A quick review: Booja Booja Stem Ginger Truffles

As part of all of my festive eating lots of chocolate was involved and so obviously my favourite non-dairy Booja-Booja chocolates was a key component.  I have reviewed quite a few Booja-Booja products in the past all of which you can catch up on my review page.  There are just so many different varieties of chocolates in the range that I haven’t managed to try them all…yet!  Forgive me, but I was very happy and excited when I was asked to review their stem ginger truffles.


These were just heavenly, as expected!  It seems that the light and fluffy centre is a signature trait of Booja-Booja’s truffles as these like the others didn’t disappoint on that front.  There was also the signature dusting of cocoa around the truffles, which gives a lovely bitter hit before you get to the flavoured centre.

I haven’t been paid to say this at all, but for me Booja-Booja are a superior kind of chocolate brand.  The fact that they are free from dairy, gluten and vegan and additionally that some of the varieties are raw and soya free is an added bonus.  As a specialist chocolate brand which successfully caters for different dietry needs it really presents a chocolate alternative for everyone.  I’m not a vegan at all and cannot taste the fact that there is no dairy in these truffles.

Overall I really found the stem ginger truffles to be really delicious.  They were in keeping with the festive season too, which I also loved!  You can pick up a box of Booja-Booja truffles from Goodness Direct and from £7.00.  I’ve also seen some of the truffles in selected health food stores.

There are so many different varieties that I’m not sure which ones to try next!


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Have you tried Booja-Booja truffles before?  What flavour would you be tempted to try?

What has your experience been like with specialist chocolates in the past?



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5 responses to “A quick review: Booja Booja Stem Ginger Truffles

  1. ive never tried that brand of chocolate, haven’t really tried many specialist brands as they can be quite pricy. howver have tried the ombar I think their called and they were so nice. I would love to try the banoffe toffe flavour.

  2. I’ve only tried booja-booja chocolate once, but it was fantastic, and I LOVE the chocolate-ginger combo, so this sounds right up my street 🙂

  3. Sweet Potato Sarah

    Oooh i love booja booja, my favourites are the raspberry ones. Although i do have a love-hate relationship with the dusting of cocoa powder on the outside… It’s a little too bitter for me!

  4. I’ve never tried Booja-Booja before. I saw them in my favourite health food shop today, but I still have quite a bit of Christmas chocolate to get through first!
    I love ginger, so I imagine that I would love these!

  5. this looks FANTASTIC!!!!! chocolate is amazing 🙂

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