WIAW…Eats of the USA!

Hey all! I hope you are all having a great week.  I think I’m finally back to normal and getting stuck in to thesis again.  Although I secretly want to watch Christmas movies all day long and bake. I’m definitely in Christmas mode already! I love this time of year!


For this WIAW post I wanted to share some of the food that I enjoyed in America.  I was a very bad blogger and didn’t take pictures off everything that I ate, but the things I did take pictures of were pretty darn tasty!


The Ramada hotel that we stayed in had a lovely selection of breakfasts on their menu as well as their buffet breakfast.  On most days I started with a green tea with a slice of lemon followed by the Continental breakfast that consisted of fresh fruit, yoghurt with fruit compote and a range of pastries or muffins. I always chose the poppy seed muffin as they were so delicious.  I really have to recreate these at home!


On our mega road trip up to New York we made various stops at gas stations and rest stops and such a long journey required some super munchies to keep me chirpy and the good old energy level up.  Most gas stations seem to stock Clif bars, Kashi and Zone bars just like chocolate bars so of course I picked some up.  But, what also caught my eye were some Nature Valley granola nut clusters…



These were so morish and very addictive that I couldn’t stop eating them!  Yum!


For the journey I also snacked on a So Delicious yoghurt made from coconut milk that I picked up from Whole Foods.  This was freakin’ amazing! I really wanted to lick the pot clean and probably would have if I was in the car by myself. 😀 I really wish that we had products like this in the UK!


Whilst out and about lots of fruit smoothies were consumed, especially of the mango variety.  I love mango so much!  It was was great that the smoothie places also offered the addition of superfoods too.  American smoothie places are definitely a winner with me!


Whilst out doing our shopping we did make the most of the huge food courts in the shopping malls.  There was always so many different eateries offering a wide variety of food from Chinese, Southern food, sea food and even fish and chips.


On one occasion I chose a really yummy salad that was right up my street.  I was full of leafy greens, veggie chilli, guacamole, melty cheese, olives and various taco chips. This was gorgeous!


We really were spoilt for choice for places to eat in NYC and Florida, but we did find this lovely Chinese buffet restaurant one night that had the best selection of food.  Lots of seafood, stir fried veggies, tofu and kelp noodles for me…fab!

On our last morning in Orlando my cousin and his girlfriend took me and my dad for breakfast at a new breakfast restaurant called Keke’s. I loved the fact that this restaurant only served breakfast ad lunch. It closed at 2pm in the afternoon. And you all know how breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!


We had to wait for nearly 30 minutes for a table but it was so worth it.  My cousin had raved about how great the pancakes were at this place so that was the obvious choice to go for.  But first we had a mug of hot chocolate whilst we pondered over the menu…

IMG_0838 And then came the pancake…


…or should that be frisbee?  This thing was honestly bigger than my head!  I was so huge and fluffy.  I ordered the pecan and banana pancake as a combo option that came with eggs and home fries.  Without the combo I vaguely recall that you can actually have an unlimited supply of pancakes! 

All of the food was lovely and I enjoyed every mouthful, but I could only finish half and so in to a doggy bag it went.  This seemed to be a normal and expected in the restaurant as the waitresses actually some round to see if you are ready for a box yet.

I really enjoyed trying out all of the American style foods, especially all of the “health” foods and specialist goods that we cannot get in the UK.  Although I do regret not buying a bottle of kombucha as I have heard so many great things about it in blog land.  But, I will be definitely making a trip to America in the very near future so I will save that for next time! 😀

Happy WIAW!

Have you ever seen pancakes that big before?

What are the nicest foods that you have ever eaten on holiday?

Do you regret not trying some of the speciality foods whilst in a different country?



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35 responses to “WIAW…Eats of the USA!

  1. That pancake sounds amazing! I loved the so delicious coconut yoghurt too, I really wish we had products like that and silk almond milk and kombucha here in the UK more readily available. I loved the food in Italy most from all the places I’ve visited, so amazing!

  2. I always make sure to try the local specialty foods while traveling, it’s so much fun! And I LOVE those Jamba Juice smoothies, the only problem is they don’t have any locations in my state. 😦

  3. Those multicolour tortilla chips look amazing! I like to imagine the red ones are super hot chilli flavoured, mmmm.

  4. Oh my GOSH that pancake looks pretty special! I remember when I went to CA the food choices in the Malls were so overwhelming- waaaay too many different cuisines to choose from!

  5. HMMM that pancake looks so yummy, but sadly I have seen bigger pancakes – in the land of America the bigger the better is our motto hahahah.
    Whenever I travel I always make an effort to try all the delicious food – I mean you only live once right?
    When I was in France I ate baguettes, cafe au lait, and macarons all day long – ahahah great tasting but bad for the waistline!
    In Italy, I ate gelato once every day (I was there for about a week) and I tried a different flavor every time and I loved every bite of it! 🙂

  6. Great choices 🙂 I love So Delicious yogurt, i’m definitely going to miss it when I go to Europe next term. And that pancake is huge! I never order pancakes at restaurants, but that one is ridiculous.

  7. I’ve never had an American style pancake, let alone one that size. Although it looks like a perfect Jess-sized portion to me 😉

    I’ve never really been abroad (France for a week on a school trip doesn’t count – I was sick as a dog and barely ate anything!) but seeing all of the wonderful US goodies makes me wish that I had – I really think we’re so backward and short-changed in this country when it comes to health foods, outside of London anyway. I wish the US didn’t have such strict VISA regulations, otherwise I’d try to move there in a heartbeat.

    Loved this post!


  8. That pancake is enormous! Crazy! I like pancakes but often american ones can be too eggy for my liking. I love trying new foods- that taco/ chilli salad you had looks delish. I think Italy has to be the best as I love pizza and pasta and fresh salads and of course the ice cream! 🙂

  9. wow that pancake looks huge! I have never had a pancake that big. Is that the verrazano narrows bridge in the picture you took?

  10. That salad looks amazing – my mouth is watering just looking at it! I have never ever seen a pancake that huge – it looks yummy though 🙂

  11. Errign

    I love seeing food from the US through the eyes of someone who is unaccustomed to it. I tend to forget just how large our selections and stuff are!

  12. Oh my gosh that’s like the worlds biggest pancake! Crazy!!!!

  13. The pancake breakfast looks amazing!

  14. that pancake looks soo yummy!!

  15. I LOVE the So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurts…as a vegan, I’m always so happy that they started making more products with coconut milk so I too can enjoy things like…yogurt! 😉

  16. Wow that pancake looks fabulous- love the thickness and the sound of the combo banana & pecan! I always get overwhelmed when I’m in the States: the options are unlimited and the portions are nuts…I almost always end up leaving food on my plate!

  17. Those pancakes look amazing! Can’t believe how huge they are, wow! The salad with the multi-coloured tortilla chips looks so good too. I love getting the chance to try different foods when I’m abroad, it always adds to the holiday memories. x

  18. Food in Disney World is such fun! 🙂

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