Sharpham Park review

A few weeks ago I was sent a two boxes of cereal to review from Sharpham Park:


I received both the Spelt Berry Puffs and the Miller’s Muesli and have really been enjoying road testing them these past few weeks.

Spelt is a fabulous nutritious grain with a nut-like flavour. Many of the benefits of spelt is that it offers a broader spectrum of nutrients and goodness than wheat, which belongs to the same family of grains as spelt.  It provides and excellent source of zinc and fibre and protein, containing 8 different amino acids.  Spelt is highly soluble, which means the nutrients are rapidly absorbed by the body with little impact on the digestive system.  Like wheat it is a versatile product and can be turned into bread, cereal and pasta without in most cases producing any allergies.

Sharpham Park is set in Glastonbury Somerset and is dedicated in producing organic British grown spelt using their own mills.  Sustainability is at the heart of Sharpham Park’s producers as well as the quality of their products and what goes in to make them.  They were certified British organic 5 by the Soil Association in relation to their passion for detail where the manufacturing of their produce is concerned.


I’m a big cereal fan and have really enjoyed eating bowls full of these cereals with fresh fruit, rice milk and nut butters for a delicious breakfast.  One morning I think I mixed both of the cereals together in one bowl…the best of both worlds.

Sharpham Park make a wide range of spelt based cereal which is all organic.  Not only do they make spelt cereal but there is also a variety of artisan pastas, biscuits and cereal bars, spelt flour and lots more.  They have a lovely looking shop at Kilver Court, which looks like somewhere I would love to visit and buy lots of tasty organic food stuffs.

You can pick up Sharnham Park’s products in many different health food shops and farm shops across the UK,  Of course their whole range of spelt products can be found on their online shop for you all to enjoy.

The cost of the cereal, depending on what you are interested in buying ranges from £2.75 (porridge) to £6.95 (Luxury Granola), which I would happily pay for a tasty box of organic cereal as a treat.  Although the granola is a little bit pricey for me, but I’m sure it is amazing all the same.

Have you tried Sharpham Park products before? What did you think?

Are you a fan of spelt generally?

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10 responses to “Sharpham Park review

  1. This brand looks great! I’m a big fan of cereal so I think I would like this, too. Thanks for the great review!

  2. thanks for the detailed review, I love granola and always on the look out for new ones to try.

  3. Ooooooo they sound yummy I love spelt : )

  4. jessi

    the packaging itself is cool enough to make me buy it! I’ve never actually tried spelt – I need to get on that. That breakfast bowl looks SUPA good too!

  5. Ohh these sound lovely, I’m trying to shake up my breakfasts at the moment so might have to treat myself.

  6. Great review! I’ve only had spelt a couple of times. I quite like spelt sourdough bread and spelt pasta,

    Btw, if you don’t get enough US bloggers entering the swap I’m happy to bow out of the swap this time as we’re going away soon so it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend xxx

  7. Wow, I think I’d buy these (if they were gluten-free) just because of the packets, they’re gorgeous 🙂
    And again, I can’t eat spelt but if I could, I would, it sounds great!

  8. Kasey

    Hey, I’m already signed up for the foodie swap from the U.S. but if you really need me too, I would be happy to swap twice so that more U.K.ers can join in. 😀

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