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We are making head way with our wedding plans.  When I’m not working I’m writing my thesis and when I’m not writing I’m planning my wedding. I’m having a blast! You may remember my post about the all important venue.  We have our hearts set on two venues at the moment, one that was in the post and another one that has caught our eye.  I won’t reveal the place that we will decide on just yet as I have a whole train of posts thought out for after the wedding.  These early posts are just to share where our heads are at in the planning stages and the inspiration that we have picked up along the way.  I also think it’s a nice idea to do these posts to look back on after the big day to see if we actually carried out any of these ideas.

For any wedding I guess the theme is another important aspect.  I know that some people choose not to have a theme but I have been picking up so many ideas and think the theme that I have settled on (sorry WE have settled on 😀 ) will fit perfectly with how we want the atmosphere and how we want our special to look and feel. 

I’m channeling a romantic vintage theme for the wedding breakfast reception and the venue that we are days away from confirming has a lovely secret garden themed set of rooms for the evening party which I thought would be great to continue the vintage theme with an English tea party.

I’m thinking bunting, lace, candles, crystals, bird cages, floral prints, lots of flowers, luggage labels, china and pretty pastels and glamour.  I absolutely adore anything to do with the 1920s and the 1940s so I think this theme is just perfect.  Alfie can be very quirky in his fashion sense too at times so he’s game for all things vintage too.

My current wedding inspiration board looks a little bit like this:




Using vintage plates as frames.....maybe Grandma's platter with her wedding photo?



Wedding style board - vintage cones for my sweet table

Small cake, pretty bunting, stack o' books

The finished product ~ Bouquet for my maids.



I’ve also found some great wedding inspiration in blog land too…

Blog inspiration:


Love My Dress

Rock and Roll Bride

Royal Steamline

Rock My Wedding

I’m loving reading about others peoples weddings and experiences and just being damn right nosey on these blogs.  It’s nice to see all of that hard and drawn out planning become something so beautiful.

Have you been to a themed wedding before?  Cheesy or beautiful?

How do you envision your own wedding?



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20 responses to “Operation Wedding: Inspiration Board

  1. Absolutely lovely – very Jane Austen, I think, as well as the splashes of 20th century glamour. I’ve never been to a themed wedding but I think they’re what you make of them – they have the potential to be cheesy but really the love between the two people in question is beautiful regardless of whether the theme is to everyone’s taste.

    My dream wedding (and the concept for me IS a dream!) would not be stereotypical in the slightest and definitely not conventional: I’d get married at Whitby Abbey, right next to where Dracula was supposed to have landed in the novel, and it would be a gothic wedding. I’d be one of the few brides to wear a black dress, and anyone that mentioned Twilight would have to leave…or be thrown from the cliffs!


  2. caloricandcrazy

    I LOVE the dress on the second model 🙂

  3. I love all those photos – it’s a really good theme, something that you can really work with and make your wedding gorgeous. Good luck with all the planning – I wouldn’t even know where to start!

  4. I think that is very pretty and quite classic too. I don’t think I have been to a themed wedding, never where the guests have to wear something particular anyway. But I love the idea of a tea party 🙂

  5. such a beautiful wedding dress!

  6. It must be so exciting to be planning it – I love the WE too 🙂
    I think vintage would be a gorgeous theme; that dress in the bottom picture is absolutely stunning.

  7. Oh this is so exciting! I absolutely adore the theme you’ve chosen, it’s so pretty and romantic. I love the vintage feel and the soft colours and lace 🙂 That last dress is just beautiful!

  8. I love your inspiration and theme. I always wanted a romantic garden wedding. So lots and lots of flowers. And candles, little lights in the tree( but elegant not like a Christmas tree) and lots of soft maybe pastel colors.. Can’t wait to read more about your wedding planning!!

  9. Hi Jem!!!
    LOVE the moodboard! your wedding will be stunning, i cant wait to be a part of it! The last dress is just amazing, love the detail on the back!

  10. Katy Aubrey

    Ah I love that theme, it sounds lovely!! I don’t think I’ve been to a themed wedding. Our wedding was black and white themed, and everything was very traditional and classic looking, lots of candles, photo frames etc. Happy wedding planning, can’t wait to keep reading about it all!! 🙂 xx

  11. Thank you! Your wedding sounds lovely!

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