Chocolate that is good for you?

A few months have passed now since I received a lovely selection of chocolate to review from Conscious.


I received a bar of the Mint Hint, Goji and Coconut and Essential Orange.  I do love experimenting with raw foods so I was excited to see how this particular brand of raw chocolate compared to other brands that I have tried in the past.

A lot of you may be asking- what is raw chocolate?

It is basically chocolate that is made from organic cacao beans that have been fermented at low temperatures.  The cacao beans used in raw chocolate are never roasted so they are always in their most natural form.  This means that raw chocolate is always bursting with the amazing health benefits of raw cacao such as antioxidants, vitamins and magnesium.  So nit only do you get the true taste of the cacao bean but also all of the nutritional advantages too!

Conscious raw chocolate is handmade, free from pesticides, soya and gluten.  It is also sweetened with agave nectar, which means that it is also free from refined sugar too. The fact that it is sweetened with agave gives this chocolate a low glycaemic index number and it is also great for diabetics.


I absolutely loved these chocolates.  With a lot of other raw chocolate brands that I have tried they seem to have a gritty and rough texture to them, but not these!  Conscious have achieved raw chocolates with a soft and melty truffle like texture, which is really lovely.  I’m a big fan of anything that is chocolate orange flavoured so the Essentially orange was my favourite out of the little selection I received, but there are so many other flavours in the range to choose from that there is something for everybody. 

The only downside to these chocolates I would say is that they are a little pricey and that they are not as readily available like some other raw chocolate brands.  You can pick up Conscious raw chocolate bars for around £3.00 from their website and on Goodness Direct.  

Are you interested in raw foods at all?

Have you tried raw chocolate before?  What did you think?



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16 responses to “Chocolate that is good for you?

  1. I’ve heard about that chocolate and it looks great!

  2. I love raw chocolate much more than the normal sugar filled chocolate, I find some taste better than others but all in a thumbs up from me : )

  3. I’ve still not tried it, i wish somewhere in Chester would sell it so I could!

  4. Ooooh I adore Conscious chocolate.

  5. I just tried raw chocolate at wholefoods yesterday. It was really smooth and I almost bought it…but I couldn’t handle the $7.00 price tag. Eeek! 🙂

  6. I’ve wanted to try these for ages but they are a little pricey! I’m definitely going to treat myself to the orange one when I’m next in Wholefoods. x

  7. Conscious raw chocolate is my favourite and I always buy a bar whenever I see it. There are some really interesting flavours too – I love the rose one.

  8. The price is the thing; I just can’t bring myself to spend it! I have tried the lucuma one and wasn’t that impressed too so I’m not inclined to try the others… having said that, goji and coconut sounds brilliant, maybe I could be persuaded… 🙂

  9. I’ve tried raw chocolate before and thought it was great, I can’t handle the pricetag though it is worth it.

  10. Errign

    I’m not really interested in raw foods, I think only because I’ve never tried anything. Where I live in the US is not exactly a hotbed of varied cuisines and I think I’d like to have something made for me for my first foray into it..

  11. They look delicious! I’ve tried raw chocolate once before, I bought a bar at the Manchester meet up. It was inoffensive, but they’d tried to make it taste milky, which really let it down. This looks far nicer!

  12. Conscious chocolate is the best raw chocolate I think, I do like the stuff from Rawr too, but I think Conscious has the best texture- I love melty chocolate. I did find the mint flavour too minty though. 🙂

  13. I have a couple of bars of this stashed away that I haven’t got round to trying yet. Perhaps now would be a good time to dig them out!

  14. I picked up a conscious bar the last time I was in Bahrain and I absolutely LOVED it! It was shockingly expensive though and I later found myself in disbelief that I’d splurged that much on a chocolate bar.

  15. I love love love Conscious chocolate! I’ve tried a couple of other brands of raw chocolate before, but Conscious is by far my favourite. Just a shame I can only get it by ordering online – no shops near me sell it 😦

  16. I tried raw chocolate for the first time earlier this year & I’ve been hooked ever since 🙂 I love making my own raw chocs. yesterday I made Santa and bauble shaped ones to hang on the tree. I’ve never tried a conscious bar but they sound lush!

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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