Sharpham Park Giveaway

Happy Monday lovelies!  I have something to make your start of your week that little bit better in the form of a giveaway!

Last month I got the opportunity to review some of Sharpham Park’s cereal (which you can read here), which I really enjoyed.  Sharpham Park specialise in all thing spelt and as my blog sponsors for this month they have put together an awesome giveaway for you my lovely readers.

Up for grabs are 3 boxes of organic spelt cereal including a box of Miller’s Muesli, West Country Granola and Berry Puffs:

IMG_1772 To enter all you have to do is…

  • leave a comment on this post stating what is your favourite way to eat your cereal
  • follow and tweet about this giveaway ensuring that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet!
  • like Celery and Cupcakes on Facebook
  • link back to this giveaway in a blog post

Each action counts as one entry so please make sure that you remember to leave a separate comment for each giveaway entry.  This is because I only count the number of comments made on the giveaway as an equivalent to the number of entries- I would hate to miss any!

The giveaway is open to everyone and ends on Sunday 18th March 12 pm GMT with the winner to be announced the following day.

Good Luck!



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71 responses to “Sharpham Park Giveaway

  1. Favourite way to eat cereal is probably atop a green smoothie, but by the handful out of the box always works too 😛

  2. i like eating whole bag with hands!!!:)

  3. Mmm I love cereal! I have to say I love it as a topping on green smoothies!

  4. I love adding protein powder to my milk to give it some extra nutrients! Also I like to add yogurt to just make my cereal bowl a big mess! Love it! I think I actually have an unhealthy addiction to cereal. Haha.

  5. Already like you on fb!

  6. beautyinthebalance

    When it comes to eating cereal I’m pretty boring- I like mine with cold milk and a sliced banana. But I love granola mixed into yogurt- delicious!

  7. beautyinthebalance

    I liked you on Facebook already 🙂

  8. My favorite way is with yogurt or dry mixed with nuts. Delicious!

  9. These all look delicious! I’d love to eat that Muesli in a giant bowl filled with almond milk, cinnamon, and bananas.

  10. I already like you on facebook 🙂

  11. Gosh, a favourite way is hard to choose. I think my ultimate is a chopped apple, some muesli and then topped with almond milk- delish.

  12. I like to eat my cereal dry for snacks, out of a specific bowl though, not just any old one.

  13. I love my cereal on top of smoothies or with some almond milk, or by the hand-full out of the packet 🙂

  14. sarah

    Cereal with soy/greek yogurt is my favourite:).

  15. Rebecca

    My favorite way to eat cereal is with vanilla unsweetened almond milk!! Not much else besides maybe banana

  16. Rebecca

    I “like” Celery and Cupcakes on facebook!

  17. Yum they look so good, I need a new cereal addiction! ha ha

  18. Oops forgot to say, my favorite way to eat cereal is with rice milk or sprinkled on top of a giant smoothie!

  19. I have like your FB page x

  20. I already like you on Facebook

  21. My favorite way to ea cereal is to have half a cup of cereal with a container of yogurt and about 1/2 cup of milk and blueberries all mixed together. I know it sounds kind of strange but It is delicious.

  22. Nancy

    I love eating cereal with plain Greek yogurt, preferably 2% Fage 😉

  23. I love eating my cereal on top of my smoothies 🙂

  24. Kate

    My favourite way to eat cereal is snuggled up on my sofa, next to the window with the sun streaming in, topped with goji berries, almond milk and a cheeky tablespoon of flaxseed in there!

  25. Jordan

    I love cereal on top of my greek yogurt for some crunch. Or with almond milk and cinnamon!

  26. Jordan

    I like you on facebook

  27. I love cereal! My favourite way to eat it is with soy milk and fruit (or just straight out the box if I’m being naughty). x

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  29. Katy Aubrey

    I love cereal, in any way! But my fave has to be a HUGE bowl of my two faves mixed together, with lots of fruit and soya milk! Yum! x

  30. Katy Aubrey

    I’ve tweeted! 🙂 x

  31. Katy Aubrey

    I’m not on FB 😦 x

  32. Katy Aubrey

    I don’t have my own blog so can’t link back I’m afraid! x

  33. I like to eat my cereal with milk because I’m classy like that 😉

  34. Pretty much the only cereal I eat is weetabix and I eat it in a way all of my relatives and my boyfriend think is gross 😛 I like to soak it in the milk, then when it’s softened – or soggy – I mash it up, and then I top it with some sort of fruit, either raisins, fresh berries, frozen berries, or banana slices!

  35. Ohhh I would some of this cereal, my favourite way to eat cereal is with a chopped apple, yogurt, cottage cheese and almond butter is so nice!!!

  36. Love eating cereal straight from the box 🙂

  37. Agnese

    cereal with peanut butter, greek yoghurt and frozen blueberries 🙂

  38. Agnese

    re-tweeted your lovely yummy giveaway 🙂

  39. Jenny

    Liked you on FB!! Don’t have a blog (yet!!) or twitter sorry…
    Hopefully you could post these to Australia?? 🙂

  40. My favourite way to eat cereal is with soya yogurt and lots of fruit!! 😉

  41. I Like your Facebook page 🙂

  42. Mmary

    I love eating cereal wit plain yogurt 🙂

  43. My favourite way to have cereal is with almond milk and a banana for breakfast 🙂

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  45. Bronagh

    My favourite way to eat cereal is with almond milk (current fav is the new Alpro almond milk) and lots of fresh fruit mixed in too. Lately it’s been apples and pears but I can’t wait for summer to arrive so I can enjoy big bowls of fresh berries, almond milk and cereal for quick and easy breakfasts… yum 🙂

  46. Bronagh

    Just tweeted about this fab giveaway 🙂

  47. Bronagh

    And I already like your facebook page!

  48. I love to eat cereal mixed up with my favourite yogurt and some chia seeds or dried fruit!

  49. I tweeted about your giveaway 🙂

  50. I posted about your giveaway!

  51. dolcem

    My favorite way to eat cereal is mixed into greek yogut with cinnamon and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter!

  52. manda

    I like cereal with plenty of milk.

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