Working Girl

Hello everyone!  I hope you have all had a great weekend. 🙂

My weekend has been pretty standard, but I’ve really enjoyed it even though I haven’t been up to anything exciting.  It’s just been really relaxing and involved lots of baking in the kitchen.  I cannot wait to share some of the tasty recipes that I have been cooking up.

Yesterday I had to go back to work…BOOOOOOO!  Actually it wasn’t so bad as after 2 weeks off I felt pretty chilled out and refreshed so ready to tackle the onslaught of the early Christmas shoppers.  I even got to leave an hour early to take my complementary Christmas shopping time too. Happy Days! 😛


Working girl OOTD: Black broiderie anglais dress, H&M, cardigan, Primark, thick black tights, House of Fraser, red suede shoe boots, Office.

As I work on a fashion floor we have to look relatively “on trend” or “with it” as my lovely Mum would say.  Considering that the uniform is strictly black it is quite a difficult feat, but we are allowed to accesorise with colour.  With that in mind I just had to bust out my bright red shoe boots.  The remind me a little bit like shoes that an elf would wear as they don’t quite reach up to the ankle.

A long day in retail means a good hearty breakfast is required to set me up for the day.  I decided to make a simple but very large and delicious bowl of banana and cinnamon oats with water topped with crunchy PB and strawberry jam.


For lunch I made one of my favourite salad of all time after bagging a great deal on figs at the market.  I got 8 figs for a £1!!! I love a bargain and I certainly love figs in my salads.


I just love adding nuts and dried fruit to my salad for sweetness, but my favourite is sweet with a  salty vibe.  So this sweet and salty loveliness really hit the spot and helped me through the afternoon at work.  


To see me through the afternoon I snacked on a huge pink lady apple (yum!) and a Nakd Cocoa Delight bar.


Since I got home earlier than usual it meant that I got to go all experimental in the kitchen.  I’ve been wanting make some tofu meatballs for ages and thought it would be ideal to cook some up with the bargain pack of tofu that I picked up earlier this week.  They tasted great, but I will be sharing the recipe later this week so you will have to wait that little bit longer.


For dessert I made up a yummy snack plate of 2 pink lady apples dusted with cinnamon with Booja-Booja ginger stemmed truffles.  Oh my!  These truffles are so light and fluffy inside.  Booja-Booja are by far my favourite chocolate brand and I’m not even vegan!


Later in the evening I decided to get my snack face on and raided the gingerbread men and had some more dark chocolate.  This morning I did feel a little off balance and sickly so quickly made a huge green smoothie and did an awesome yoga session to feel all zen like and more like myself again.

DSCF1820 This stuff should be on the NHS! 🙂

Before I love you and leave you I have to announce the winner of my Linwoods giveaway…


The lucky winner of those huge bags of flax seeds is…Lucy!  Congratulations! 🙂 Could you please email me your delivery details asap to please so that I can send out your prize this week.

I will be back tomorrow with a very tasty recipe from this weekends cook up session.  Enjoy the rest of your weekends lovelies! 😛

What kind of foods do like to pack for your working day?

Do you have to wear a uniform to work?  Love it or hate it?



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23 responses to “Working Girl

  1. Congrats to Lucy for winning the giveaway! 🙂
    All you eats look great! I have a cocoa delight Nakd bar and am so excited to try it 🙂

  2. I like to take roasted almonds to work for a snack, they are packed full of protein and just a small handful keeps me going!

    Thankfully no uniform at work, I used to have one when I worked for the bank and it was up there with my school uniform in terms of grossness 😛


  3. I love those red boots! I’ve wanted some red shoes/boots for ages and those are gorgeous – love that broderie anglaise dress too.
    I don’t have to wear a uniform for work, just reasonably smart clothes. Luckily, I don’t have to weat a suit or shirts every day, which cuts ironing 🙂

  4. I used to work for Ted Baker and the best thing was being able to get the uniform allowance! Now I just need to dress smart casual for work so basically anything accept jeans and denim is ok. Looking forward to the tofu meatballs recipe!

  5. Apples are always top of the list, no uniform for me which I like but sometimes it would be good to have to wear on as it makes it easier than deciding what to wear!

  6. Yey, I’m so excited that I won, thank you! 😀

    Your lunchtime salad looks amazing – so pretty & fresh!

  7. Yes booja booja are amazing 🙂
    I pack 2 snacks like cereal bars (nakd etc), and then lunch is either a sandwich and fruit, or a salad with hummus or something, or something I can heat up like quinoa and veggies. I have to be smartish for work, but hate wearing nice things as generally they get paint on or sneezed on etc.

  8. Rande

    Ohhh figs and salad are fantastic! I always back a huge bag of veggies for work snacks, big salads, and dark chocolate 🙂 And I do rather like my work uniform, its easy, and actually comfortable!

  9. There’s no uniform where I work, but I usually wear the same sorts of things – either trousers and a jumper or a dress. I like the way you’ve jazzed up those outfits with the bright shoes.
    I usually have a salad for lunch at work and also pack fruit and nuts etc. for snacks because I’m hungrier than usual when I’m sitting at my desk.

  10. Love your work uniform outfit! I hate my uniform – I work for a large coffee chain so it’s proper uniform. I wish it was a bit more lax, as in we could wear our own clothes, just in a set colour. But it’s proper uniform & it makes me sad. The only way I can (sort-of) individualise myself is to do stuff with my hair (headbands, scarves, etc.) but even that is within reigns. Boooo. One day I’ll have my own coffee shop & wear whatever I want!

  11. Those red boots are SO Cute!

    I try to pack lots of snacks for work. Apples, veggies + hummus, etc. Otherwise I’m super tempted by the candy and things that are ALWAYS around at work!

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