WIAW…My favourite ways

Hello loves!  I hope you all had fun yesterday eating yummy pancakes because I know I certainly did. ;D

It was such a great day yesterday not just because of the pancakes, but I also got to go to an opening evening at a bridal shop close to my house and look at some pretty dresses.  There is so many to choose from, but I know what style that I like, but have yet to come across “the one.”

Peas and Crayons

This months WIAW theme ROCKS!

For this week’s WIAW I want to go back to Monday again.  I always seem to have more time to spend on making up meals on Monday for some reason. Now this Monday I ate a lot of my favourite foods and at every meal they were made in my favourite ways to eat them.  So I thought it would be a good post for WIAW…


On this particular morning I fancied a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal. I’m really loving my cereal at the moment.


My favourite way to eat my cereal is with lots of fruit, almond milk and nut butter.   On this particular occasion the chosen fruit were pears and a banana with dried mixed berries and nut butter of choice was almond butter of course!


I had made some roasted chickpeas very early on that morning and just couldn’t stop eating them.


I roasted them in some strawberry balsamic vinegar, rock salt and mixed herbs  I love it when the shells on the chickpeas go crunchy, but are still soft in the centre.  Roasting chickpeas is fast becoming my favourite way to eat them except in hummus form that is…Sabra hummus anyone?


Also on Monday morning (a seemingly productive morning!) I also made some soup for lunches for work this week. 


Butternut Squash Thai Coconut Soup to be exact- recipe to come! This tasted incredible!  Definitely one of the best soups that I have made since I started blogging so I cannot wait to share the recipe.

My favourite way to eat soup is straight up, no frills, just plain and simple.  I like to taste all of the ingredients in my soup and hate it when soups become too fancy and all of the flavours just become one.  The simpler the better!



How do I like to eat my apples?  Pink Lady’s always.  Lots of nut butter for dipping. This time I made a peanut flour sauce and mixed in some cinnamon…a-ma-zing!


Veggie Heaven- in keeping with this months WIAW them obviously!


Since I had a load of veggies in my fridge that I needed to use up I decided to make them the main feature for my dinner.  My favourite way to eat my veggies is stir fried.

A simple, quick and easy meal in minutes.  I cooked kale, Chinese leaf, carrots, red pepper and mushrooms to a sauce made from char sui sauce, soy sauce, black rice vinegar and ginger.  The addition of marinated tofu soaked in soy sauce and sesame oil made this extra special and I added cashews for added crunch and protein.  Definitely one of my favourite types of meals which I go back to time and time again.



My favourite kind of chocolate is the kind that comes with love and kisses.

Well there are a lot of favourites in this post.  Another favourite way of eating chocolate is with a huge mug of tea.  So don’t forget to enter my fab Pukka Herb tea giveaway for your chance to win a selection of their winter teas.

What is your favourite way to eat any of the above, cereal, vegetables, chocolate, chickpeas, apples and soup?

What is the best thing that you have eaten today?

Happy WIAW my friends!



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44 responses to “WIAW…My favourite ways

  1. This looks like the perfect day of food! I love pink lady apples too, my favourite way to eat them is sliced with a sprinkle of cinnamon. So yummy! x

  2. Dinner sounds like a totally awesome combo! Way to “love your veggies”!

  3. Mmmmm Sabra Hummus!
    Your eats look great- jam packed full of fruits and veggies as always!

  4. Mmmm, Kashi GoLean is one of my fav (healthy) cereals. My fav way to eat cereal is in a BIG bowl. haha (I can really put a hurtin’ on some cereal.)

  5. Wow all of your food looks so delicious! I really fancy a pear now that I’ve seen your breakfast. Your dinner looks exactly like my kind of meal, veggies like that are delicious and I always marinate my tofu in soy sauce and sesame oil – I love it 🙂

    My favourite way to cook vegetables is either to stir-fry them or to roast them in the oven. Griddled/grilled veg is also pretty tasty.

    Today my meals are all going to be really plain and simple because I am fasting for Ash Wednesday – so one main meal and two small meals: 2 plain bowls of one weetabix and oats, plain pasta later!

  6. Kashi Go Lean cereal is so delicious! I totally understand why your craving it at the moment. 🙂 Apples and nut butter for dipping = awesome snack!

  7. Your breakfast looks amazing! The only change I’d make is yogurt instead of almond milk, because I love yogurt with my cereal. 🙂

  8. Happy WIAW! I’m loving chickpeas at the mo, totally with you on the hummus front but I love them just as they are mixed with a grain like rice or quinoa, yummy!

  9. Your day of eats looks so perfect…. lots of health, variety and flavor 🙂 Pink Lady apples are so tasty, and of course with nut butter? Delicious

  10. roasted chickpeas are one of my all-time favorite snacks!!

  11. i love kashi go lean original! have it most mornings (you probably knew that… 😉 ). also noticed that different color on your apple snack. i still haven’t tried pb flour and really need to do that. considering my love for all things pb…

  12. Apples- sliced up and then dipped in peanut butter 🙂
    Chocolate- with a cup of tea.
    Chickpeas- hummus now- yes please 🙂

  13. I’m obsessed by chickpeas and I probably eat them in some form every day! I’m grown to love Sabra hummus now, despite not liking it at first. I also love them in salads, stir-fries and stews.

  14. I LOVE that I get to be your UK/USA exchange buddy…I feel like we have WAY too similar tastes. Although my favorite way to eat veggies tends to be chopped up and raw…but now I am craving a big, fat, saucy stir fry…

  15. Super excited for the soup recipe – it sounds delicious! As does everything you eat, loving stir-fries as well lately 🙂

  16. My juice was the best thing today for sure, I love to eat cereal with apples and coconut flour. The coconut flour makes the milk so creamy and thick!

  17. Those roasted chickpeas look pretty tasty! I think I might have to give them a go.

  18. Alexiasana

    At the moment i am so crazy about pears. i eat one almost every day with my breakfast or as a snack. they are really yummy in green smoothies too! your eats look yummy, i love the apple and peanut flour snack!
    oh and of course since i am on a big Asian kick at the moment, your DINNER! mhmm.. ginger soya.. delicious!

  19. That dinner looks so delicious, I’m not surprised it’s a favourite of yours and Pink Ladies, mmmmm…!
    My favourite way to eat veg is steamed or roasted, apples as they come and chocolate wrapped around raisins – although I’ve given it up for Lent 😦

  20. Roasted chickpeas are such a great snack! I always like to switch up the flavors, so I’ll definitely have to try your seasonings soon :). And your dinner sounds absolutely amazing! I could eat roasted veggies ALL the time.

  21. I am so hooked on roasted chickpeas right now + I can’t wait for your soup recipe, drooling a bit at the thought.

  22. I love roasted chickpeas. I tried it a few months ago. This reminded me I need to make them again.

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