A very merry Christmas

With all that build up to Christmas and all of the rushing around the day just comes and goes so quickly.  But, I personally think it’s all worth it as in my house a great day was had by all.

Even though this year I had to work on Christmas Eve it didn’t really feel like work as everyone was in really high spirits and excited for Christmas. There was actually a great atmosphere in the air. The drinks and nibbles in the stock room were also a hit with the rest of the staff too.

After finishing work on Christmas Eve I had to wait for my brother to finish work before taking him back home for Christmas.  Whilst I waited he cooked a lovely dish of whole wheat soba noodles and veggies, which I inhaled after all of the rushing around at work.


As soon as I finished my meal my brother finished pretty much straight after and it was time to start our family Christmas. 😀

For my Christmas day breakfast I had half a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon with a side of grapes, persimmon and blueberries.


Luckily I had already prepared all of the vegetables the day before so on Christmas morning my brother, Alfie and I all sat around watching The Muppet Christmas Carol awaiting the arrival of the rest of our family.  Although a text from my Mum saying that she was on her way with my Nan, aunt and her partner soon made us rush to get ready and get the meat prepared.

It really was quite the feast with garlic and rosemary roasted lamb, spice roasted pork and glazed gammon with cloves, pigs in blankets and stuffing for the meat eaters.  There were also a lot of veggies including my Sweet and Salty Sprouts, carrots with nuts and maple and thyme roasted parsnips and roast potatoes, plantain, chutney and gravy.


My Christmas lunch consisted of a huge pile of veggies, plantain, chutney, gravy and my Festive Veggie Loaf which tasted even better than the first time that I tried it…yum! 

For dessert some of us had the classic boozy Christmas pudding whereas others feasted on a lovely cake filled with cream, cranberries raspberries and coated in white chocolate shavings (pictured).  With all of the food and dessert, champagne, beer and wine being consumed everyone was just too full for the planned cheese board. 😀

After all of the food it was time to open our presents.  My brother was itching with anticipation and couldn’t wait any longer. I can only say that i was completely spoilt this year, as you will see…


A gorgeous Mulberry satchel bag


Cath Kidston tea pot and matching cup and saucers


Viva Vegan and Appetite for Reduction, Thornton’s dark chocolate


Zara plaid blazer


Liz Earle and L’occitane en Provence toiletries


bracelets from Lola Rose, fresh water pearls and necklaces from Swarovski


Ralph Lauren cable knit jumper


Ralph Lauren pj bottoms


Owl fair isle slippers

I really love all of my gifts and cannot believe my families generosity.  I felt so spoilt that when we went around the Boxing Day sales I gave my cards to Alfie so that I wouldn’t spend anything.  It worked though as all I bought was a Build the Bear in a Manchester United football outfit for our 12 day old nephew…he’s so small and cute!

It really was a great day and everyone had so much fun.  It was really nice to spend time with my family.  I rounded off Christmas day with a huge mug of hot chocolate made with vanilla soya milk, amaretto, whipped cream and chocolate covered sunflower seeds…yum!


I’ve been having a lot of these and other indulgent foods over the past week.  Although I don’t feel guilty at all for indulging but I am hating the bloated and sluggish feeling it has been leaving me with.  I have still been eating dark chocolate in large quantities in the latter part of the week but just being more cautious.  I know I have ate too badly but I just hate that icky feeling that all this food has left me with.  I’ve been eating a lot of green smoothies and yummy snack plates to help me out too.


 Honey roasted and salted peanuts, chopped pink lady apple, a clementine, dates, rice crackers, sabra hummus and Italian anti-pasti


Cos lettuce, spinach, a banana, a small apple, gums and vanilla stevia topped with sun buttter, chocolate sunflower seeds and sweet mince meat.

I finally got back to the gym yesterday and today and really enjoyed getting my sweat on again after the break.  I was starting to go insane! 😀

With a new nephew and finally finding the time to get stuck into our wedding planning this Christmas has been very special indeed.  What made this Christmas special for you?  What did you get up to on Christmas day?  Did everything go to plan with your Christmas meal?



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16 responses to “A very merry Christmas

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! I’m feeling just like you, not guilty for enjoy treats, but sick of being so bloated! Hope you have a great NYE!

  2. A very merry xmas indeed – both your ‘indulgent’ AND your ‘healthy’ food looks yummy to me.

    Have a fab NYE and a Happy 2012!


  3. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas 🙂 I have started craving a lot more fruit now which is a sure sign that I had a little too much cake over the last few days! But I don’t worry about that!

  4. I love that blazer! I’m dying for a coat with elbow patches.

  5. It looks like a fantastic Christmas! I’m so jealous of your Mulberry handbag – absolutely gorgeous!

  6. caloricandcrazy

    that blazer is so cute! :]

  7. I am drooling on my keyboard over the mulberry!! it is beautiful…

  8. Hi! I’m finally catching up on your posts and it looks like you had a very merry Christmas! And THAT BAG! I’ve been drooling over the Mulberry Bayswater bag for years now… One day it will be mine! 🙂

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