Body Fabulous

Many years ago as an impressionable teenager with body hang ups I always looking in the mirror analysing my appearance always looking for something better than I thought I didn’t have.   I never seemed to be happy with what I had been blessed body wise.  I always wanted something more.  I always wanted to be skinny!

Looking at these body shapes there was a time where I was trying to convince my self that I was a boyish rectangle trapped in an hour glass body.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with any type of body shape whether it’s a rectangle, apple or even cone shaped, but I think it is sad when there is a depreciation of your actual shape and you want to drastically change it. 

It has been a struggle and it’s an issue that I’m still working on, but the light is definitely at the end of the tunnel is very close.  Recently I have come to relealise that I have curves.  I am supposed to have curves and there is nothing wrong with curves. 

At the moment I am at healthy weight for my frame and have maintained this weight for a few years so my body must be in a happy place right now.  I haven’t  weighed myself for years so only know this is so by going  by wearing the same size clothes for a long time.

I’ve learnt to appreciate my curves, embrace them and love them.  It has been a long journey but me and my curves have finally bonded.  I figured whether I am smaller or larger I will always have curves as that is how my frame has been formed.  They are not going to go anywhere so I might as well learn to live with them and Alfie like my curves, which is lovely and makes me happy!

I’m happy, healthy, curvy and loving it!  Despite my woes and off days at the end of it all I do take note that my figure or the way I look doesn’t define who I am and there is so much more out there with more significance like loved ones and my friends.

So whatever your shape or size celebrate being fabulous because you are beautiful no matter what!

How do you feel about your own body shape?   Have you found a happy medium within yourself regarding your shape?



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18 responses to “Body Fabulous

  1. It’s great that you’re happy with your body 🙂 I think I’m just starting to come to terms with my body shape – I’m more of a rectangle, but not a skinny one! Sometimes I wish I had more defined curves, but I’m not hung up on it.

  2. I know now after everything I’ve been through I am just naturally curvy and nothing is going to change that. Ironically I never actually wanted to loose my curves, I’ve always loved curvy figures but I think I lost site of that and got too thin. Now I would not trade my curves for all the tea in China 🙂

  3. Good for you! You know I saw a picture saying a girl without curves is like jeans without pockets……no where to put your hands!!!!!!

    Your a beautiful lady and your man is a lucky guy : )

    I’m still trying to get to that place but Bikram is definitely helping x x

  4. I love this post, it’s so full of positivity about body image! These are things I need to remind myself of more often to be honest! And I think you look fantastic so I’m glad you love your curves 🙂

  5. Jemma, I am the SAME way! I’m finally coming to the realization that curves are my destiny! haha and it’s not so bad (at least, not according to my boyfriend… haha)

    Honestly, the blogging world has really helped me accept that my body doesn’t need to look like anyone elses, and as long as I take care of it, I’m good! 🙂

  6. I think you’re beautiful! And I’m not the only one….remember amorous waiter guy?! 😉 xx

  7. thanks for this post, I have for years I guess not been at a weight that my body should be at, but am now trying to get to a happy place. I hope one day I body image will improve. your an inspiration.

  8. As Phyllis Dillard used to say, “I am just going to find a way to take all the excess fat and push it up and snip it off the top and we would all be good.” But until then acceptance is the only way to go… Take Care, BAM

  9. Hear, hear! & what a lovely positive post! I think I’m at a stage of happiness that I’ve never been at before. I’m not 100% happy but it’s all minor hang-ups, like I’d like to be more toned around the belly area (wouldn’t we all, though?) & general stuff like that that can be changed with a little hard work. I’ve put to the back of my mind all the bits that can’t really be changed like having one hip more ‘curvy’ than the other, & things like having slightly bigger legs & muscly calfs because these are for good reasons – I work on my feet & I’m a runner. I’ve got strong legs, what could be so bad of that? So like you, the light at the end of the tunnel is not quite here yet, but I’m betting it would have approached by the end of the year.

  10. awww good stuff girl! I love that you’re being honest, yet uplifting by seeing the beauty in it all. I’ve definitely had my share of self-un-love. And sometimes, it’s not easy b/c I’m human…or am I…? 😛 jk.

    I used to hate having a butt, etc. because I felt so tight in my pants and all, and although I still have a butt though it is smaller than my teenage years (i had teenage 15), I’m now loving it! I feel like ME, and just thankful that in my older years I’ll be thankful I ever had one, haha.But I’m definitely always getting reminded that who I am inside, and the fact that God loves me is far more important than anything else. Thanks for a sweet post! You are seriously beautiful Jemma!

  11. I am so glad you’re happy with your body! Being satisfied with who you are sure is very important for an enjoyable life…
    I especially realize this because I am NOT feeling comfortable in my own skin. :/

  12. Great post! I spent years longing for a body like Kate Moss’, no hips or boobs or any curves whatsoever but now I’ve come to accept that I’m never going to look like that – I’m 5’1 and while I have lost weight since my teens I’m never going to be stick thin and that’s totally fine! x

  13. Great post! I’m a cross between looking like a 10 year old boy and an apple shape. But I’ve learned to focus on the parts of me I love (like my legs), and I try not to focus on the parts I don’t love as much (like my midsection). And I know I’m loved by God (and my hubby!) no matter what shape or size I am! 😉

  14. A great post. I’m definitely coming to terms with my body shape. Especially after being asked if I was pregnant. I’m a definite apple shape and keep my fat around my belly. Its something I’m trying to work on, but reading other peoples comments makes me realise I’m not on my own and it’s normal.

  15. So true. Glad you’re happy with your own body shape!!
    I hate that there is those ‘classifications’ though and that people seem to feel they need to fit into ‘hourglass’ ‘apple’ ‘pear’ or whatever… I swear my body fits into none of those.

  16. wohooooo!!! power to the curve!!! 🙂 you, m’lady, are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  17. I love this post, and that you’re embracing your curves. High-five! I think it’s so important to recognise and accept our natural body shapes. I’m not quite sure which one mine fits. It doesn’t matter as I have learnt to appreciate the parts of my body that I used to hate, and have come to recognise and celebrate other parts of my body that I never noticed 🙂

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