Just for you…an iHerb shopping spree!

Since coming back from America and with all of this Christmas shopping that I have been doing I’m in a bit of a shopping frenzy at the moment, especially where tasty delicious Christmas food is concerned.  iherb

Luckily as my blog sponsors for December the lovely people over a iHerb have sent me some amazing products to review, which I will be sharing with you later.  As it’s the season of good will iHerb have offered $25 dollars to TWO lucky winners in a giveaway to spend as they please on their website.

A shopping spree on iHerb…Christmas has come early!

To win the opportunity to wild in the aisles on iHerb.com then please…

  • leave a comment on this post stating what is is that you love about iHerb.com
  • follow and tweet about this giveaway ensuring that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet!
  • like Celery and Cupcakes on Facebook
  • link back to this giveaway in a blog post

Each action counts as one entry so please make sure that you remember to leave a separate comment for each giveaway entry.  This is because I only count the number of comments made on the giveaway as an equivalent to the number of entries- I would hate to miss any!

The giveaway is open to everyone and ends on Tuesday 27th December ant 12 pm GMT with the winner to be announced the following day.

*NOTE: entrants residing outside of the US will be responsible for any additional customs taxes and/or duties.

Good luck!



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91 responses to “Just for you…an iHerb shopping spree!

  1. Jenny Bridger

    I herb has such a range of things you can’t normally buy in the UK – there’s just too many categories to chose from. I don’t think i’ve managed to look through them all yet!

  2. Jenny Bridger

    I already like you on facebook – thats how i keep up with your posts mainly!

  3. i love everything about iherb! it was the only place i could find peanut flour and i get my Cacao Bliss Chocolate Coconut Butter from there. It is just so simple and has EVERYTHING. A lot of my stores don’t carry certain organic brands, or certain flavors and I can always find them on iherb! What a great giveaway!!

    (ps I’m so glad you had such a good time in NY!!)

  4. already like you on facebook.
    duh ❤

  5. beautyinthebalance

    I like iHerb because suddenly you have access to food products that aren’t sold in the UK! It’s a God-send!

  6. beautyinthebalance

    I already like you on Facebook!

  7. I like that Iherb has lots of awesome natural/organic food at good prices!

  8. I tweeted! I am @butterjesslfy

  9. beautyinthebalance

    Aaaaaaaaaaand I tweeted 🙂

  10. Jenny Bridger

    already following & tweeted. xx

  11. I love that iHerb has a fantastic selection of healthy products, for so much less than you can get in stores!

  12. I love i-herb- I love the range of products that you can’t get over here (clif bars and tea mainly!) and also the fact that the add in freebies! 🙂

  13. Naomi T

    I like that they have a large variety of products and they section them precisely so that everything is easy to find. Btw I also liked your FB.

  14. Mary

    I love the that there are so many amazing products with a great price 🙂

  15. Iris Lee

    I love everything about iHerb!! 🙂

  16. What an awesome giveaway! I think the thing I love most about iHerb is being able to access so many wonderful products!

  17. Amazing giveaway! I’ve never used iHerb, but I have had a good nose around the website several times and I’m sure that $25 would go to very good use!

  18. I love their huge assortment and that I can get American products without paying a ridiculous amount of money even though I live in Germany!

  19. Bronagh

    What a great pre-Xmas treat this would be!

    The thing I like most about iHerb is the variety of products that they stock and the fact that they ship to the UK! Admittedly I haven’t had the chance to place an order myself yet, but I’ve seen lots of UK bloggers post about their iHerb hauls and I think it’s great that we here in the UK have the opportunity to try the yummy flavoured nut butters, for example, that you can only normally get in the US.

  20. Follow you on twitter & tweeted about the giveaway!

  21. Bronagh

    I already follow you on Facebook 🙂

  22. Awesome giveaway!! I love the variety of products on offer at iherb..especially their nut butters! x

  23. I love the variety of products on iHerb 🙂 There are some bits and bobs I am dying to try!

  24. Liz S

    I love that there are sooo many options and the prices are cheap!

  25. Ali

    I love how many choices they have on their site- also when I have ordered from there before, I got my packages VERY quickly!

  26. Oh wow! Great giveaway! I love iHerb because I can buy peanut flour, Justin’s nut butter and PB&Co nut butters, mmm! I’d love the chance to try some other products too! 🙂

  27. I’ll just tweeted too. I’ll let you know when I remember to link to this in a blog post! 🙂

  28. Rebecca

    I liked your page on facebook!

