Sunday Catch Up: working out together


This week has just zoomed by with my little stint in the countryside at the beginning of the week and straight back into work- it’s the middle of the month already!  Although I don’t mind that this month is going so fast as my birthday is coming up soon and I am going wedding dress shopping at the end of the month…wohooo! 😀

So this week I have really enjoyed my workouts…

Monday: MTV  Yoga DVD

Tuesday: 30 minutes of high intensity intervals on the treadmill, cross trainer and the bike (10 minutes each) plus 200 ab crunches (4 different varieties of 25 reps each) and strength workout 1

Wednesday:  REST

Thursday:  20 minutes of high intensity intervals on the cross trainer and bike plus 1 hour of Body Pump Friday: 10 minutes of intervals on the bike, strength work out 2 and and 10 minutes of intervals on the step machine.

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 3 mile run and yoga for runners podcast from Yoga

It has been an awesome workout week and I have really appreciated the extra rest day doing the things that I love which I normally wouldn’t have time or the energy for.  Tuesday’s workout has to be my favourite as Alfie has recently joined the gym as he wants to shape up for the wedding (bless!) and it meant whilst I was in Oxfordshire where he works during the week I could go and train in the gym with him using a free pass.  This was a first as before we got together Alfie was a gym fanatic, but once uni started naturally studying became his priority and working out slipped down the scale.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I would like working out with Alfie as for me going to the gym like a sanctuary to escape everyone else around me and have some time for myself.  For the past 4 and a half years I have worked out alone and loved it.  Also. I always thought that I would become distracted and end up talking instead of working out.  Nevertheless, it was  really nice to work out with my impending  hubby.  We were very much in our own worlds and did our own thing whilst in the gym, but it was nice to stop for a chat every now and then.  It made a nice change and I wouldn’t mind working out with him again, but not all of the time!

It has also been a great week of eats too, so as per here are some of my favourites…

From right to left:


  • A Fresh carrot, hummus and hummus sandwich on wholemeal bread

  • This was a Cookies and Cream Berry soft serve topped with dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and sultanas.  I made the soft serve using mixed frozen berries a scoop of cookies and cream protein powder, rice milk…delicious.

  • Coconut flour paste with maple syrup,  mixed fruit, cashews and sultanas

  • Mixed vegetable stir fry in an almond butter sauce with some amazing kelp noodles.

  • Baked tempeh with roasted broccoli and parsnip chips and dollop of ketchup.

Other foodie highlights include…


I’ve been on a smoothie kick again this week, my favourite being a lovely frozen cherry and almond butter smoothie.  It included frozen cherries, spinach, lots of almond butter, hemp, stevia, lucuma powder, vanilla rice milk and water.  This was really gorgeous! It has been a while since I have added any super foods and extras to my smoothies, just making simple fruit or green smoothies, but I really did feel great after drinking this so the hemp and lucuma must have given me an extra boost.


Of course there I don’t think that there will never be a week that goes by without a salad involved along the way and this definitely wasn’t one of them.  I decided to make a warm salad mid-week, which included cooked courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and cannellini beans in a warm dressing made from lemon juice, dried mixed herbs , black pepper and apple cider vinegar and topped it with some grilled haloumi cheese and red pepper hummus with some mixed salad leaves.  Loved this!


My current addiction is coconut flour paste made using coconut flour and rice milk or water.  It was lovely made with some vanilla rice milk and maple syrup with fruit, nuts and sultanas.  Yesterday I made it again with a huge bowl of fruit containing kiwi, a banana, strawberries and plums and topped it with some dried pineapple and chia seeds.  I can see me making this a lot more often in the future as its so great for deserts as an alternative to cream and at breakfast time too.


The other night I baked some tempeh that I had marinated in soy sauce, ume plum vinegar, ginger and sesame oil and roasted some frozen broccoli, parsnips with some ketchup for dipping.  This was so simple but really hit the spot.  This was the first time in ages that I had used frozen vegetables (with the exception of edamame) as always buy fresh, but these were just great.  The parsnips roasted up with crunchy and crispy edges. I love it when they go all crunchy like that! 😀


And the other night after getting home late from work I couldn’t wait to break open the box of peanut butter Cheerios for dinner- they were just calling my name!  They remind me of PB puffins, total yumfest and very addictive.  I’ve had to hide them at the back of my cupboard for safe keeping because Alfie has also been dipping in them too. 😀


Do you like to work out alone or with other people?

