Tis’ the season

Hello Everyone!  I hope you have all had a fantastic week! 

I decided to start my weekend a little earlier this week since the boyfriend had a day off work today we decided to take a trip into Birmingham to look around the German Christmas market and do a bit of shopping too.  The market was so festive and has got me more in the mood for Christmas.  I can’t believe that there is only 9 days to go! Wohooooo!

Now because I’m in a “deck the halls with bells

and holly” kind of mood I thought that I would share some of my seasonal inspirations and what I love about Christmas.

For me the best thing about Christmas is spending time with my loved ones and enjoying everyone’s company.  it is the only time of year that we really get together under one roof.  It really is a special time and I always cherish every moment with them.



There is so much gorgeous and sumptuous food around at this time of year.  I’m all about seasonal produce, roasted veggies, gingerbread, dark chocolate, mince pie filling oats and spiced hot chocolates at this time of year.  In previous years I have felt guilty by indulging  the more richer foods, but you know what this year I’m just going to go with it.  I think this year more than most my attitude and relationship with food has come on tremendously.  Christmas only comes round once every year- come January I know that I will back to my normal eating habits again.


This time of year is also great because I love buying presents for people and wrapping them up.  It’s so nice to feel like I am giving something back to my family and loved ones for all of the support and love they show me.  For sure I know that are many other acts that can show this, but in line with the current festivities I think giving back in gift form is harmless at Christmas. 

All the effort that is put in to decorating the Christmas tree and town’s across the country is amazing.  I remember that my mum would take us to go and see the Christmas lights being switched on when my brother and I was younger.  It was always so nice to see the town illuminated in pretty bright lights.


And of course this time of year wouldn’t be the same without a load of Christmas movies to keep us all entertained.  I think my personal favourites have to be Elf, Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Carol.  What are your favourite Christmas movies?

What do you love most about Christmas?

Are you all prepared for the big day?  We going to have a scout around the supermarkets this weekend to get some of our Christmas food in and I’m going to make plans for the main meal.  I can’t wait! 😀


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32 responses to “Tis’ the season

  1. You are so right about enjoying holiday food – it is only once a year and it’s worth every delicious bite…especially when it’s food that is tradition in your family!

    I just saw ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and was reminded that I believe it’s my favorite holiday movie!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. your brussel sprouts never fail to make me drool! 🙂
    my fav christmas movie is elf!

  3. It isn’t Christmas if I don’t see the old cartoon version of the Grinch, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and Love Actually!

  4. Is that your living room? It’s gorgeous! I’ve just got my tree up (but not decorated) the lights in my front window, which I love, and just about all my shopping done… I just love the whole atmosphere of it really – and Love Actually’s definitely my favourite Christmas film 🙂

  5. Errign

    I have to work on Christmas and all of the days surrounding it, so I haven’t really done anything to prepare for it yet! Favorite movie is definitely The Holiday!

  6. Oooh fab festive pics! I have watched Elf twice so far this month! I also like Home Alone 1 & 2! 1 week & 1 day to go woohoooo 🙂 xxx

  7. The Snowman is always my favourite Christmas film ever! So cosy 🙂 Also Home Alone 🙂
    I am not really ready as I was not expecting to be here- things like presents were all wrapped and ready, and I think I have decided what to eat for lunch on Christmas day.

  8. I love the ELF movie! so great! xmas is such a nice time but i am not prepared for the big day. I have been avoiding shopping malls and streets and tried to enjoy december in cold austria.

  9. OOh all these pics make me in such a good mood!! I’m so sad I have an exam the 23th because I love the running up until christmas

  10. The thing I love most about Christmas is family. Unfortunately, I’m not with *my* family this year but Mike’s. It not bad, I do love being here..mostly because of Mike, but I do miss my family.

  11. Roasted Brussels sprouts are a favorite! And everyone needs to indulge in those gingerbread cookies.

  12. Yey for Christmas! My fave thing is family and friends, that’s what always made me excited when I was little after presents of course! I used to really look forward to seeing all my cousins it was great 🙂

  13. Love the photos, nope not ready at all!

  14. That last picture is gorgeous! I really like the cartoon movie, The Grinch.

  15. Yeah, I agree- the holidays are once a year and although it’s easy to feel guilty about indulging, I try to assure myself that I can eat healthy next year- that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for 🙂

  16. beautyinthebalance

    I LOVELOVELOVE giving gifts at Christmas! I know some people think it’s such a chore to spend so much time and money picking out presents for family and friends but I really love it!

    I also agree with Kate’s comment above- indulging at Christmas can always be rectified in January! 🙂

  17. I dont think I have a favorite Christmas movie..there are so many that I like! 🙂

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