Hello everyone!  How are your weeks coming along? 

So far this week I have worked a shift at my new job and spent all of yesterday contemplating wedding venues again.  Who would have thought that picking a venue could cause such a headache and I mean literally.  When we came home I had to lie down and took a nap.  We finally have a date penciled in so fingers crossed we are ready to rock and roll so watch this space!


I’ve been so busy that this weeks WIAW has kind of hit me in the face by surprise.  This week I think I’m going to share with you Monday’s eats as I was at work all day on a 11-8 shift so I thought it would be nice to show you my eating patterns on such a strange shift.

Since I didn’t have to start work till quite late I decided have a mini lie in and then go and brave the icy cold air and go for a quick run.  This was my first run outdoors in what felt like forever…and it was freezing!  I decided to take it slow and managed 3.6 miles in 32 minutes which I was quite pleased with.  I finished my run off with an abs and core routine.


The perfect way to start my working day.

Starting work at 11 is a weird one as it’s so close to lunch.  I decided to have my breakfast at 10 am to keep me ticking over till quite late in the day so that I could have my lunch at a reasonable time to allow me just to have a small somethin’ somethin’ for dinner when I got home. So I knew that I needed some slow releasing food like oats.  A hearty bowl of Bob’s Red Mills 10 Grains Cereal that I have been sent by iHerb to review did the trick. I made it using water, plain soy yoghurt, a banana, ginger, cinnamon and topped it with honey, almond butter and chocolate covered sunflower seeds…perfect!


Luckily breakfast kept me full until 3.30 pm.  For lunch I had brought in a falafel salad (old pic!) and thought the day I snacked on a huge pile of cherries and dried mango at my desk.  I also ate a persimmon so fast that it gave me serious heart burn…ooops!


I was hoping to have a green smoothie when I got home at 8.30 pm as I was peckish but not ravenous, but Alfie was home and took pleasure in playing house husband and cooked me up a mean omelet-pizza type thing.


I tasted amazing and included broccoli, red pepper and onion with some cheese…it really hit the spot. It meant that my stomach was satisfied but didn’t feel too heavy when I went to bed at 11.30 pm, which is always a worry for me.  I’ve had instances in the past where I have gone to bed with a heavy stomach and still feel full the next morning, which makes me skip breakfast which is never a good thing in my books.

Do you have to work funny shift patterns sometimes? 

How do your eating patterns change when you have to work much later or earlier than normal?

What is the best thing that you have ate for this weeks WIAW?



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31 responses to “WIAW…11-8

  1. aw how nice to have a home cooked meal from your husband to be!! ugh m job seriously messes up my eating habits as I work in a pub and they don”t even give a break for a 6 hr shift, so if I started work at 5 have to have an early dinner and take cereal bars to tie me over.

  2. Yum, love the look of your falafel salad. Looks so tasty!

  3. Whenever I’m working late I always go for a green smoothie when I get home just cause they digest better for me than other foods. Your falafel salad looks amazing!

  4. I am lucky not to have shifts, but I do sometimes have late meetings or parents evenings, so then I still start work at 8am but may not finish until gone 8pm. Those days I tend to have a bigger lunch to tide me over, and maybe an extra snack, and then a smaller dinner as I find it hard to sleep on a big meal.
    That falafel salad looks lovely.

  5. I Love falafel!! Can’t find it around here though…:-(

  6. Mmm, breakfast for dinner is the BEST…especially if someone else makes it! The pizza omelet thing looks AMAZING! And I’ve totally been throwing those chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in every bowl of oats I’ve had lately! So addictive!

    I roate through three different shifts at work…one I get up super early so I usually have breakfast super early and then need a snack before lunch. Other days I eat breakfast around 8am and I’m usually satisfied until noon.

  7. I always work a strange shift. 7p – 7am 3 days a week but I have dinner for breakfast, and then eat my meals as a “normal” person would. So its a burger or chicken for breakfast, a 3 AM turkey sandwich often and a 9am oatmeal and then back to bed. Strange I know but I like eating with my fiancee who has a normal schedule so I eat the wrong meal for me at the right time for the day. Make sense?

  8. The omelet pizza is genius! I will have to try this out sometime!

  9. Your breakfast looks so good! I tend to just have soup if I’m working late – if I don’t eat at my usual dinner time I end up not feeling that hungry anyway so its nice to have something quick and simple. I’m always ravenous the next day though! x

  10. I usually have lunch pretty late as I snack all throughout the morning, but I’m actually not too fussed about having dinner late. That falafel and sweet potato salad looks gorgeous and is totally making me hungry right now!

  11. What struck me most about your meals is how colourful they all were! They all look vibrant and delicious.

    I always find that netball can mess up my eating patterns. I like to eat dinner at around 7-8, but if I’m playing a 9pm game, I really don’t want to be all full of food, but 10.30pm feels far too late for dinner!

  12. My tummy guides my life, so it wouldn’t be happy eating dinner so late. haha. At least you have a sweet house hubby to help you out there. 😉

  13. Luckily I have a standard 9-5 job now, but I have worked shifts in the past and it can really mess up your eating habits. You did well to eat healthily – I think taking lots of healthy snacks with you is key.
    I like to eat omelettes if it’s late at night because I find that they sit well on my stomach.

  14. beautyinthebalance

    Oh wow that omelette pizza looks SO good right now!

    I just wanted to tell you quickly that I tried Bodypump for the first time ever tonight. I know that you’re an avid fan! It was great, I really enjoyed it 😀

  15. Very exciting about the wedding!
    That bowl of porridge looks perfect, as does your dinner, bless Alfie for making it 🙂
    I have nightmares when I do all day in the office then a late council meeting – I never get organised enough to take dinner to work – plus the meetings start at 7pm and I’m not hungry by then – so I end up eating at silly o’clock. Not good… but I’ve always got room for breakfast the next day 🙂

  16. I saw someone else with oats topped with chocolate covered sunflower seeds and I was like, thats GENIUS!!!! I need to find some! My working is pretty consistent, and if I have to work late at night, I usually just do it from home 🙂

  17. What beautiful coloured eats!! My little boy would go crazy for that breakfast 🙂 Are those pretty colours actually chocolate covered sunflower seeds?
    What a gorgeous dinner you had prepared by your lovely man. I can’t remember the last time my hubbie cooked dinner for me… it was a long, long time ago 😦

  18. All your food looks DELICIOUS, especially that breakfast with the beautiful covered sunflower seeds! Good luck with the wedding venue!

  19. caloricandcrazy

    that omlette pizza thing looks so good!

  20. Oh your breakfast is so lovely, that would put a smile on my face in the morning! And I’m so jealous that you have cherries, I love fresh fruit 🙂 My eating habits become a bit strange at uni because my days vary so much in terms of timetable. Plus with the fatigue sometimes I haven’t got the energy to get up and prepare any food!

  21. I work 8 to 12 at one job and either 12 to 6 or 2 to 6 at my second job, so it’s pretty normal. I worked at a bookstore in high school and I worked the weirdest hours! 4 – midnight is the worst shift I had.

  22. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds?!? I MUST find some!

  23. i usually eat breakfast around 10am on weekends 😛
    haha your oats look amazing

  24. That oatmeal looks amazing!! I don’t know almond butter but it seems so good! Don’t think I can find it in Belgium.. How does it taste? Okey weird question..

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