Shopping Tactics

When the Boxing Day sales start, or any sale really I always have that urge to shop even when I don’t really need anything.  This year I was quite proud of myself because when we went rummaging through the sales initially this year I gave my bank cards to Alfie to look after.

I found this to be a really good psycholigical tactic as I knew that I had no means to buy anything and wasn’t really interested on looking at any clothes for myself.   It was almost as if my brain had disconnected itself from my bank cards!

Since that very proud moment I have had my bank cards in my possession andit has all gone miserably wrong.  I have accumulated quite a small haul of goods, which I love don’t get me wrong but I don’t really need them.

Confession time:

3/4 length navy puffer jacket reduced to £15 New Look

3/4 length beige tailored coat reduced to £15, New Look

Printed top, reduced to £7, Topshop

Striped black and white jumper dress reduced to £15, Topshop

Black belted shift dress reduced to £25 and navy cable knit jumper reduced to £15, Mango

Proof that my tactic might actually work?

I must give my huge apologies for the shoddy camera work.  I took the images with my camera phone and early morning light mixed with artificial light makes for rubbish conditions to take photographs.

Other than avoiding the shops completely, do you have any tactics to stop you spending too much when o0ut cothes shopping?

Are you prone to buying things that you don’t really need just because it’s on sale?



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20 responses to “Shopping Tactics

  1. Great Blog and loving the pictures especially 3/4 length navy puffer jacket and Black belted shift dress…

  2. I don’t think I would buy something just because it was on sale, but I would be more likely to if it cost less. If I can’t decide then I will go to another shop and come back later- sometimes I have decided that I don’t like it that much, or remember I have something very similar at home!

  3. I’m so bad when it comes to buying things I don’t need. I’m terrible with food though. I went a bit mad at the next sale don’t get me wrong I did get some good bargains but didn’t really need all that I wanted. I now try and ask myself do I really need it? And look and see hwo much is off some shops try to con you with sale stuff and only give you a few quid off. Also if I know I am gonna look around the shops with a friend will allow myself something but one thing I want like a blacl skirt for instance and if their isn’t one I will leave it.

  4. Love the stripy dress, I actually almost bought that too but they were out of my size! I tend to try and avoid the shops when I can which is ok if you don’t work near any decent clothes shops but tougher if you do!

  5. I dont go clothes shopping that often because it always stresses me out for some reason. I hardly find something I REALLY like.. 😦

    But I love everything you got! Especially the black belted shift dress! 🙂

  6. I managed to resist a pair of jeans reduced from £90 to £10 today and was very pleased with myself – they didn’t fit amazingly well but I was so tempted by the reduction! Everything you got looks great; I love the printed top 🙂

  7. I love all those clothes, especially the dress and the coats were such a bargain! I haven’t been sales shopping yet, although I might get a bit of time to go this weekend 🙂

  8. Hey sweetie! The coats were a great bargain….love the printed top! I love a good old bargain hunt!

  9. I pretty much only buy clothes when they’re on sale, so I love getting a good deal. I especially love that long coat- and that’s such a good price! I’m jealous.

  10. I’m SO guilty of buying something just because it’s on sale. Argh! Then I End up with a closet full of things I don’t REALLY love. Not good! I need to get better at only buying what I love!

    Happy Friday, Jemma!

  11. I am usually pretty good at not spending money (sometimes too good, thanks to OCD) but as soon as the sales are on…BAM! I can’t resist a bargain..whether I need it or not!

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