WIAW…Favourite foods

Hey hey!  Another Wednesday has come around again and it means that it’s time to share some foodie goodness with y’all!

Peas and Crayons

A little while ago I posted about my favourite ways to eat certain foods in this WIAW post.  Since I’m still hibernating in Oxford I haven’t really taken that many pictures of my meals so I thought it might be nice to share with you some of my current foods to eat at meal times for a spin on things.



My current favourite breakfasts has to be smoothies made using lots of frozen berries.  I really enjoy the creamy thickness that the frozen fruit gives the smoothie.  Also stocking up on frozen berries in particular can be much cheaper than buying fresh berries as you get way more in the bags and they are often on some kind of deal in the supermarket.


This particular smoothie was made using mango, frozen mixed berries, a banana, rice milk and water and topped with coconut butter and spelt rice puffs…so good!


IMG_1761For lunches I have been crazy about my salads, although this is nothing new.  I just love how quick and easy they are and you can go crazy with the toppings.


On Saturday I took took a salad to work with me which contained mixed salad leaves, cucumber, gungo beans, roasted squash that I dug out from the freezer, dried mixed berries, cashew nuts, and chilli mixed seeds.  I made simple dressing using the strawberry balsamic vinegar that I got in my Secret Santa.  A whole mix of randomness but it tasted really lovely.


Sometimes I do like to mix things up I have been taking The Food Doctor pitta pockets to work, soup or even a good ol’ veggie snack plate with a huge serving of hummus for dipping.


IMG_1762At the moment I am addicted to making up my own snacks using dried fruits and nuts for snacks in the afternoon.  My current favourites to mix up are salted almonds, dried mixed berries including cherries, dried mango pieces, prunes and dates.


IMG_1778 For dinner I have been craving mega stir fries full of veggies, seeds and nuts.  For most part they are quick to make after work and again very versatile like salads.

IMG_1776This stir fry is one of my favourites as it included one of my new favourite foods, kelp noodles.  The texture is a little weird first, especially if you don’t soak them in boiling hot water but now I’m addicted.  This particular stir fry included broccoli, sweet potato, edamame beans, red pepper, mushrooms and cashew nuts in a sauce made from ginger, garlic, chilli, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil.  I’m a huge fan of a huge plate of veggies.


IMG_1764Dessert snack plates of chopped fruit with dried berries, chocolate and nut butter frozen berries in rice milk.  I also like just grabbing a few handfuls of chocolate covered sunflower seeds for dessert too…saves on the washing up, ha! 🙂

What are your current favourite foods to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner?



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41 responses to “WIAW…Favourite foods

  1. Emma Carter

    Where are you hiding out Jemma? We could go for a walk! (i am not allowed to run at the moment!) I am keen to chat to you about your diet……

    email me!


  2. I just tweeted about wanting a delicious salad recipe, so you have very nicely, in a roundabout fashion, answered my tweet! Your salad looks gorgeous, and I’m curious to learn of the recipe for your dressing. I’m a total “dressing from the bottle kind of gal,” but I know that I could probably do better making it on my own. Fab WIAW. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. I love kelp noodles too but I prefer to keep them raw for all the nutritional benefits, I’m loving them with thick creamy nut butter sauces, so good! I’m having a thing for raw coconut flour mixed with water so its like a raw yoghurt too, great for breakfast!

  4. Yum it all delicious!

    Breakfast: smoothie or juice
    Lunch: soup/quinoa & salad
    Dinner: steamed veggies & tofu or any protein really : )

  5. I like the spin you’ve done on this 🙂
    All your pictures are gorgeous.

  6. All your eats look so good!!!

  7. Ok the kelp noodles really intrigue me. Do you get them from a natural food store?

  8. I too have been loving frozen fruit lately. I’ve been putting a berry & cherry mix in my morning oats. (My fav part are the cherries!)

  9. We are SO similar…except I never got into the smoothie-in-a-bowl thing…for some reason it doesn’t feel like eating, and I like to feel like I’ve eaten after a meal. [Intriguingly, I do not have this issue with soup.]

  10. The chocolate covered sunflower seeds sound amazing – I need to get my hands on those!

  11. Everything looks so mouth-watering! It’s funny how similar your daily eats are to mine… but yours look so much prettier!

  12. Yummy eats! Fave breakfast is either green smoothies or oatmeal. Lunch either one of the previous or a mega salad, and dinner is probably squash/sweet potato and veggies or stir fry.

  13. Errign

    All of these photos are amazing!
    Breakfast: current favorite is cereal. I don’t know why as it doesn’t keep me full for anything, but I’m loving it!
    Lunch: Leftovers or snack plates with fruit veg cheese nuts crackers etc
    Dinner: Roasted veg, grilled fish and brown rice! Yummmm

  14. “I’m a huge fan of a huge plate of vegetables” Amen to that 🙂
    They’re always the way to go for dinner but for breakfast, I’m still deep in my rut of carrot cake porridge and blueberries, I can’t resist! Having said that, I’d be more than happy with any – or all – of what you’ve pictured here, it all looks so good!

  15. what do kelp noodles taste like? fishy?

  16. Your smoothies look so good. I’m loving big salads for lunch at the moment and stir fries for dinner as they’re so quick and yummy. x

  17. My favourite breakfast right now has to be porridge, in any which way. It’s the only thing that fills me up until lunchtime! I’m getting in the spring mood so I’m enjoying fresher lunches like pittas with salad, carrots, falafel & tzatziki. Yum!

  18. So much fresh produce, I love it!

  19. I love the mason jars you use for your smoothies, I may have to invest in some for myself!

  20. Everything looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to try making pita pocket sandwiches, because I think they’re so cute, but for some reason I never do!

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