WIAW…Snackface Monday!

Hello friends!  It’s been one heck of a week so far.  Yesterday I completed another chapter on my  thesis yesterday and sent it off to my supervisor for those all important corrections.  I now have another 2 chapters to write (as long as my supervisor doesn’t want to add anything else) to write then it’s all done.  Scary times, but I think I can finally see the light at the very long tunnel.

Peas and Crayons

I love me some veggies!

For this weeks WIAW I’m going to rewind to Monday cos’ it was simply snack-tastic.  Recently I’ve been having days where I just want to snack all of the time especially during the day and if I’ve had a large breakfast- it just seems to make my eating patterns go a little bit askew. 

Before I started on my snacking frenzy I headed to the gym for 30 minutes of speed intervals on the treadmill, cross trainer and the bike followed by strength routine 1 and a 5 minute cool down on the bike.  I was such a great work out and I definitely got my sweat on!


Once home I made myself a huge bowl of Dorset’s Cereal High Fibre Flakes which I couldn’t resist after seeing that they were on offer on last weeks grocery shop.  I added a chopped pear and a chopped banana and rice milk, which made  for a very amazing breakfast.  I am a huge fan of cereal especially for a quick and easy breakfast and this didn’t disappoint.


Mid morning I snacked on some dried mixed berries and cherries.  These baby’s are seriously addictive and I am proud to say that I am totally addicted…love them! 😀


After breakfast and copious amounts of dried berries I wasn’t really feeling lunch but felt like I should eat something.  Instead I ate what I had planned for my afternoon snack: half a chopped red pepper, carrots, two Clear Spring crackers with hummus and cream cheese.


And then since lunch was snacky mid afternoon meant that another snack was required in the form of a berry smoothie made using rice milk, mixed frozen berries and half a banana topped with dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and chocolate covered sunflower seeds…so good!


So good in fact that I went back for some more of the seeds! 😀


For dinner I made baked tilapia fish with brown rice and a delicious salsa made from half an avocado, tomatoes, yellow peppers and cucumber mixed with my Basic Tomato Sauce which I warmed through in the microwave.  This was a really lovely and light dinner which is what I felt like I needed and it was a great mix of flavours with the nutty brown rice, fresh tomato salsa and the smoky tasting fish…yum!


For dessert I the other half of the banana from my smoothie with grapes and a chopped pear with half a pot of Alpro soya chocolate pudding and so Kashi Go Lean. 


This was the perfect end to a snack filed day.  I have snack days very rarely, but sometimes if I eat a large breakfast or even lunch it can sometimes throw my other meals that I had planned out of the window as I’m not longer have that much of an appetite left and revert to snacking instead.  I never really feel guilty about the amount of food or what I eat because I truly believe in listening to what your body wants, as long as it’s not mindless eating for the sake of it of course.  If my body wants to snack then it shall snack on beautiful and delicious food.

And it was a delicious day of food indeed! 😀

Do you have snacky days often?  Do you snack intuitively or just because you feel like eating something?

Oh and please don’t forget to sign up to the Foodie Blog Swap!  Thank you to everyone that has signed up so far, but I want morrrrrrrrrrrre!


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17 responses to “WIAW…Snackface Monday!

  1. I love snacking, I think I actually prefer just snacking all day long to having 3 square meals.

  2. Everything looks so tasty! Congrats on your progress on your thesis! So impressive!

  3. I’m a pretty snacky person and love to snack on mixed nuts and cereal.. 🙂 Those chocolate covered sunflower seeds sound deeeelish!

  4. Love it! Still a very healthy day 🙂 I have snack days all the time, but mainly because my classes almost always happen during what would be lunch time. So I often pack a lunch for the day, and eat it in parts.

  5. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds are sooooooo addicting! 🙂 Way to show that treadmill who’s boss.

  6. I could spend all day mindlessly snacking so I do at least try to stick to 3 meals, 2 snacks. If I’m eating outside of that then my portions are so large it automatically equates to seriously overeating.

    If I was in a better place with food then light mini-meals such as the ones you have here would be perfect for regulating my blood sugar levels and helping with my IBS, but knowing me every ‘mini’ meal would not be so ‘mini!’

    Example: I can never eat half of anything, except maybe bananas. I’d have easily eaten the whole pepper, soy pudding, etc. I have this weird OCD thing whereby I hate to see 1/2 of something left over…with bananas I know my Dad will snaffle it as soon as my back is turned anyway because bananas are his favourite food! He’s changed a lot since the days of said food preference being for Maltesers and meat!


  7. I find that I mainly snack on an evening and weekend but I have to be careful when I snacking because my body actually needs it or if its just due to boredom!

  8. I generally have an afternoon snack and a post dinner snack. I do try to plan them though because snacking can turn into all day grazing!

  9. WHERE did you get those chocolate covered seeds from? I need them in my life! Love the blog, by the way 🙂

  10. When I am at work I don’t have time to snack (although I make sure I have one mid-morning and one in the afternoon before exercise) but when I am at home it is easy to have a snack here and a snack there. At least all your snacks are lovely and healthy.

  11. I do have snacky days when I feel hungry every few hours, and then some days like today I prepare snacks but I don’t eat them because I’m not hungry. I try to listen to my hunger signals and only eat when I actually need to, but it’s difficult especially if I’m feeling emotional or bored.

  12. You must feel amazing because you are almost finished. Keep pushing!
    cereals, fruit, and whatever milk is such a winning combo. I really wish I could find cereals without sugar added!!
    oooh the tilapia looks great too.
    I find that if I try to skip a meal I end up feeling like I still need to eat anyhow. I think there’s a reason why they tell you to eat all meals.

  13. Wow yay for being almost done! Just keep going 🙂

    I vary on how I feel about snacking days, I often get quite hungry in between meals but sometimes I worry that I’ll massively overeat if I snack lots!

    Your breakfast looks really delicious, I want some of that cereal! Those dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and chocolate covered sunflower seeds sound amazing!! Where did you find them?

  14. My snacking habits are def both– sometimes because I’m hungry…..but a lot of times because I just feel like eating something. Trying to schedule my snacks more so I’m not tempted to just eat when it ends up ruining my next meal.

  15. Errign

    I definitely have “snacking just to snack” days!

  16. I’m terrible for picking just for the sake of it so I have to take out whatever it is and put the rest out of reach! Snacks like this look great though; healthy and delicious… I definitely need some of those sunflower seeds, especially 🙂

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