Farewells, Cookies and Shoes

Hello Everyone!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

On Saturday I worked my last shift at my old job.  It was kind of sad to say goodbye to the place and the people there after 7 years, but all of that was outshone by the fact that it mars the start of something new and fresh in my life-exciting times!


I haven’t had any Millie’s Cookies for years so on my last shift I treated my staff to some not knowing that they were going to surprise me later on with with a giant Millie’s cookie of my own.  The also bought me some gorgeous earring that I haven’t yet taken off and a cute Mimco jewelry roll up, which I think I’m going to use as a purse.


I also treated myself to some new shoes, using the last of my staff discount.  I couldn’t resist these ballerina pumps which were total bargains.


£79 reduced to £17.50


£89 reduced to £22.50

What freezing conditions we have been experiencing in the UK this weekend. I thought we had been lucky and had escaped the snow with all of the mild weather we have been experiencing, obviously not! Despite the cold snap I did get out for a run last Monday. I thought that I was brave going out in the cold, but I was frozen when I got home.  Perhaps I should have worked out in doors instead.

My workout week looked like this…

Monday: 4 mile run and abs and core exercises

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: 30 minutes of interval training on the machines, strength workout 1, 5 minute cool down on the bike

Thursday: 10 minute of intervals on the cross trainer, 1 hour of Body Pump

Friday: 30 Day Shred level 1 plus 200 ab exercises-25 sets of 8 different exercises.

Sunday: MTV yoga video

I think for the future I will be following a similar routine as it seems to be working well with my current schedule and is very interchangeable.  I have adapted it for this week though as I have more time to workout.

I’ve been eating some pretty amazing eats this past week too…


Spelt Millers Muesli with fresh apricots, a banana, Sunbutter and rice milk


A yoghurt mess straight from the yoghurt pot: soy yoghurt, Kashi go lean crisp and a banana


Smoothie love…spinach, apples, grapes and water


Mixed leaves, smoked tofu, tomatoes and avocado…simple but GOOD!


Working lunch from EAT…Minestrone soup topped with green pesto and spinach


Another working lunch from EAT…a salad mezze of cous cous, hummus, olives, feta cheese, leaves and peppers and a delicious herbed dressing


My favourite soy chai latte (sans coffee!)


My Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry adapted without the sweet potato but with aubergine instead with some roasted broccoli


High Protein Three Bean Chilli (only part thawed out in the pic), brown rice and roasted broccoli


 And chocolate chip cookies always go down well in my house too! 😀

Well I currently have 2 days off straight from work which means that I can get back into the thesis writing groove again.  I can almost see the light at the end of that very long tunnel. 

Have a fabulous week friends!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What is your favourite cookie flavour?  I love the raspberry and dark chocolate flavour at Millies.

Were you ever sad on your last day at work? I was super excited on my last day on Saturday.  I have so much to look forward too that there was no sadness or tears in sight.  I will miss my friends though.



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16 responses to “Farewells, Cookies and Shoes

  1. beautyinthebalance

    Oh my goodness those shoes are beautiful!

    It’s so great that you had a lovely last day at work and are now looking forward to starting your new job! So exciting 🙂

    My favourite cookie flavour is raspberry and white chocolate!

  2. Wow that is so kind of them! It is sad to leave places but you know it means you are closer to your new job.
    At the moment I am loving fruit/ choc combos like cherry with dark chocolate, or raspberry with white chocolate.

  3. Yum – those cookies look good! My favouirte cookie flavour is definitely oatmeal and raisin, but I also have a soft spot for anything with white chocolate in it.
    That salad from Eat looks good – I love all their food, but there’s no shop in Leeds unfortunately.

  4. That giant cookie looks amazing! Love both pairs of shoes that you got, such amazing bargains. x

  5. bless your colleagues, what lovely presents – and I’ve never seen cookie cakes like that, brilliant!
    Very impressed with the bargainage on those fab shoes too 🙂

  6. You’re opening a new chapter! No reason to be sad at all. 🙂

  7. Okay, that curry? To DIE for :P!!

    I love cookie cakes! Yours looks sooo precious ^^

  8. What a funny coincidence! The cookies all look fab. Last days are always so weird, especially when you get on well with your coworkers. Even at jobs I’ve hated, I’ve always been weirdly sad about leaving the people!

  9. gorgeous shoes and gorgeous eats! 🙂 Good things to come for u I predict! 🙂 Change freaks me out at first but I’m leaving my job next month after 6 years – onwards and upwards for us both! 🙂

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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