WIAW…Faking the Potato

Hi folks!  I cannot believe that it is Wednesday already!

Peas and Crayons

But’s since it’s Wednesday that means that it’s time for WIAW again!  A big thank you to Jenn for hosting as always.


Yesterday I woke up bright and early and made another super green smoothie.  I’m really loving my smoothies at the moment especially when they are stripped back and simple.  This one contained avocado, ice cubes, spinach, soya milk, strawberries, ground flax and maca powder.  Like last week the avocado made this really creamy but the ice cubes made it even creamier. 

Mid morning I was feeling hungry so I snacked on an apple and made a huge pot of Yogi cinammon tea.

 For lunch I raided the freezer and found a bag a of my Coconut Spiced Vegetable Soup.  To be honest I wasn’t sure what this was until I defrosted it.  That will teach to always write the names of the things I make and want to store in the freezer on the freezer bag.  This tasted lovely and I definitely have to make another batch soon.  I also ate a slice of toasted rye bread and a persimmon.

I was still full from lunch so I skipped my afternoon snack.  Since I had to spare time to kill before my body pump class I decided to do 15 minutes of speed intervals on the cross trainer before class. 

My instructor decided to break out Body pump 80 which she said was more intense.  I decided to go lighter on my weights as from past experience I knew that this class was going to hurt.  Boy, did it hurt!  I think the  DOMS set in before the cool down section.  I really enjoyed the class though and although parts were challenging I found most of it the same as the previous release.

After freshening up it was time to make dinner.  I already had some of my High Protein Three Bean Chilli made up so I used it as a topping on half a roasted butternut squash with a side salad of mixed leaves, avocado, red peppers and cucumber.   The roasted squash made a great alternative to a baked potato.

I have a strange relationship with potatoes at the beat of times.  I only really like sweet potatoes but don’t really eat them often.  The rosted squash was fabulous and just as filling.  it tasted way better than a baked potato in my opinion.

Later in the evening I snacked on some sliced apples and a persimmon dusted with cinammon and peanut flour sauce.  I also added raw shredded coconut and some dried cranberries.  Sometimes I get major cravings for huge plates of fruit.

Do use products/vegetables to fake other ingredients?

Have you tried Body Pump 80 yet? What did you think?



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46 responses to “WIAW…Faking the Potato

  1. I really want to try the new body pump, but not allowed (boo).
    I don’t like roast, boiled, mashed potatoes. I like a jacket potato now and then, but even chips I will have a few and then realise I only really like the vinegar! I much prefer sweet potatoes.

  2. I love apples and cinnamon – such a simple and satisfying snack! That coconut soup looks delicious – bookmarked to make when I have all the ingredients. I really wish they offered body pump at my uni’s gym, it used to be one of my favourite classes last year.

  3. beautyinthebalance

    I still haven’t gotten round to trying Body Pump yet! I’m definitely going to enrol in the next few weeks- I need to try something new as I get so bored of weights on my own!

    I had to laugh about the mystery bag from the freezer… I do that all the time! I end up defrosting meals thinking it’s one thing and it ends up being something completely different by the time it’s defrosted!

  4. The Teenage Taste

    All of your eats look delicious, Jemma! I love when I find leftovers of something I really, really like in the fridge or freezer! It’s such a nice, unexpected treat! 🙂

  5. Jenny Bridger

    i thought considering its supposed to be their 20 year anniversary release it was a little mediocre, especially the warm up. You’d think they’d start with a bang. I love the squat track but then i love lady gaga & they seemed to have recycled the abs track from the last balance release, although it is a good song to do abs/core to.

    Then only thing i guess i ‘fake’ is chips – i never really eat potatoes either. although sometimes i do get cravings for a plain jacket & a side of salad.

  6. I tried Bodypump but not bodypump80. I think you get out of it what you put in. My first session I went with the lowest weight on advice from the instructor. I should have gone up significantly as after 45 minutes I’d only burnt 175 calories according to my hrm and I hadn’t even touched my water bottle. I never went back again and I should have told her what I could benchpress ;P

  7. I still have not tried body pump.. I do want to though. I just found out my gym is planning to offer it next month so I am psyched about that!
    And cinnamon on apples is basically my favorite thing ever. Well cinnamon on pretty much anything!

  8. Your blog is very inspirational. I’m tempted to join in on the WIAW thing. I’m getting back on track after a very unhealthy Xmas! x

  9. I just used cauli and broc to make something like mashed potato! I’m the same with potatoes as you, I love sweet potatoes but butternut makes an even tastier alternative 🙂

  10. Mmm, that coconut spiced vegetable soup looks delicious! I love soups that are full of chunky veg 🙂

    I hardly ever eat white potatoes either, but I do love sweet potatoes. I love baking sweet potato and/or parsnip “chips” instead of the real thing.

  11. All looks and sounds delicious, Im not a fan of potatoes either..I agree that using butternut squash would be so much nicer!

  12. kabochafashionista

    I’m not a huge fan of potatoes other than a jacket potato really. I’ve occasionally had sweet potato fries in the past but I haven’t had them in ages! I love my squash too much hehe!
    I keep meaning to try BodyPump..I must do it soon!! 🙂

  13. Apples and cinnamon are such a great combo! I love having it as a snack sometimes. 🙂 I havent gotten the chance to try bodypump yet! 😦

  14. beckafly

    Every now and then I’ll get a craving for potatoes and then after about a week, I’m back to not being very crazy about them. I love you dinner especially. Bean chili on butternut squash sounds amazing!

  15. You always have such inspirational eats – so healthy! It seems every time I defrost something, I wish I had written the name and date on it. Yet every time I freeze something, I just throw it in the freezer. Every friggin’ time!

  16. I love the idea of subbing in other things for potatoes – I am definitely trying the mash I saw on Laura’s blog. I’m not keen on butternut squash any more as it’s just a tad too sweet, but white sweet potatoes have a good balance between sweet/savoury. I think they sell them in Sainsburies.

    I wish I could actually listen to when I am hungry and not eat an afternoon snack.


  17. Errign

    I used fake meats sometimes instead of real ones, just to switch things up and I love to sub sweet potatoes for white ones in recipes.

  18. kimberlyaime

    I like to sub in mushrooms for meat. Specifically shitake mushrooms for bacon. Yum!

  19. Oh I have serious belly envy from these photos! YUM

  20. I haven’t tried body pump yet and I’m not sure why my gym has been offering it for a few months. Your smoothie looks delish, I’m going to try adding avocado to mine!

  21. I love your idea of putting the chili on top of squash instead of a potato…it sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it out myself 🙂

  22. I love having squash or sweet potatoes rather than normal ones…I’m not a big fan of normal potatoes, squash tastes so much better!
    My aim for this year is to try Body Pump, I’m a little scared as it sounds super intense but really want to give it a go…x

  23. Your coconut spiced vegetable soup looks delicious!
    My freezer is full of left overs frozen in plastic takeaway containers. None are labelled so I haven’t got a clue what they are! I guess we’ll be having some surprises this month!
    Happy WIAW!

  24. Alexiasana

    i am also not a big potato fan and often fake some other veggie instead. i do like sweet potatoes though, their flavour is much more intense. chili in the sqash looks amazing i wouldnt call it a “fake” recipe for sure

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