Fashion Haul from America

Hello my lovelies!  It’s been a while eh?  I did enjoy the two weeks rest from blogging, but I’m back and ready to get back into my blogging groove!  My Google reader is immense right now *shudders.*

I had the most amazing time in America and saw so much which I’m saving for another post.  What got me the most is the shopping and how huge the malls over there are.  Since I was visiting family I got to experience shops that I probably wouldn’t have gone in otherwise like those American staples like Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy and CVS.  We also visited a flea market in Brooklyn too!

To be fair my shopping actually started in the UK where I picked up a gorgeous green coat with 50% off and a cute jumper dress both from H&M to keep me all nice and warm in NYC:

Whilst traipsing around those huge shopping malls in Florida and NYC I picked up some lovely fashion buys:

 Grey fairisle knitted cardigan, Old Navy

Claret laced front t-shirt, Forever 21

Red Oriental floral jacket, Forever 21

Black silk feather tunic dress, Forever 21

Faux fur gilet, Forever 21

Various jewllery, Forever 21

knitted woolly hats, flea market in Brooklyn

Alfie also gave me the go-ahead to pick out some bits as part of my Christmas present this year.  This could have been diastrous but I managed to maintain some kind of control (surprisingly) and picked up some goodies from Ralph Lauren:

PJ bottoms, Ralph Lauren Outlet

Brown cable knit jumper, Ralph Lauren Outlet

A part of me does regret putting back a gorgeous Micheal Kors bag back on the shelf…sigh! 😀

I had so much fun shopping I only wish that we were allowed a much larger weight for our luggage on the planes.  My cases were full to the brim with both expanders unzipped.  Although that said I did manage to finish my Christmas shopping bar a few items that I need to order online and got a got quite a mammoth food haul which I will be sharing later this week.

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Have you ever regretted not buying something when you get home from a holiday?

Do you always think it’s a must to raid the shops whilst your away or do you avoid them? -evidently I think it’s a must! 🙂 



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31 responses to “Fashion Haul from America

  1. Nice to have you back!
    And I can’t wait to see the posts on your goodies.

    I came back from the USA with my cases slightly bulging but the lovely lady on the desk let me off paying extra. Must have been the peanut butter 😉

  2. Haha so I’m guessing you enjoyed Forever 21?? I love it too! They have the cutest things for such low prices! Glad you had a great time!

  3. Ah I love Forever 21! I couldn’t believe they didn’t have it in the UK when I first moved here for uni. Everything you got is super cute, especially love that floral jacket and the knitted cardi. Depending on where I’m going I’ll definitely do a bit of shopping – when I was in the states I raided sephora, urban outfitters and victoria’s secret!

  4. beautyinthebalance

    Ohhh those purchases from Forever 21 are adorable! I’m so jealous that you went on such a great shopping spree!!!
    I especially love that black tunic with the feathers…. beautiful!

    I usually buy a few things when I’m on my hols- especially if I’m in Spain because Mango and Zara are SO much better in Spain than the UK!

  5. Oh my gosh, so much cute stuff!! I loooove XXI. I swear, half my wardrobe is from there!

  6. Wow, so many beautiful clothes!! You walked away with quite a haul!

  7. Wow, Jemma! That’s quite a nice haul! I’m sure you’ll look lovely in all of it!

  8. Welcome home! It looks like you scored big-time in the states! I love that you hit up all the big box ‘true american’ places too. Did you bring food back with you as well?

  9. Fab buys, I love it all! I was eyeing that jumper dress from H&M but in the lighter colour, its gorgeous. I really loved Forever 21 when I went to NYC and I completely agree that shopping is a must when travelling!

  10. Oh, I definitely think it’s a must to buy new things, which can be problematic at times! When I visit my family in the US, I bring an extra empty suitcase and bring it back to Australia full! Clothes are about 1/3 the price there!!

  11. I love shopping in other countries and I’ve also had many regrets not buying something. I manage to talk myself into it now, when else would I have the opportunity??

  12. I am so glad you are back dear! And what great stuff you have here! Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores!

  13. Errign

    I don’t really love, love, love shopping so I don’t usually do it while I’m away. Plus, my vacations are usually to ski or something and we’re in little teeny towns with nothing but bars and ski resorts.

  14. Cute items :). I love forever 21. It is my favorite store. I tend to loose control hehe.

  15. Cute items 🙂 I love forever 21. It is my favorite store. I tend to loose control hehe

  16. So glad you had a fantastic time!
    Your new coat is lovely, the green colour is gorgeous and quite individual 🙂
    And that Claret laced front t-shirt is beautiful!
    My favourite item though is the Brown cable knit jumper, I love cable knits and the shape is so nice.
    That’s quite some fashion haul – I’m quite jealous 😛

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