Things I’m loving Thursday!

One of the major things that I’m loving right now is the fact there is only 3 days left till Christmas…wohooo! 

Not only am I loving that but I also love love lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrve Christmas baking!  I’ve just made a huge batch of my Guilt-Free Ginger Bread Cookies and now my house smells of eu de Gingerbread…yum!


And talking of gingerbread I’m also loving this Gingerbread Spiced tea that I picked up in the States- super festive and tastes amazing!  I cannot get enough of those gingerbread spices at Christmas time.


Now these innocent looking things look innocent, but don’t be fooled like I was…


…dark chocolate edamame beans are totally addictive and should come with a warning label.  However, having said that they do taste pretty amazing!

My veg box arrived this morning and it is full of seasonal vegetables to use over the Christmas period.


Sweet and Salty Sprouts here we come!

I decided to raid my stash of snack bars the other day and found this coconut cream pie Larabar…


I was in heaven!   It was just like a Bounty chocolate bar and they didn’t skimp on the coconut either-it was bursting with it!


And of course mince pie filling oats during the festive season always hit the spot!

Will all this talk of food this is going to look slightly random in this post, but I’m also loving my Uggs! 


Wearing these is like wearing my slippers all day and they keep my feet super warm.  I wore them to work last weekend and was so comfy and cosy! 😀

What things are you loving at the moment?

Do you enjoy baking at Christmas or do you think that it’s just a hassle?



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24 responses to “Things I’m loving Thursday!

  1. Ok I am totally making those cookies!! I have been on a baking craze lately! (no really check out my wiaw post!)

    I also love those boots!!

  2. Hmmm I think baking ANYTIME is aweeeesome!!! 😀 Your gingerbreads look truly delicious. And although we have pretty good weather in Cali, that snow picture makes me want snow! I’ve only been in it a few times before.

  3. I loooove Christmas baking! I really want to try that gingerbread tea. I tried a pumpkin flavor recently and hated it, so now I’m hesitant to try any new ones!

  4. Mmm, those gingerbread cookies look fab, so cute! 🙂

    I love Christmas baking – I’m planning to spend the whole day in the kitchen tomorrow baking lots of treats to give as gifts…I’ve been looking forward to it for ages…and the odd taste test as I’m making things of course! 😉

  5. Jenny Bridger

    i tried the mincemeat oats for pudding tonight – Yum! fruity & warmly spiced hit all in one easy addition!

  6. I love baking at Christmas! It’s my favorite way to gift. 🙂

  7. There’s nothing like the smell of cooking gingerbread – and I bet that tea’s amazing!
    I love your Uggs too, anything fur-lined like that would = happiness to me… not loving sprouts though, however hard I try!

  8. You know my answer will be I LOVE the baking at this time of year! And with you with the gingerbread tea- an amazing festive treat 🙂
    I finally tracked down some meridian mince pie filling today so I might be loving mince pie porridge tomorrow 🙂 Or have it on some pancakes if I don’t fancy porridge 🙂

  9. I’ve been eying those chocolate-covered edamame and haven’t bit the bullet, I may have to get them now!

  10. DARK CHOCOLATE EDAMAME. Oh my gosh. That is genius…

    I can’t wait for Christmas! I’ve been looooving cocoa powder lately. I can’t believe I only /just/ stocked up.

  11. Your cookies look so cute (and yummy)! I love Christmas baking,it’s amazing when the whole house smells of freshly baked goods…
    This gingerbread tea also sounds awesome,too bad they don’t sell it in Germany!

  12. I love baking and cooking at Christmas, I always used to do it with my Mam so its just part of Christmas for me!

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