Thankful for a very generous fairy

Hey all!  Happy Thanks Giving! I”ve just finished eating my first ever Thanks Giving meal with the family.  It was really yummy but I’m carrying a bit of a food right now.  🙂

Thanks Giving really makes you reflect about all of the good things in your life and I’m truly grateful for all of the good things in mine.

I’m also very thankful for that very special and generous fairy in blog land, The Fairy Hobmother in association with Baumatic BT6.3GL!


She has very kindly given me some Amazon vouchers, which was such a lovely thing for her do.  I’m chuffed!

If a fairy offered you one wish what would it be?

If you leave a comment on is post making your wish, maybe she would be so kind to grant and pay you a visit too! 🙂

Well I think dessert is up next and a trip into Manhattan tomorrow…loving NYC.

Have a great week! 


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9 responses to “Thankful for a very generous fairy

  1. Hope you enjoy the pudding… pumpkin pie?! Glad you’re having a good time 🙂
    I think I’d wish for a pair of silver or silk gloves because my hands get so painfully cold – but Amazon vouchers would be perfect too… have fun the rest of your holiday!

  2. Jenny Bridger

    Is it like xmas dinner in the UK? Does it compare?

    One wish? Lots of things the that even a fairy can’t really solve but some new (smartish) trousers that were gym, capris or trackie bottoms or warmer tops for winter.

  3. happy thanksgiving!! i just had thanksgiving dinner too – with my American friends 🙂

  4. Kit-Kat

    I would wish that Kelby (my BEST friend) would become my boyfriend, fiancee, and then husband.
    Haha! 🙂

  5. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 Glad you are having fun in NYC. A garmin is on my wishlist now!

  6. It’s so great you got to spend thanksgiving in America, you will have to let us know how it compares to our Christmas dinners! I am currently wishing for some new bicycle gloves and padded shorts, numb bits aren’t very pleasant. Have a wonderful trip!

  7. I cannot wait to hear more about your Thanksgiving – it sounds so exciting.

    I would wish for the same thing I always do…PB&Co!


  8. Glad you had a nice first Thanksgiving! 🙂

    One wish? I would love an Amazon voucher too! 🙂

  9. beautyinthebalance

    Oooh your first proper Thanksgiving! How exciting!

    My wish would be for my husband to get his ass in gear and finish the skirting in our kitchen so that we can finish painting and then tile our kitchen walls!

    So my number 1 wish is for a new husband.

    Failing that, some B&Q vouchers would do the trick 😉

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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