Do you get all competitive when you workout with your partner or friends?



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28 responses to “Sunday Catch Up: working out together

  1. I like to workout alone most of the time but it’s nice to have someone else to keep you company sometimes too!

  2. I love that boots sandwich!!! I also get it when I go to teh city as my local boots doesn’t stock it. well me and my boyfriend have been on a few bike rides togeather, I guess I do get a bit competiitive, but at the moment I am a lot stronger rider. However I do wait for him at the top of hills:p > its quite nice to go out togeather as we have a cafe stop halfway, he’s a scone addict!!! I do enjoy working out togeather but also enjoy going out on my own.

  3. I always get competitive when working out – I’d be a terrible workout buddy because I’d always be competing with the other person. It’s bad enough in classes and in the winter when someone is either going further or faster (or both) than me on the treadmill. I’ll kill myself trying to keep up.

    So much beautiful food in this post, from the tempting PB Cheerios to the coconut creations (I love adding Sun Warrior to coconut flour paste). My favourite has to be your warm salad though – I’ve really been enjoying warm/cold veggies lately, particularly with melted coconut oil as a dressing (it forms a little ‘crust’ on the veggies when it cools).


  4. All of that good lookng food has made me hungry! It sounds like a pure week of healthy awesomeness! Keep it up!

  5. Ahh wedding dress shopping!! So exciting 🙂

    Your Tuesday workout sounds brilliant, I think I might replicate it tomorrow (minus the treadmill)! I like working out with my boyfriend sometimes and I have a good gym buddy but I do like working out alone too.

    That Cookies and Cream Berry soft serve just looks amazing, I’m desperate for some now 😛 Loving all of the veggies!

  6. if coconut flour can be cream, can i mix hazelnut flour with water into nut butter?thx.

  7. I usually like to workout alone, but it is nice to have someone there to help push you along! You just gotta find the right person who will push you, not distract you! ha That’s problem sometimes when I workout with friends!
    All those eats look so delicious! I finally caved and bought those peanut butter cheerios too! They are delicious!!! I have to hide them too!! ha

  8. I do like to workout alone. I feel much more comfortable running on my own, and really enjoy that alone time. I don’t usually go to the gym with my boyfriend, but we are moving to Dublin this week and our new apartment has a gym, so that may change now. I don’t think I would mind working out in the gym with him actually, it would be quite nice.

  9. I definitely prefer to workout alone as its my me time and I tend to be pretty focused but it is nice for a change to have a quick run with James from time to time!

  10. Peter isn’t into working out at all, but sometimes he will walk as I go for a run and I really appreciate the company, because it can get a bit boring sometimes. I like going to running club so that I can run with other people.
    I love that hummus and carrot sandwich – it’s my favourite!

  11. Ahhh!!!! Wedding dress shopping soon! that’s exciting 🙂

    I’m on a smoothie kick too! Then again, when am I NOT on a smoothie kick?! haha

  12. Sounds like a fun workout week. I sometimes train with Dale and find it fun but being a guy he likes to act stronger then he is which i find pretty funny!

  13. That sandwich is yummy 🙂
    I like working out alone sometimes, but I also like classes, although I don’t think Andy would like the classes I do. We did try running together but he was too fast so it was not fun for either of us! We tend to have walks together instead and that is nice as we chat together.

  14. I work out alone 99% of the time. Even if I go to a gym class with a friend I find it a bit of a distraction and the only times I’ve ever run with friends are during organised races. I would like to do more runs with a friend now that I know I can keep going and don’t have to worry about not being fit enough or fast enough to keep up.
    That carrot and hummus sandwich is my favourite, I used to eat it all the time when I was at uni and still love it! x

  15. i must try some kelp noodles! where do you buy yours from Jem? x x

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