Kick Starting 2012

Well it’s finally here- a brand new year full of new beginnings and plans!  That I think alone deserves some kind of celebration.

I can remember that every New Years Eve my friends and I would go out partying till the early hours going from bar to bar then head to a club for the count down to the new year.  Now however I prefer a more quieter celebration, including a few drinks and an evening meal.

This year we headed to a Lebanese restaurant called Aqua where we feasted on some amazing food…


For my starter I choose the mousakka made using aubergines, chickpeas and a lovely tomato sauce.



The main was quite epic and considering my recent indulgences I thought that I might as well go all out with a huge calazone filled with goats cheese, pesto, roasted peppers, tomatoes and olives.  It was totally delicious but seriously big.  I had to give half to Alfie to eat for me as it was too much.

Dessert?  Yes please.


We decided to share a waffle dessert with grilled bananas, ice-cream with chocolate and caramel sauces…yum!

It was such a lovely meal and a great way to see in 2012.  We headed home to continue the rest of our celebrations as some of our neighbours were letting off fireworks, which are always good.

The celebrating with food didn’t stop there as on New Years Day we headed to Alfie’s family home for a big celebration and a huge meal.  Lots of jollof rice, salad and cheesecake were consumed.

Although I felt no guilt what so ever eating all of this yummy and rich food I did start to feel really lethargic and bloated all of the time.  Hence, this morning I kick started my healthier eating habits this morning with a green smoothie.


This one consisted of spinach, cos lettuce, 3 plums, water and almond extract.  It was super green and super good- exactly what I needed!  I also made a lovely broth for lunches this week too.  It’s really satisfying but doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach which I think my body needs right now.  I will be documenting my cleaner and lighter foods on the blog to share with you all this month too.

How did you see in the New Year?  Do you have any traditions that you do every New Years Eve?

Are you eating more healthier foods now after any festive indulgences?



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37 responses to “Kick Starting 2012

  1. Jenny Bridger

    I’m going to try my first green smoothie tomorrow! any advice?

    • I think with your first one it’s best to start off with more fruit than greens and then build up how much greens you put in. I was indifferent to them at first but now I love them. You can be very experimental with them too. 😀

      • Jenny Bridger

        I think i know what my main problem is – laziness. I have been saying i’ll make one for 3 days now. the banana is in the freezer, the spinach is in the fridge but the blender is still in the cupboard.

  2. happy new year!!! we don’t have a specific tradition, but we r usually with family

  3. I was just thinking how good that calazone looked… but that pudding, wow! Looks like a great night. Happy New Year and hope it’s a great one 🙂

  4. Happy New Year! 🙂 That dessert looks pretty awesome! I’ve never had grilled bananas but I bet it tasted great, especially with ice cream!
    I bought some fresh spinach today and was making a green smoothie and then my blender broke halfway though.. 😦 Ugh!

  5. That meal looks yum! I’m definitely back on the healthy wagon and feeling so much better for it already!

  6. Ohh yumm! Everything looks good! 🙂 I needed some serious detoxifying foods after NYE!


  7. That calzone looks yummy 🙂
    We did a big shop today and stocked up on fruits and veggies etc- I need an injection of vitamins!

  8. Happy new year! I was just going to say what Maria has said, I need an IV of veggies! I don’t feel too bad physically, but mentally I really just want to get back in to routine and eat some home cooked meals.

  9. Happy new year! That food all looks delicious! I definitely went a little too far with my holiday food indulgences and am in serious need of some healthy eats.

  10. Bring on the healthiness! I had a fab time at my sisters : )

  11. That calzone looks so good! I’m looking forward to getting back into my workout routine after Christmas. I treated myself to a few too many chocolates on new year’s eve and I’m sure they made me feel worse the next day then the alcohol did! It’s definitely good to get back to “normal” foods again! x

  12. lapiattini

    Oh my, everything about that meal, right from the calzone to the dessert, looks delightful!
    I’m definitely trying to eat healthier after all the holiday foods!

  13. Oh definitely! After all the heavy foods over Christmas, I’m glad to be getting back to lighter, fresher, healthier things! I’ve dusted off my Weightwatchers inserts (free from the Mail, last year! I do love a freebie) & I’m getting back to nomming on fruit & veg throughout the day too. Relief! Glad you had some nice New Year’s celebrations.

  14. Yum, I love lebanese food! I could eat it all the time. That calzone looks delicious 🙂

  15. I’ve been drinking green smoothies the past few days too. I felt pretty disgusting because I ate so much junk over the past week, but I feel almost back to normal now!

  16. Happy new year! What epic foods!

    Whilst my family and friends all embark on new year diets, I shall be making it my mission to cook up some hearty and healthy soups etc to make up for all the junk I consumed over Christmas, and to help them out along the way!

  17. I don’t really have any NYE traditions – this year I was in bed before midnight! Your meal sounds brilliant – I might do something like that next year.
    I’ve been eating healthier for two days now and I feel better already – my stomach was so gurgly before!

  18. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! That Calzone looks epic!

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