Getting support and Zalando review

At the beginning of the month I was happy to announce that Zalando were one of my blog sponsors for December.  I was also delighted when they offered me some products to review for the blog.

Since the weather has been getting colder and colder recently I thought it was about time that I purchased some running gloves.  My hands have been freezing lately after coming back from some of my runs.

Nike thermal running gloves, £18.00

After reading Laura’s amazing review on the Nike thermal running gloves I knew that I had to get a pair.  I’ve already used them and love them already.  They definitely keep my hands all toasty warm and I think that they have a discreet pocket on them for your door key is great!  I’m really happy with these so far.

Time after time I always buy the much cheaper sports bras rather than the higher priced one’s.  However, over the past few weeks I’ve realised that my cheaper bras really aren’t doing anything for me and have come back form some runs with painful sores caused by my choice of sports bra.  The price of the well known branded sports bras have always put me off.   I was always under the impression that you were just paying for the name, so with that said I thought that I would take this opportunity to get a decent sports bra.

Nike graphic PRO sports bra, £22

I’m a big fan of Nike and love their dri-fit range so thought that this particular bra would be ideal.  Also, it appealed to me as it was still more expensive that the bras that I usually buy, but wasn’t extortionate.  The funky print was also a hit with me too!

During today’s gym session which involved 20 minutes of HITTs on the treadmill I tested out my new sports bra.  As soon as I put it on I could feel the difference to my regular choice of bra.  The fabric and the fit are definitely far more superior.  It was almost felt like I was only wearing my work out vest as it was that comfortable.

Sometimes with the cheaper sports bras the band at the front can ride up slightly and I always have to tug it back down.  I’m a 32C and the bra that I ordered is a small and it fits perfectly and keeps everything in place.  There was also none of that bouncing movement of my chest that sometimes I can get with the cheaper brands.

Overall I am very impressed particularly with the sports bra.  I’m definitely converted to investing more money in my sports bras as I can see that it is so worth it!  I think I will be sticking to the Nike dri-fit bras as they seem to work and fit great without being too pricey.

Additionally, I was also happy with the service that I received from Zalando.  It was really surprised to see such a vast selection of sports products on their site and their women’s clothing section is also worth a browse.  They are very efficient where shipping their products are concerned and offer free shipping and returns. Bonus!

Have you ordered from Zalando before?

What kind of sports bra do you go for?  Do you go for the cheaper or more expensive brands?



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10 responses to “Getting support and Zalando review

  1. Firstly, I wish I was a 32C…I’m a 34A. Bleh. I’m all back-fat and no boobs!

    Anyway, I tried a really expensive Odlo bra and wasn’t impressed at all – the fabric was really rough. I just use cheap M&S Sports Bras now, which seem much better. Your Nike version is obviously far nicer aesthetically though, and I can’t imagine that it isn’t a quality product. I probably just had a bad experience with the Odlo one.

    I haven’t ordered from Zalando but I did find a pair of those gloves elsewhere for my Mum. I’d be more than happy to order from them if they’d care to give me a free voucher though 😉 (ooh, I just saw a pig fly by my window…)


  2. I’m ashamed to say that I have cheaper sports bras at the moment and they are a bit old – I think I need to invest in some new ones soon!

  3. This has just made me realise how cheap and old my one sports bra is… sorry, TMI, but that’s one for my Christmas list!

  4. My sports bras are always really cheap. I actually just started buying moisture-wicking ones because my lousy cotton ones were making me chafe!

  5. I have always had the shock absorber ones. I did try M&S ones but they were rubbish so they went out the window. I like the Run bra as it does feel secure, but because it has 2 straps at the back it can be a little tricky to get on/off. Those gloves are on my Christmas list! 🙂

  6. I’m a massive Nike running gear fan and I love their dri-fit bras but I just have boring white ones. I LOVE the one you picked. So much so I think I shall have to give the other half some hints to get me one for Christmas!

  7. Glad you liked those gloves! I have a mix of shock absorber and sweaty betty sports bras. I like the former for lower impact workouts like body pump and the shock absorber ones for running, mind you I’m glad you posted this as I am in desperate need of a new running bra as the straps keep popping off!

  8. Errign

    I definitely spend a bit more on sports bras, but not crazy amounts – something between 15 (if I get them at TJ Maxx or something) – 30$ a piece generally. Glad you liked the Nike one – I’ll have to check those out!

  9. I’ve never ordered from Zalando before, but I think I will soon! 🙂

  10. I have had a little hiatus from working out :/ buuuut when I do workout or run major support is important so if I buy expensive I will but I am all about a bargain!

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