Back in balance

Hi y’all!  I hope you all had a great week.  I’m so happy that the weekend is here!

For me this week has been more about getting back to the old routine after my holiday.  This has meant trying to beat the jet lag and finding my exercise groove after a 2 week break.

My work outs so far look a little like this:

Monday: Lots of sleeping

Tuesday: Hip opening yoga podcast and 1 hour of Body Pump

Wednesday: swapped my whatever Sunday workout to Wednesday: Cassey Ho’s Blogilates on YouTube

Thursday: serious DOMS meant lots of rest

Friday: 50 minutes of HIITS on the treadmill, cross trainer, bike and adaptive motion trainer plus abs and core work

I made the huge mistake of not decreasing my weights at my Body Pump class, which screwed my routine over for the rest of the week.  My muscles ended up being seriously tight because they had become complacent during my holiday.  In light of this I thought a run was out of the question the next day so I scheduled in Sunday’s workout.  I found some of Cassey Ho’s Blogilates workouts on YouTube:

I’ve never done any workouts using YouTube before and was slightly skeptical, but Cassey’s videos really work you hard.  Nearly 35 minutes into these videos I could feel the burn and struggled through the tricep tonner video.  It felt so good to feel the burn again though despite the tightness in my muscles. 

After all of that muscle work I decided to take an extra rest day on Thursday, but felt well again for a cardio session this morning.  I have some yoga planned for tomorrow morning before work and a run or gym session for Sunday.  I love working out and it’s awesome to get back to it! 😀

Whilst in America I didn’t really over eat or eat very badly but all of the fruit made me feel a little sugared out and I ended up being tempted by the pumpkin spiced and French vanilla lattes over there too.  So delicious and oddly I never drink coffee, but I soon took a liking to it. Since Tuesday I have been trying to find some balance again and have been making the most of my blender and have been drinking green smoothies everyday for breakfast and sometimes as an afternoon snack.


My favourite mix so far this week has been a smoothie containing chopped pairs, celery sticks, a banana, spinach and water.  I decided to give my body a break from the protein powders, super foods and gums so the smoothies have come out more like juices than smoothies.  It’s been a nice change to have stripped back smoothies and will definitely be having these as an alternative to my regular green smoothies in the future.


Afternoon snackage: a banana, spinach and creamy almond butter smoothie…yum!

This morning I didn’t really fancy a smoothie so I made a lovely bowl up of a chopped banana, pears and blueberries topped with sunflower seeds and creamy almond butter and cinnamon with some unsweetened soya milk.


 So good! 🙂

I’ve also been feasting on some super tasty salads.  My favourite this week was one made from mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, half an avocado, yellow peppers, carrots and a crumbled raw cracker.  I topped this plate of loveliness with a mashed butter bean dip used from a tin of beans I had knocking about in my cupboard.


This dip was so quick to make and damn tasty!  I used one tin of butter beans, 1/2 of smoked paprika, 1/2 a clove of grated garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.  Then I just mashed and mixed the ingredients together until most of the beans were broken down.  I kept some of the beans whole for some added texture.


My dinner’s have mainly consisted of lots of vegetables and pulses like a variation of my Butternut Squash Coconut Curry without the coconut milk and the addition of green lentils.  I served this with roasted brussel sprouts that I roasted in balsamic vinegar, canola oil and black pepper.


Desserts have been on the lines of soya yoghurt with a chopped persimmon and buckwheaties and a huge mug of Thai coconut tea…


…and lots of oranges to fight off those post holiday sniffles with dates…


I’ve really enjoyed my simple stripped back eating to help re-balance my body.  It has definitely worked as I feel so much better than I did on Monday and my skin is looking a lot more clearer too.  I’ve made sure that I haven’t restricted myself in any way by snacking if I need to on lots of fruit and raw veggies and hummus, which I think has worked great for me. 😀

Other things that have taken some getting used to this week is the spine chilling weather.  It’s much colder in the UK now compared to when I left so I have been making sure that I wrap up warm with lots of layers.


OTTD: fairisle cardigan, Old Navy, cream bat winged top, H&MM, basic grey vest, H&M, jeans, Diesel, Uggs, Ugg Australia gold scarf, H&M, grey beret, H&M, gold bow studs, Forever 21.


Also to help keep me warm is lots of soup that I have been sent to try from Amy’s Kitchen.  I’ve never tried anything from Amy’s kitchen before so I cannot wait to try these soups. 

I don’t necessarily mind the cold weather though as I think for me Christmas just has to be cold and the addition of snow would just make it perfect. I’ve been getting all festive of late and finally put up my Christmas tree yesterday…




I seriously love the run up to Christmas.  This weekend I have some Christmas baking planned to make some edible gifts and maybe get some of my gifts wrapped up…excited!! 🙂

How do you regain balance after coming back from a holiday?  Do you find it difficult to get back into the old routine?

Are you a fan of a cold or warm Christmas?



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19 responses to “Back in balance

  1. I think I did exactly as you have been doing on my return from NYC, eating more simple straight forward foods always makes me feel a lot better and more balanced. When I first saw that NYC mug in your pic I almost thought I was on my own blog it looked so familiar, I love that mug and its always nice to be reminded of NYC when I drink from it 🙂 Christmas for me has to be cold and wintery!

  2. Warm xmas, please! I cannot abide the cold at any time of year – if only I could swap with one of the US bloggers that lives in Florida and doesn’t like the lack of seasonal weather 😛


  3. I should look into YouTube for exercise videos. I usually watch YogaDownload but have grown somewhat used to their videos..

  4. I love blogilates workout videos! Such a great way to get my pilates in when I can’t take classes.

  5. I abhor jet lag! I go to sleep at 8, wake up at 3, and then can’t sleep till 5! It is so weird but I guess after a while it fades off. Cassey’s videos are really good – YouTube really has some gems scattered throughout; I like TaraStilesYoga for yoga videos too, her instructionals are really clear and she has a calming voice. 🙂

    Can I just say that all your food looks amazing!? I think you have all my favourite foods down to a pat – veggies, seeds, more veggies, fruits, persimmons…

  6. Looks like a return to a very healthy week for you! That salad looks lush – definitely going to buy some raw crackers now. I’m from New Zealand so really struggle with the cold UK Christmas every year but I do like the touch of magic that the cold brings – the twinkling lights just seem brighter and people seem to have a nice sense of anticipation as they put warm gloves and ear muffs on. That said, no matter where you live in the world, celebrating Christmas brings families together – that’s wonderful hot or cold.

  7. I agree with Jess, cold is evil so the milder the better as far as I’m concerned!
    I love your peacock decoration and I’ve just realised, your blog’s snowing! Much as I hate snow, that’s so cool 🙂

  8. The Teenage Taste

    Body Pump classes never fail to make me sore. Unfortunately, I only belong to a gym in the Summertime so my strength training has been severly lacking, to say the least. I’ve never tried using workout videos before, but these sound great! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Hey looks like you had an amazing time in the states 🙂 Just wanted to say thank you for my amazing secret santa presents- they are perfect . I am especially looking forward to trying the gingerbread tea! Thanks so much xx

  10. I love your NY mug! Blogilates workouts are so tough but I love how I can get a quick 10 minute workout in on busy mornings. x

  11. Loving your tree! And that’s one thing I’m having trouble coping with: the cold! My body simply isn’t ready for it despite all of the layers I have been piling on. I really need to look into moving somewhere warm!

  12. Oh wow,your tree looks so gorgeous! That star on the top reminds me of ours,except ours is golden! 😉
    Thanks so much for the workout videos,I did and LOVEDD them! 😀

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