WIAW…All packed up!

Hello peeps! How are your weeks going?   So far mine has been very productive and generally just great!

Peas and Crayons

It’s Wednesday…it’s time to partttttty!

This week’s WIAW is all about the veggie love.  Now I love me some veggies in every which way, whether they are baked, roasted, stir fried or just steamed. Since I’ve been a busy little bee this week I thought I would show you how I pack my veggies and take them on the go with me like I did yesterday.

But before all sharing all of my foodie delights of yesterday I had an awesome workout session in the gym which involved a 30 minute hill climb on the cross trainer and a 10 minute session of high intensity intervals on the bike followed by 200 ab crunches (8 different exercises of 25 reps each).  I felt great afterwards.  I now love incorporating cardio and some strength work in one session.  Cutting down my cardio time to include strength as well is definitely something that I am looking to do in the very near future.

After getting ready at home it was time to hit the road.  To save time I decided to take my breakfast to the library with me…


I made a lovely green smoothie which included spinach, 2 plums, an apple, water, rice milk, vanilla stevia, maca powder, chia seeds and lucuma powder…so good!  Some Kashi Go Lean Crisp also made the perfect acompliment to the smoothie.  This kept me full for hours!


Lunch was another packed affair in the form of a salad.  It contained mixed salad leaves that had been massaged with lemon juice, half an avocado, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper and some Raw Health crackers.  I also ate an unpictured pink lady apple, persimmon and plum…it was one of those snack happy kind of days! 🙂


In the afternoon my poor stomach was growling so I made it happy with some delicious banana soya milk and a chocolate chip cookie Lara bar…delicious!  I’m still not sure which Lara bar flavour I love the most-perhaps all of them?

Once I got home after a day of thesis writing I was exhausted.  Luckily I had been sure to leave some leftovers from Monday nights dinner, where would I be without leftovers?


This was the best meal ever!!!  I had dug out some tempeh from the freezer (I had forgotten that it was in there) and marinated it in some sesame oil, soy sauce and ume plum vinegar and baked it in the oven.  Also, I made some sweet potato chips dusted with black pepper and roasted some brussel sprouts in some coconut oil and maple syrup.  To make the sauce I whipped up some peanut flour, sweet chilli sauce, water, salt and pepper and warmed it in the microwave so it goes all creamy and thick..love it!

I haven’t had much experience with tempeh before, but now I’m in love with it.  It’s definitely going to be featuring on my shopping list in the future as it makes a great alternative to tofu.

And then there was dessert…


A chocolate chia seed pudding made with chia seeds, vegan choco-a-lot protein shake, water and honey with a warmed chopped banana and topped with more Kashi Go Lean.  The perfect end to a great day of eats.

Just a quick mention about the Foodie Blog Swap.  I know a lot of you enjoyed it last year and I was thinking of running it again. For those of you who are not in the know it involves the exchange of foodie gifts between a UK blogger and an American blogger. It worked really well last year and I just wanted to gauge how many of you would be interested in doing it again.  Please let me know! 😀

It what forms do you have your veggies on the go? 

What is your favourite meal to pack to take to work with you?

What is your favourite way to cook your veggies-stir fry, steam or roasted?



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58 responses to “WIAW…All packed up!

  1. I have that Larabar sitting in my cupboard…I have no idea why I have been holding on to it!!

  2. I would be up for the food swap again 🙂
    My fave way to take veggies with me is to have them in a sandwich- eg grated carrot and hummus is delish.
    I prefer cooking veggies at home in stew/ chilli type things, where everything mixes together and you can put in whatever you have.

  3. Everything on this page is making me hungry! Love the chocolate chia pudding – I just made some the other day with chocolate soy milk and it was heavenly.
    Whenever I pack lunches for uni its usually a big salad with lentils, or chickpeas and lots of fruit/nuts to snack on.

  4. Great eats! My favorite packed lunches are usually veggie bowls of some sort. I like salads, but I prefer a warm mess of goodness.

  5. Your pictures are so cool! I love the editing!! My fav lunches are big salads and tuna 🙂

  6. Oooh, foodie blog swap sounds very interesting, I’d be game! Veggies roasted are my favorite, and then you can take them to go for lunch in a wrap of some kind, or just in a lunchbox topped with lots of hummus 🙂

  7. Bronagh

    Lately I’ve been on a total veggie kick and will take them pretty much any way I can get them! Roasted and steamed are probably my favourite because they’re both quite quick and I think bring out the best flavours of the veg. I pack my lunch every day and it’s always veg-centered, usually a big salad with various mix-ins and toppings. I actually can’t imagine a lunch that isnt based around veg/salad, it’s just so delicious, easy to prepare and even easier to transport in tupperware… win all round!

    Although I don’t have my own blog I’d love to take part in a UK-USA foodie swap! I took part last time you arranged it and really enjoyed recieving some great US goodies… infact I’ve still got a jar of White Choc Wonderful peanut butter that I receieved but stashed away. Must get that out this weekend me thinks 😉

  8. All of your eats look tasty! I am enjoying the variety and colors 🙂 Cut up vegetables are my favorite way to eat them on the go- carrots, peppers, celery- easy but flavorful ones like that

  9. I would love to be part of the foodie blog swap, I’m a lapsed blogger at the moment but read loads of US/UK blogs and would love to swap a few treats and try /share something new.

