WIAW…Squash-tastic stress!

Hello friends!  How are your weeks shaping up? I’m having a relatively productive week again and getting lots done, which I’m loving.  I do enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things off my to-do list.Peas and Crayons

Well it’s time for that Wednesday party that we all enjoy so much!!  Thanks so much to Jenn as always for hosting.  I’m going to share my eats and treats of Monday as it was quite a stressful day of wedding planning and the food that I ate seemed to alleviate some of the stress…ah the miracles of glorious food!

First stop on our wedding planning day was a date with the vicar at the church that we are going to get married.  It was quite a long meeting going through the ins and outs of our relationship.  At one point I did feel like I was being psycho assessed with all of the questions and note taking the vicar was doing, but it was actually really nice going over some old memories of the last 7 years and the early days of our relationship, which we had forgotten.


Luckily I had prepared for such a long discussion with a huge bowl of Sharpham Parks Organic Millers Muesli for breakfast with blueberries, plums and a chopped pear with rice milk topped with my Cherry and Coconut Tofu Pudding and desiccated coconut.  This was the perfect fuel for a busy day.  I even went back for more muesli too. 😀

After our meeting we had a walk around the church and having a look whether we needed any flowers or decorations in their.  It is really ornate with beautiful stained glass windows and hand carved pews it would be a shame to cover them up with flowers.  But we shall see…

Next on our list was a trip to see a photographer. I fell in love with this guys work at the wedding fayre we went to the other weekend and he was at the top of my list.  He has shot at our reception venue a gazillion times and loves old churches.  He was quite excited when we told him about our chosen venues.  After looking at his portfolios Alfie was convinced that he was good at his job.  Lots of haggling over prices took place, but we finally booked him.  I can’t wait to see the pictures that he produces of our wedding.  He specialises in lots of candid and natural shots which is what we are after rather than lots of pose-y ones.


Then it was on to look at a different church a little closer our reception venue, just to make sure we have chosen the right one.  I’m happy to say that we have.  The second one we looked at just didn’t feel right.  Of course after all of this driving we got hungry and thought we should treat ourselves to a lovely lunch at our favourite restaurant.


Spicy sweet potato, butternut squash and coconut soup with chilli topped with croutons


Cannelloni stuffed with squash, leeks, spinach and ricotta toped with gruyere cheese with a rustic tomato sauce…amazing!

This was really lovely and was the perfect break from all of the stress. I was full to the brim afterwards, but adored every mouthful.  Ha! As soon as I saw squash on the menu I knew I had to have it for both my starter and main course. I love me some squash!

Believe it or not we also went to a cake shop to check out some designs for our wedding cake, checked in at our reception venue to sort out some paperwork and saw another photographer for comparison purposes.  By the end of the day Alfie and I both had headaches and felt very stressed with all of the decisions still left to be made.  As soon as I got home I had to go and nap instead of doing my planned workout.  After waking up I was still full from lunch so just made a snack of chopped fruit in rice milk to tide me over.  I didn’t really need it but felt like it was better to eat something that nothing at all.

Exhausted just wasn’t the word!  I’m so glad that I listened to my body and scraped my workout as I feel so much better for the extra relaxation today.  Sleep is a wondrous cure for stress.  I am enjoying wedding planning and seeing everything come together, but the shear enormity of it all can be overwhelming at times. It will all be worth it though.

Tomorrow I have more wedding planning to look forward to as I have some consultations with some florists.  I’m particular excited about seeing one of the florists as they specialise in all things vintage…I cannot wait!

Are there any particular things or foods that help you de-stress?

Have you been out to any nice restaurants lately? What did you eat?

Happy WIAW everyone!



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14 responses to “WIAW…Squash-tastic stress!

  1. What a beautiful church! Planning a wedding sounds so tiring….!

  2. Oh and to de-stress = hot chocolate!!!

  3. That meal looks amazing!!!, I always choose the squash option. I like to have a hot chocolate to de-stress and also a nice warming soup.

  4. Eating clean always works for me, yay you must be so excited x x

  5. A clean, delicious meal always helps me – it does my mind and body so much good. I haven’t been able to go to many restaurants lately, but that meal you had there looks fantastic! I miss squash 😦

  6. I had a very stressed Monday too but mine was all work stuff. I tend to try and stick to wholesome foods but allow myself to eat as much of them as I want to make me feel better but stopping before I start to feel ill!

  7. beautyinthebalance

    Wow what an amazingly productive day! I bet you feel a bit relieved now you can check all of those things off your list? I’m not surprised you both had stress headaches after that!

    My de-stressing food of choice is chocolate. Always has been 🙂

  8. That church is INCREDIBLE! How lovely the wedding will be….I’m very interested in cake selections, I must say. 😉

  9. Gosh it sounds like you have managed to fit in months of wedding planning into one day- no wonder you felt tired.

  10. That church is going to be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding – the stained glass is gorgeous! I am in love with that cannelloni up there – the combo sounds awesome!!!

  11. The church is absolutely beautiful, I’m not surprised you picked that one! I know what you mean about not over-decorating but what about a little posy or ribbon bow on the end of each pew…?
    That squash dish looks fab 🙂

  12. body balance (if there’s a class on that i can get to that day) or if it’s the evening i’m with the hot chocolate fans. That cannelloni does look very good.

    The stain glass windows is really beautiful! The whole church looks lovely & well looked after.

    Hope you’ve managed to have a chilled out evening.


  13. It’s lovely that you got the chance to talk about your memories of being together. It sounds like you’re doing really well with the wedding planning and it will all be worth it!

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