Down in the country

I finally emerged from my lovely hibernation in the countryside on Wednesday morning when I had to make a 1 hour and 30 minute journey to work, luckily the traffic wasn’t too bad.

It was so nice just to have a change of scenery even if I wasn’t too far from home.  I was actually staying with Alfie as he works away at the hospital in the week and comes home at the weekends so it was so nice to get to spend some extra time with him.  e both lead busy and pretty much separate lives where our work is concerned, which I love as I’ very independent and like my own space, but I do love spending quality time with my impending hubby.  It’s true what they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”


Whilst Alfie was busy fixing up his patients I was holed up in the flat with my laptop for company and my thesis.  There is no internet connection there and no television, also the reception on my phone wasn’t exactly great for mobile 3G either, so it was the perfect environment to get my head down without any distractions.  It worked, as today I sent off my discussion chapter to my supervisor- almost done!!!


Now since Alfie doesn’t readily by veggies for himself I had to make do and packed some roasted veggies and brown rice that I had cooked at home, a bag of apples, nut butter sachets, a bag of salad leaves, energy bars, dried fruit and small cartons of rice milk.  On Sunday at work I made sure to make the most of the Boots meal deal and actually bought two, one for lunch on the day and another for provisions for my hibernation/study days.  I picked up snack bowls of fruit, sushi, a Fresh hummus, carrot and rocket sandwich and 2 bottles of smoothies.

IMG_1791I’ve never come across this brand of smoothies before and was interested to see how they commercially worked the concept of a green smoothie in a jar.  Overall I loved the taste of these and was really surprised.  The ingredients list is fantastic and even contains algae, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina!  The label does say that the smoothies are pasteurized (i.e. heated) though, probably for preservation purposes.   Lets face it you can’t get green smoothie outlets so readily in the UK like you do in the US, but for green smoothies on the go they are pretty awesome.


I did make sure to take a break from studying and pop out though.  Alfie took me to a really lovely restaurant where I ordered a salad consisting of roasted peppers, green leaves, baked goat’s cheese, caramelized onions, ciabatta, a balsamic glaze and lots of other tasty ingredients.  This salad was gorgeous!  I want to try and recreate something like this at home sans the ciabbatta.

Over a steamed soya milk and gingerbread drink I met up with the very lovely Phil for a long natter.  It was so nice to catch up with her after so long.  I can see big things on the horizon for this awesome lady!


Whilst out and about I was tempted by a lovely floral spring blouse in New Look but was so proud of myself when I put it back on the rack.  However, I did have a little spending session in Holland & Barratt, taking advantage of their current buy one get one half price offer.  I picked up some tasty goodies including some Amisa spelt crackers and blue maize tortilla chips- these guys seem to be branching out in a big way!  I’ve looked high and low for these things in my town but low and behold I find them in H&B of all places- yummy!

When I got home on Wednesday after work I had a delivery card saying that I had a parcel delivered whilst I was out.  After going to the depot yesterday to pick it up I knew instantly what it was as soon as I saw it and ripped open the box…


 My Foodie Blog Swap !!!

It included lots of peanut butter based products as a cereal addict I cannot wait to try those PB Cheerios.  Also there was lots of teas, Love Grown Granola,  a PB Clif Zbar, a Larabar, vegetable crisps, biscof spread and even homemade cinnamon honey roasted PB and homemade chocolate, cherry sunflower vegan cookies.

IMG_1829 IMG_1832

I’ve already got stuck in with the cookies and they taste amazing!  So thank you so much Sarah for sending me a great package full of amazing food- you should sell those cookies cos’ you would make a fortune! 😀

Have you ever cut yourself off from the internet and life’s little distractions? 

How did you feel afterwards? Did you find it beneficial?

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22 responses to “Down in the country

  1. Oh so envious of those cheerios!

  2. I always get one of those smoothies when I get a Meal Deal, the blueberry one is really good too. Sounds like you had a productive week and those Cheerios look amazing! x

  3. i walk around the whole hong kong but can’t find any love grown granola~!what’s the taste like?:)

  4. Wow that package looks lovely 🙂
    Me and Andy sometimes have weekends away, and often we have no internet in the hotel/ place we stay. He can check on his phone, but I can’t, and it is nice to have a break and not feel like I need to check my emails etc all the time. Plus when I was in hospital I had nothing like that, and although it was boring I think it would have reminded me of what I was missing, so it was nice to either just sleep, or read. I think a break is always good.

  5. your goodies look fab. wish the Uk had a better range of cereals.

  6. Sounds like that getaway was just what you needed, I do think it would be good to be able to focus without the distraction of the internet some times!

  7. Errign

    Sometimes I do, but it’s tough for me! I’m so used to being connected, it’s weird to not be online or whatever!

  8. I try to cut myself off a little when I go to stay with my mum in Ireland well I don’t blog and when we go out in an internetless but when I am at hers I do instagram and tweet sometimes!

  9. It’s so nice to get away with no distractions for a while. When ever I find myself in that situation I realize that I don’t actually miss facebook, twitter etc that much!

  10. How lovely of Sarah to make you cookies and pb; home-made is always the way forward! Brilliant news about the thesis, bet you can’t wait to get it finished and concentrate on the wedding; lovely that you got to spend more time with Alfie too…
    I’ve never seen those green amoothies in bottles before, will have to try if I find them!

  11. I regularly switch off from the internet at weekends now, especially if I’m visiting Peter. I find it really beneficial because I spend so much time on my computer at work and blogging that I definitely need a break sometimes!

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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