Munchy Seeds Review and Giveaway

Hey hey hey! :) I’m just popping in to say hello again!  I hope you are all enjoying the series of guest posts from some amazing and inspirational bloggers.  I love all of their blogs for many different reasons so do make sure that you show them some support and go and check them all out.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Munchy Seeds to review their new flavour of chocolate coated seeds.


I was really impressed with their products when I reviewed them previously which you can read here, so was really excited to try their new Choccy Seeds with chilli and ginger . I’ve been using them as topping for my yoghurt bowls and green smoothies to make them taste that extra bit special.

These seeds really taste lovely and I would be quite happy toy buy them myself.  They are a really nice way to change up a healthy snack, especially for those of you that don’t like to eat plain seeds.  You can buy this variety of Munchy Seeds and much more on the companies website.  A 50g pack of Choccy Seeds with chilli and ginger costs £1.50.

But now it’s your turn to try these tasty seeds in a GIVEAWAY!!!

Up for grabs are 10 packets (50g) of Choccy Seeds with chilli and ginger for 5 lucky readers (two packs per reader).

To get your hands on the goods simply…

  • leave a comment on this post stating why you want to get your hands on these lovely products.
  • follow me on twitter
  • tweet about this giveaway ensuring that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet!
  • Like my Celery and Cupcakes Facebook page
  • link back to this giveaway in your blog post.

Each action counts as a separate entry and please leave a comment for each one as I wouldn’t want to miss one out when I count them all up.  The giveaway will end on Saturday 10th December 12pm GMT with the winner to be announced on Sunday.

This giveaway is open to UK RESIDENTS ONLY so huge apologies to my international readers.

So what are you waiting for…go and enter!


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43 responses to “Munchy Seeds Review and Giveaway

  1. I’d like to try these as I have never tried their choc covered seeds, but I am a big fan of their other varieties!

  2. Rachel

    I followed you on twitter…

  3. Rachel

    and tweeted about your giveaway…

  4. Rachel

    and followed you on facebook…

  5. Rachel

    and I love dark chocolate and seeds and chilli and ginger so would love to try this combo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Naomi T

    I have never tried any Munchy seeds because I’ve never heard of them until today; I’d like to try them and see if I’d buy them.

    I liked your FB page also under the name Naomi Tataille 🙂

  7. sarah

    I like chocolate, I like seeds+ munchy seeds aren’t that easy to get where I live. So I’d love to win!

  8. I already follow you on Twitter…

  9. …and like your Facebook page 🙂

  10. I’d like to win the seeds because I am obsessed with all things ginger at the moment. And the chilli would warm me up in the horribly cold weather we’re getting right now!

  11. I would love to try the ginger ones- sounds lovely. I love chocolate but do not think I have tried chocolate with seeds before.

  12. Hope you’re having fun! These look brilliant; I love Munchy Seeds and think chocolate, chilli and ginger sounds an inspired combination 🙂

  13. Jo Lock

    I would love to win the Munchy Seeds, they are hard to get hold of and they sound absolutely delicious! Plus I never win anything! 🙂

  14. beautyinthebalance

    I keep seeing Munchy Seeds pop up everywhere on blogs but I’ve never been able to find them in a store! Whyyyy? I would love to try these!

    P.s. Hope you’re still having super fun in the US!

  15. beautyinthebalance

    I follow you on Twitter & Tweeted

  16. beautyinthebalance

    I already Like your FB page 🙂

  17. Oooh, I’d love to try these. What could be better than chilli chocolate on seeds of goodness? Mmmmm! I can’t seem to find any Munchy Seeds in any store, though. Harrrrumph.

  18. Also, I follow your twitter 🙂

  19. Ashley

    I’ve never tried these, so I would love the opportunity!! Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  20. Ashley

    I follow you on twitter!

  21. Ashley

    I like you on FB

  22. I need more seeds in my life… FACT 😉 x

  23. Emma Morgan

    Because they look healthy and yummy at the same time – not 2 words you often get together! I would love to try some and enjoy some ‘me time’. I am not on twitter, but am following you on facebook.

  24. I would love to win as I just love chocolate seeds!

  25. ooh i would love to try this unusual flavour

  26. i like your facebook page

    karen scammell

  27. Chris Bull

    I’m sitting here eating Choccy Munchy Seeds with apricots as I write and would love the chance to try the Dark choc chilli ones 🙂

    Liked on facebook as Chris Fliss and followed and retweeted on Twitter as @sparky61

    Thank you 🙂

  28. Cerian Jones

    i would love to win as i am always on the look out for some interesting new snacks! coming from a small village these kinds of foods are lacking so i look to your blog for ideas for when i make trips to friends in bigger places!

  29. I love chilli chocolate so would love to try these!

  30. Oh wow, these look amazing! I have such a sweet tooth but the only Munchy Seeds I can find locally are the Omega mix (which I do love) would love to be able to try these!

  31. & I already like you on Facebook! 🙂

  32. I’ve just tweeted! 🙂

    Now I really must get out of bed…your great giveaway gave me an excuse to avoid the cold a little longer…thanks! 😉

  33. I’ve not tried any of the chocolate covered ones, but if they are as good as vanilla pumpkin then I’m sure they are dangerous!

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