    I’m currently trying a new veggie a week to try and get the family to eat more veg and apart froma fussy 6 year old we are doing okay 🙂

  10. Everything looks tasty. It’s great to have those planned snacks. It gets you through your day and keeps you on track. It’s also less expensive than having to buy your snacks. Good job!

  11. Wow Jemma, look at you with the 200 crunches!! I’m impressed 🙂 AND about your thesis. What is it on again?
    Breakfast in the library. I wish I liked to take my breakfast on the go, but I really just need to take a long time with it and enjoy it because it’s my favourite meal. that breakfast does sound really filling. What are your favourite ways to enjoy maca besides in smoothies? I haven’t got a blender in London, but I’ve got maca. I’ve heard it tastes a bit like peanut butter and can be used as a spread? It’s a bit bitter, as I’ve expereinced.
    vegg!!!!! I love them steamed and roasted. I usually have them steamed, and roasted as a treat. I also like them baked, especially squash.
    When will you be running a blog swap? I’d be interested!

    • My thesis is on a specific aspect on neuronal signalling in the brain…GEEK! 😀 I love maca in my oats and sprinkle on chopped apples with cinnamon too. It also makes a great sauce mixed with water and honey. I will be running the swap very soon when I have all of the details finalised. 😀

  12. ooh I would really be interested in doing the bloggy food swap!!! I love banana flavoured things so that soya milk sounds lovely. I love veggies roasted with some cumin

  13. Haha I agree, I think all the Larabar flavors I’ve tried are great! 🙂 I’ve seen that soya milk in stores but wasnt sure if I should get it.. but I think I might try it sometime. 🙂

  14. I love roasting my vegetables — they just taste SO good that way. 🙂

    Larabars are the BEST!

  15. I never really eat at Uni or when I’m out…the closest I get to packing up veggies is a salad from Olive and Bean! Hummus, Sun Dried Tomato and Olive is my favourite. If I end up bingeing I obviously eat when I’m out but sadly that doesn’t usually involve vegetables.

    I would be very interested in doing another blogger swap – it would be fabulous if we could do another one but at the same time you’re so busy, and make sure you have enough time and it doesn’t cause you any additional stress!


  16. I’m kind of anti-larabar because they’re so small BUT they are really portable. I do love bars that I can just throw in my bag and go, and those ARE a great “natural” bar! 🙂

  17. I nearly always take a salad or soup with me to work – it’s a great way of getting a lot of different veggies in.
    I missed out on the blog swap last year because I was on holiday – I would love to do it this time!

  18. I’ve never put plums in my green smoothies– thanks for the idea!

  19. That salad looks delish. I love texture variations, so those crispy crackers on top would be perfect. I’ve used tortilla chips on salad before but this would be new! Yum.

  20. I love my mountains of steamed veg, with salt and nutritional yeast sprinkled on top, but also love them roasted, stir-fried… and I pick at loads raw too 🙂
    That chia pudding looks so good… and I’d love to do the swap again!

  21. Errign

    Roasted veggies for me 🙂

  22. What a great blog. I just found you today. I am following.,.and very interested in foodie blog swap. Thanks sounds great.

  23. caloricandcrazy

    the chocolate chia seed pudding looks absolutely delicious! ^^

  24. Oh man, soya banana? Sounds amazing.

  25. Alexiasana

    the tempeh meal sounds delicous! i have a pack in my fridge and u made me wanna make it for dinner tonight! 🙂 i would b up for a foodie swap too, but i dont like in the UK anymore. Is it ok with any other european country too? live in austria at the moment…..

  26. Tooi many questions! 🙂

    Firstly, I’m defo up for the blog food swap.

    As for veggies- I love them in every form, don’t think I could pick a favourite way. I love packing salads with “the works” in (veg, grains, nuts, tempeh, roasted veg etc).


  27. I love this, your food all looks so fresh and vibrant today! Your dinner sounds particularly good to me 🙂

    If I want to take some veggies with me when I’m out I usually chop up a carrot and take a few cherry tomatoes along with one of those mini pots of flavoured, low-far hummus. It’s quick and easy but still tasty. My favourite meal on the go is a pot of either couscous or pasta salad – that way I can get my carbs, my protein and my veg all in one pot!

  28. That pudding looks so good! I’ve never tried a Larabar, really want to though, everyone says they’re amazing 🙂 x

  29. That makes me want to try chia pudding!

  30. I’d love to take part in a foodie swap!

    Best lunch for work? Leftovers from the night before…chickpea stew is a favourite! Usually over some wholemeal toast.

  31. Kasey

    I am so in love with your diet! I need to do some serious grocery shopping to make of few of your recipes, especially the pumpkin pie sundae.
    Homemade sweet potato fries are probably one of the best creations in the world. They are so easy and delicious! I tend to just make a meal out of them along with a spinach salad.
    I’m not much of a blogger but I love reading them and would definitely be up for the US/UK swap. I did a similar thing but in a more unhealthy form with a lovely girl from Scotland and loved trying out different and new food.

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