 hour of body pump

Wednesday: 5.07 miles in 49 minutes plus abs and core work.

Thursday: 20 minute warm-up intervals on the cross trainer, strength workout 2, 10 minutes cool down on the bike.

Friday: 30 minutes of high intensity intervals on the treadmill and 30 minutes of intervals on the step machine, bike and cross trainer plus abs and core work.

Even my eats have been pretty tasty this week too.  Don’t worry I’m not going to list them all just a few of my favourites.

A lovely bowl of muesli with two chopped apples, rice milk and plain soy yoghurt mixed with peanut flour…yum!

This has to be my favourite breakfast of the week and of course that meant that it included squash. It contained 1/4 cup of squash, a banana, rice milk, water, cinnamon and peanut butter.  I decided to leave out all of the gums and super foods out for a change to give my body a little break, but the banana made the smoothie extra creamy.

I’m a huge fan of snack plates for lunch and this one didn’t disappoint.  Rice cakes both topped with hummus, one with dates an the other with 1/4 of an avoacdo with a chopped carrrot and red pepper.  This was lovely! 🙂

Lots more roasted squash with hummus have been keeping me all fuelled up in the afternoon and…

…rice cakes topped with PB and chopped a banana and…

….lots of snack bars that are rapidly approaching their best before dates.

Dinners this week have been a mish mash of sides and grains that I had prepared in the fridge, my freezer stash and leftovers to make some very random plates of food…all still delicious though…of course! 😀

Rustic Soup with Wild Mushrooms which I drained off most of the sauce to make it into more of a stew.  I served it with stir fried aubergine, squash, kale, mushrooms and red pepper. 

Another random that of stuff formed a pretty amazing salad for dinner the other day.  It contained mixed lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, sweet and salty sprouts, red pepper and smoked mackerel. I made an awesome dressing by blitzing up some watercress, soya yoghurt, lemon juice and black pepper.  This was quite an odd mix of ingredients but tasted gorgeous!

Baked beans, brown rice, sweet and salty sprouts and parsnips anyone?

Since I’ve been staring at a computer screen for most of the week all I’ve wanted to do in the evening is watch some movies.  So far this week I’ve been glued to Jane Eyre and Eat, Pray Love.  With movies I always, and I stress always need munchies…

…and this was heaven! A chopped banana topped with peanut flour sauce mixed with maple syrup, dried cherries, and raw shredded coconut. The perfect acompliment to any movie.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I’m only working a 9-5 shift as I have been given 1 hour off for Christmas shopping. 🙂  I have something lovely planned to bake this weekend as part of my Budget Busting Meals, a bit of packing and I think I’m just generally going to have a chilled out Sunday with some gingerbread men for extra company…

..how cute!

Also, don’t forget to enter my international Linwoods giveaway!

What odd pairings of food have you been eating recently?

Do you have anything nice planned for this weekend?



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42 responses to “Random Pairings

  1. I’ve had those gingerbead men recommended to me too, to go with the gingerbread porridge I’ll hopefully have on Monday!

    My breakfasts have been most disappointing this week so am determined to turn that around next week! The oddest food pairing I had I suppose would be toasted sunflower seeds in with my pasta. Sounds weird but it was yummy – added a nice crunch!

    This weekend I am editing Part 2 (ugh!) and getting a few things for the house before the in-laws arrive on Sunday!

    Have a happy weekend, with your fiance 😀 xx

  2. I love your outfit, casual yet put together! And oh Uggs, I used to sneer at them, but I’m utterly in love with how warm/cozy they make my feet.

  3. Love that outfit 🙂
    I don’t think it is odd, but I recently discovered almond butter on a baked sweet potato which is totally amazing 🙂

  4. Girl you should do some fashion posts! That outfit is adorable!!! LOVE those boots with the skinny jeans!

  5. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I love gingerbread, in any form, not just men 🙂 Great job on your thesis, that´s awesome you are so productive! Now enjoy some rest on your weekend before another work week 🙂

  6. I can’t believe I missed the post with the big news – congratulations! So happy for both of you and bless him, what a lovely way to propose 🙂
    It sounds like the perfect day and setting for it too – brilliant news! xx

  7. Eeeek I love your outfit!!! I like how you love mustard color like I do, too. 😉 And I eat popped ricecakes the same way hehe.

  8. kabochafashionista

    Those gingerbread men are seriously addictive!! Babies these days definitely get a lot nicer food than when I was a baby..I think I lived on mashed bananas, grapes and mushy cereal stuff lol!
    As always you look gorgeous lovie, I love the mustardy colour and it really suits you 🙂
    Your movie munching sounds SO yum…I’m definitely recreating that one!
    This weekend unfortunately I’m continuing my never ending uni work boo…I’m popping round to my friends tomorrow night for a bit of a girly pampering session though which should be nice!

  9. So many good combos! I love just looking through my fridge/cupboard to see what crazy combinations I can come up with for the day.

  10. The meal with baked beans on made me smile, I eat a lot of meals like that….baked beans are quite comforting to me. And go with everything! I’m going on a long bike ride tomorrow if the weather cooperates and having a day of uni work sunday, so not a bad mix of a weekend for me. Hope you enjoy yours, and once again huge congrats on your lovely lovely news 😀

  11. I can’t wait to try those gingerbread men but I’m thinking I’ll probably have to make my own gingerbread again this year. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  12. Love your outfit, it looks so relaxed & thrown together but really bloody cool, too. This weekend, I’m working 23 hours, which is absolute pants. But even though I adore the boyfriend’s company, he’s off out with his guy mates tomorrow night so I plan a night in with a bubble bath, mindless TV, a glass of vino & perhaps a little bit of ice cream.

  13. I’m going to be going over my lesson plans and freaking out about teaching next week all week-end!

    I don’t know if it’s really odd but I put ketchup on anything and everything savoury, as well as salt and pepper!

    Beautiful outfit as always 🙂


  14. Even though I just ate, your photos are making me hungry. Have a great weekend!

  15. You are so cute! All your eats look awesome! I really want to try those gingerbread cookies, mmm. Have a great weekend!

  16. beautyinthebalance

    You know it’s winter when you have to break the Uggs out! Bad times! Your outfit looks great though 🙂

    I’m still so excited for your engagement! Do you reckon you’ll share your wedding planning on your blog?

    You have me craving rice cakes now! I’m going to have to go out and buy some!

  17. Hummus and dates sounds like an interesting pairing to me – I’ve never thought of it before, but I bet it’s lovely!

  18. Peanut butter and tuna…… the first ‘meal’ my husband ever made me. It was a toasted sandwich and you know what…. it was actually pretty good. (Having said that I have never had it again 🙂 Once was enough it seems!)

    I do love sweet and savoury together though. Peanut butter and jam, fruit cake and cheese.

    I was productive today so sunday is going to be a chill out with a llittle Zumba spice added 😉

    Enjoy lovely x

  19. Errign

    My weekend is planning out quite nicely – today was a real rest day – from exercise and from doing anything I don’t want to do. I’ve been watching my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding lol. Tomorrow I’ve got a short run, a few pieces of homework and power yoga on the docket 🙂

  20. Mmm all of your eats look so good!
    My weekend has been lovely so far, went out for a meal with my parents and sister this evening which was lovely 🙂
    Back to uni tomorrow… hopefully the second half the term will be a bit easier!

  21. I love your OOTD and all your eats look soo good! 🙂

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