Sunday Catch up: Knowing when to rest

Wow!  I cannot believe that another week has passed already.  The weeks just seem to be whizzing by at the moment at the blink of an eye. It has been another busy week with work and my thesis and I cannot wait for my week off at the end of the month for some much needed me time and relaxation.

It has been a great week of workouts and I actually managed to get myself in to a Body Pump class this week too.  It meant having to buy my ticket early in the morning from the gym, going to visit my Nan and then going to the class later in the evening, a bit of a faff but totally worth it.  We had a replacement instructor this week and she was just as good at the usual, which doesn’t happy very often.  I can be very particular and loyal where my fitness class instructors are concerned. 😀

Monday: 30 minutes of high intensity intervals on the step machine, cross trainer and the bike, strength workout 1 and a 5 minute cool down on the bike

Tuesday: 45 minutes of high intensity intervals on the rowing machine, cross trainer and the bike (15 minutes each) plus 100 ab crunches (4 different varieties of 25 reps each) and chest presses

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 15 minutes of high intensity intervals on the cross trainer 1 hour of Body Pump

Friday: 10 minutes of intervals on the bike and 10 minutes of intervals on the bike, strength work out 2 and a 2 minute cool down on the bike

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 4 mile run and yoga for runners podcast from Yoga

Again this week I felt that I needed another unplanned rest day mid-week caused by all my rushing around which left me feeling too exhausted for my planned evening yoga session.  On most part I love to workout 5-6 times a week with a mix of cardio, strength and conditioning and yoga and stretching.  My mission to try and fit everything in to one day and failing to admit defeat long term isn’t going to do my body or mind for that matter any good at all.  Without wanting to inflict any harm on myself I have tried to admit to myself that I need to slow down and take it easy otherwise I will burn out.

I very much like the idea of a routine and it takes me a while to get used to changes, but going forth I have decided to be kinder and gentler with my body and take two rest days a week instead of one.  I’ve decided to workout 2 days, take a rest, work out another 2 days, rest and then work out on the Sunday.  At this moment in time this is going to work best for me. I tend to be scheduled to work every Wednesday, but not working out in the morning means a that get to sleep a little longer and I can use the evenings to take some time out for myself, which doesn’t happen very often anymore.  I’m really looking forward to incorporating the extra rest day into my routine and focusing on other things that I love.

At the end of the day not working out an extra day isn’t going to do any harm, in fact in my case it’s going to do me the world of good.

It has also been a great week of eats too…

From left to right:


A berry “ice cream” smoothie for breakfast- freakin’ delicious!

A snack plate of raw carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, a boiled egg and some Blue Diamond almond thins that I ordered from iHerb.

Sushi for lunch- it had been far too long!

Apple and Berry Crumble made for my Nan…yum!

Pre-gym snack of soy yoghurt, apple and cinnamon granola and Justin’s hazelnut butter, crazy about that nut butter.

Stir fried veggies with smoked tofu and a sesame, sweet chilli peanut flour sauce.


This week I have really been on a smoothie kick especially ones that contain lots of frozen berries for added creaminess and thickness without adding any gums.   Earlier in the week I made a smoothie which was more like ice cream.  It included frozen cherries, black berries and  red currants, a banana, chocolate and peanut butter swirl protein powder and rice milk.  Topping are always essential with a smoothie in a bowl I headed straight for the almond butter and chocolate covered sunflower seeds just because I was in a colourful kind of mood. Amazing!


The other day for lunch I made a jacket potato using half of a large sweet potato and topped it with garlic and red pepper Sabra hummus and some tomato and chilli chutney…


This was such a simple but awesome lunch and Sabra hummus is like a drug- there is nothing like it!


On Thursday night I made a mega stir fry for dinner.  I had treated myself to some smoked tofu earlier on in the week.  I also bagged some tempeh too as I have been missing it, but this time I decided to crack open the tofu for dinner.  I stir fried mixed veggies which included carrots, asparagus, mushrooms and broccoli in ginger, rice vinegar and soy sauce, heated the tofu and made a peanut flour sauce with the addition of sweet chilli sauce and sesame oil.  This was just lovely!  The smoked tofu works so well with peanut flour sauce, but then again nut butters and PB sauce goes well with anything. 😀

Sorry for the wordy piece in the middle of the post but I like to be honest and upfront with myself and you guys so I know where I am at mentally and physically, writing this blog is definitely a great way of keeping track of things and how I have dealt with them.  It’s almost like having a diary I guess, but I just share it with you lovely guys too.

