Sunday Catch Up: Superhuman, NOT!

Sunday Catch up:
Well it has been another crazy week this week, getting lots done.  Out on my travels I have been loving the sunny weather.  Other than Christmas time I think that this has to be my favourite times of the year.  Everything feels so new and fresh around spring time and I’m always in a super positive mood (more so than normal) when the sun is shining.

After all of the running around that we did on Monday I decided to take a much needed rest day.  I find it hard sometimes to realise that there is only 24 hours a day and that I am not superhuman, thus cannot do everything in one day.  I have a lot on at the moment and attempting to pay attention to them all at one time, which stresses me out as I feel like such a failure when I cannot finish what I set out to do.  I felt like this on Thursday and had a bit of a moment, but soon realised that although hadn’t done as much work on my thesis as I had liked I had still accomplished quite a lot with other things including my workouts.

Monday: much needed REST!
Tuesday: 30 minutes of speed intervals on the treadmill and cross trainer, strength workout 1 and 5 minute cool down on the bike
Wednesday: Yoga pod casts from including Hatha yoga, yoga for runners, hip opening yoga and moon salutation podcasts.
Thursday: 45 minutes of  high intensity intervals on the treadmill, cross trainer and the bike (15 minutes each) plus 100 ab crunches (4 different varieties of 25 reps each) and chest presses
Friday: 10 minutes of intervals on the bike and 10 minutes of intervals on the adaptive motion trainer plus strength workout 2 and a 5 minute cool down on the step machine
Sunday: Blogilates pod casts and ab work including planks

The popularity of body pump must be growing as my class was fully booked on Thursday evening, but I still managed to get in an awesome work out.  I did miss body pump though, maybe next week I will get my chance to join in with the class.  Today I was supposed to get out for a run, but the rain put a stop to that so I settled on a some blog pilates podcasts instead for a killer work out…love Casey Ho!

My favourite eats of the week!


From left to right:

Green juice containing spinach, an apple, lemon and ginger

Booja-Booja stem ginger truffles and some Lindt cherry and chilli dark chocolate

Thai green curry with rice noodles. red pepper, edamame beans, mushrooms, spring greens and carrots

The last of my Cherry and Coconut Tofu Pudding with blueberries

An afternoon pick me up in the form of a chocolate and hazelnut Zone Bar…really good!

A mega veggie packed stir fry!

On Friday morning I had a late start at work which meant that I actually had the time to enjoy my smoothie in a bowl rather than on the go.  I added frozen cherries, blueberries, half a banana, cucumber (it needed using up!) ice cubes, chocolate hemp powder, chocolate Kara coconut milk and topped it with sultanas and coconut.  It almost felt like a luxury eating my smoothies this way as it really has been so  long since I have eaten one from a bowl.

Since I have been embracing all things spring because of the recent sunshine I have been enjoying lots of delicious food.  The other day I made a wonderful salad for lunch made using mixed leaves, wholewheat cous cous, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and salted almonds with a lovely balsamic vinegar dressing.  This was just perfect sunshine food.IMG_1667[1]This weekend I have really been enjoying my down time which has been spent mainly reading The Hunger Games, which I just cannot put down.  Thanks for the recommendation blog land!  I’ve almost come to the end of the first book and have the second one lined up ready to go.  Last night I was reading it with a lovely glass of red.

This morning for breakfast I tried a toasted apple and cinnamon hot cross bun that Alfie had picked up and tried it with some morello cherry jam. OMG!  This felt like such a treat and was such a great breakfast on a Sunday morning.  I also had a bowl of blueberries and strawberries in rice milk and could resist a second toasted hot cross bun…nom!


I think if I was to have any special supernatural power I think it would be something that allowed me to stop time or astroprojection so that I can be in two places at once.  As of tomorrow I think I’m going to seriously leave post it notes on my desk at work and at home saying, “all I can do is try my best and that will be always be good enough.”  Hopefully it works!

Well I’m off to enjoy the last few pages of my book.  I hope you all have a fabulous week my friends!

If you could have a special power to make your days a lot more easier, what would it be? 
What do like to eat treat for breakfast on a Sunday?
I’m all for toasted tea cakes or croissants, pancakes and green smoothies, big bowls of granola or muesli topped with fruit and nut butter or green smoothies with lots and lots of nut butter…happy days!



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20 responses to “Sunday Catch Up: Superhuman, NOT!

  1. I think I would like to freeze time- just sometimes it would make my days easier as I could carry one when everyone else was stopped- and also I would like to be able to fly. That is more for fun though!

  2. I would quite like to clone myself so I could do twice as much work! Pancakes are the best Sunday breakfast, I definitely think anything baked or toasted is perfect

  3. I haven’t had a hot cross bun for years, looks so yummy! I love leisurely Sunday breakfasts. x

  4. I’ve been listening to the hunger games as an audio book when I walk places, and I just want to keep walking it’s so good! I can’t wait to find out what happens, eeeek!

  5. All your eats look SO good! I’m going to attempt to re-create your Thai green curry noodle thing now that I finally have edamame.

    I completely know what you mean about not being superhuman – I always set myself unrealistic expectations and it just gets to me when I can’t follow through.My special power would be to make sleep optional, I feel like I’d get so much more done that way!

  6. Since my workday breakfasts are all either instant Dorset’s Cereals porridge or toast with jam/PB/Marmite, I like to have something a bit more timely & decadent on my days off. French Toast with fruit is a favourite! Or something eggy, like eggs benedict or scrambled eggs on thick toast. Delish. Always with some really nice juice. I do like a slow breakfast.

  7. I always just eat the same thing every day but I would totally love making pancakes on Sundays! =)

  8. Tamzin

    I am a total lover if smoothies from a bowl they seem to keep me fuller for longer if eaten like a soup weird I know….probably all in the mind!! Happy Monday x x

  9. Hot cross buns are immensely awesome – especially with a bit of butter. Thankfully, though I don’t eat them, I have had a bite of other people’s from time to time, and the smell of them in the toaster is enough to keep me happy 🙂

    I usually do a treat breakfast on a Saturday – but actually this Sunday i made a plum almond clafoutis from my book and it was delicious. The whole thing disappeared in about 10 minutes!

  10. hahaaa! i thought that choc and hazelnut bar was a crow!!! lol lol pregnancy brain fog!!!

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