  29. Rebecca

    I love their gluten free products!

  30. Rebecca

    I just tweeted about this giveaway! @rebeccaablock

  31. sarah

    I LOVE that iHerb allows me to get my mitts on some delicious products( hello peanut flour, Pb&Co,puffins and snackimals!), that can’t get where I live.
    I seriously would adore this shopping spree:)

  32. I already like your FB page 🙂

  33. I haven’t used iHerb before but I suspect the primary element I would love would be the ability to order copious amounts of Sunbutter 😉


  34. Just Tweeted the giveaway as well!

  35. i love that on iHerb i can order a lot of my staple foods in one place and have it delivered to my door really quickly! 🙂

  36. I like that fact you can get stuff from America sent here!!!! I get jealous of the American products so its great to have somewhere to order them from : )

  37. Eleanor

    iHerb has everything Australia doesn’t have! That’s why I love it so much!

  38. jana

    Wow. What a giveaway! What I like about iHerb is that they have stuff you can not get in the UK!

  39. JR

    I love iherb’s free shipping on orders over $20 and their free samples

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  41. Ooooh so exciting! I love how iHerb offers practically EVERYTHING for a health nut like me, especially since I can’t find so many of the things in Singapore.

  42. I love that they have so much to choose from without extreme prices. It’s so convenient havingit all in one place!

  43. Ashley

    iHerb has awesome customer service, which makes me want to be a repeat customer! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  44. Ashley

    I like you on FB

  45. What I love about iHerb is the ability to order the foods I love without leaving the house. With the click of the button I am able to get healthy food delivered right to my door. Also the prices are great. Lots of the time I find things cheaper then my local health food store.

  46. I liked your Facebook page 🙂

  47. I also followed and Tweeted 🙂

  48. I like you on facebook too 🙂

  49. kirsty

    i love buying yogi teas, vanilla stevia, hemp protein and other yummy health foods i see on blogs that i can’t get here in australia. and the prices are pretty good too!

  50. Caitlin

    I love iHerb, it carries so much items that are just bit available here in the Netherlands! Plus, the prices aren’t nearly as high compared to other health stores. Alsbo the fact that you can search an item by weight, so you can fill up your order, without suddenly having to pay extra shipping costs!

  51. Caitlin

    Sorry, meant to say NOT* available! ^.^

  52. The amount of times I’ve filled a basket on iHerb and then never followed through…I just love the massive selection of things we can’t get over here!

  53. I love the fact, that they have such a huge variety of products at iherb.com 🙂

  54. Great giveaway! 🙂
    What I love about iHerb is that they have a HUGE selection of so many great things and that they ship internationaly!

  55. I love how there are SO many healthy products to choose from!

  56. I already follow you and tweeted! – @Christianqt07

  57. I’ve been wanting to order stuff from iherb for awhile, but have been restraining myself in order to save money! I think if I won I’d get hooked!

  58. Holly

    I love the huge variety of things that can be so hard to find in stores!
    Great giveaway, love your blog!

  59. Tt in nyc

    I love that iherb is one stop healthy shopping!! I lovelovelove them!!


  60. i love their variety of products~!<3

  61. Jordan

    I love how many hard-to-find products can be easily found on iHerb. Rhode Island just doesn’t offer so much of the stuff I want to try lol

  62. I have never made an order from iHerb before, something else always crops up & before long I haven’t even got the money spare for the postage, let alone my order. But it saves my basket for weeks & weeks at a time, so I can always relive my obsessions. In my dream basket right now is lots of peanut butter (Justins and PB&Co), boxes of Clif Bars, Peanut Butter Puffins, some Spiru-tein, peanut flour… notice a peanutty theme going on here?

  63. Mushroomz

    I love the fact that they ship all over the world!

  64. Mushroomz

    And I liked you on FB 😉

  65. I’ve never used iHerb but looks like that I have a great selection and I would love to try it!

  66. I love that they have peanut flour!!

  67. Deanna G.

    I love their amazing selection of products! 🙂

  68. Deanna G.

    I follow you on Twitter as @calidreamin87 & I tweeted the giveaway:


  69. Deanna G.

    I like Celery and Cupcakes on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

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