For the first few days of this week I will be hibernating in Oxfordshire for a few days for a change of scenery, hopefully some new surroundings will inspire me with writing my thesis as I am feeling less than creative writing my discussion at the moment.  Have a great week everyone!

Are you good at admitting that you need to slow down?

When you know that you need to take time out do you just carry on regardless or allow yourself your body and mind the time it needs to recover?



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24 responses to “Sunday Catch up: Knowing when to rest

  1. I think that it is so important to think about your whole schedule and not just the working out- some people are rushing about with work and so adding an extra workout will just make them more stressed, whereas others might be sat at a desk all day, and only work 9-5, so have lots of hours spare. I usually found that I needed 2 rest days because work is quite active, and I would run out of time too. Sometimes I would go for 6 days if I had shorter runs, but when they got longer I needed the days off and that was fine with me. 🙂
    Where do you get those colourful seeds from? They are so pretty.

  2. I used to be really bad at slowing down, I was an all-go sort of person and loved being massively busy. I would work for hours everyday, I would go to the gym three times a week, do strength three times a week and then cycle to college five days a week totaling 15 miles. It sounds crazy but I enjoyed it and really didn’t crash very often!

    But, my condition as you know has got pretty bad in the last few months, and this has caused me to HAVE to slow down. Now sometimes I spend mornings in my pajamas and get into bed at 8pm in the evening! It’s not something I feel that comfortable with yet, I still get massive feelings of guilt, but I have to do it to be able to keep going…

    Your workouts look great this week, you always inspire me with your positive attitude towards working out and towards resting your body 🙂 Your eats also look pretty amazing, especially that berry ‘ice cream’ smoothie – want! And your Apple and Berry Crumble looks delicious 🙂

  3. Thanks, reading this post just reminded me that I needed to phone the gym and book in for next weeks kettlebell class, I’ve you hadn’t made me think of classes I would have forgot! Sounds like your doing exactly the right thing, if you plough on doing something you don’t have time for or when your tired your just setting yourself up for an injury or burn out. Enjoy your extra rest day!

  4. For a long time,I have been TERRIBLE at slowing down and taking rests. I pushed myself through exercise and stress every single day,it was awful… No wonder I wasn’t only about to break down physically but also mentally.
    Somewhen,I just wasn’t able to take it anymore though,which on the one hand was a scary,on the other hand a necessary experience because that was when I finally realized that my body needed the rest and the time to recover SO BAD,and it didn’t even have any horrible consequences!
    Therefore,I think it’s a really good decision of yours to take an extra rest day,especially as you have such a stressful Wednesday!
    I love these colorful sunflower seeds,by the way. They look like a rainbow and always make me smile. 🙂

  5. It’s so awesome that you are able to listen to your body and know when to slow down and rest…this is hard for me to do a lot of the times but I am learning slowly! I have to remind myself that I need to be nice to my body and let it take the time it needs to catch up and relax for a bit. I love all your eats! Sounds so yummy!!

  6. I used to be awfu at listening to my body and still plough along, howvere after getting a stres sfracture I have learnt the hard way to listen t my body when it needs a rest day. It is still something I am working on though.

  7. I think listening to your body is so important. In the long run listening to your body and taking unplanned rest days is so much better for your health than trying to fit everything in and burning out!

  8. Hope you have a good time away; I bet Oxfordshire will be beautiful at the moment.
    I have Wednesdays as rest days too but if I feel like I need another day “off”, I’ll have it. If I’m too knackered to workout, I don’t! I think if you’re doing workouts like you have been, two rest days will be perfect.
    Still loving the look of those chocolate sunflower seeds 🙂

  9. I tend to plod on regardless, which does me no favours in the long run. I think everyone’s ‘rest threshold’ is different and it’s great that you’ve found yours.

    Such pretty food too – especially the smoothie! Like a rainbow in a glass (bowl?) 🙂


  10. Its good to listen to the body I definitely am which is why I have cut out the gym for now and am concentrating on the yoga again : )

  11. That is the best kind of hummus!!!!! ahhhh so good. Now I’m totally craving a salad + hummus combo for dinner. YUM!

    It’s SO important knowing when to take a rest day. I’m horrible at it, and then I end up pushing myself to the gym, and having a horrible workout, when I should have just rested!

  12. The berry ice cream looks awesome! And I love the fun addition of the sunflower seeds!

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