Friday Feature: The story behind the name

I have been wanting to write this post for a while, and perhaps it would have been more appropriate to write it a year and a half a go when I started the blog.  But, hindsight is a wonderful thing and at the time of starting this blog I was inexperienced in the realms of healthy living and most probably not in the right frame of mind in terms of my own body image and relationship with food to project my own thoughts on the matter with others.

Although now things have changed somewhat…

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As the tag line suggests I was “on a quest for that healthy balance…”  Trying to find that healthy weight that my body was happy with and also trying to understand my relationship with food, what food means to me and how I could be kind to my body by providing it with nourishing and healthy food without compromising on taste and without wanting to be restrictive either.

Through blogging I have felt inspired, motivated and impassioned by other bloggers and their stories, heart felt topics and creativity of delicious recipes.  Along this journey I have nurtured a love of a lifestyle of food which is full in abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole grains and free from refined sugars, trans fats, additives and processed products.  Due to this I have never better, in fact I would go as far as saying that this is the best that I have ever felt in ages.  My skin is clear and I rarely break out even when it’s that time of the month, my hair and nails are both healthy and I am sleeping really well too.  All of this I’m putting down to the food that I’m eating.  Of course, this way of eating doesn’t suit everyone, but it is certainly working for me.

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Of course there are always times where I over eat, have foods that are significantly more calorific, have a carb loading day, dip into the nut butter jar and eat too much dark chocolate.  I am human after all and really couldn’t imagine a life without dark chocolate and nut butters (yum!), but with me moderation and balance has always been central to my healthy living ethos.  When I do feel that I have has a dose of too much sugar or carbs etc. I do like to balance things out a few days after and eat more basic and lighter meals. Take the good with the bad, Ying and Yang…it seems to me other than money it is balance is what makes the world go around too.

Next month will mark a year since I stopped eating meat.  I’m not a vegetarian, but prefer not to eat meat and occasionally will eat fish.  I’m also not vegan.  However, the past 8 months or so I have rarely eaten any fish and well dairy products have gone straight out of the window.  I’m not a huge lover of dairy any way, so it’s really no big deal.  I much prefer the taste of soy yoghurt and non-dairy milk and I go through phases of eating white cheeses such as feta, helium and goat’s cheese.  However, until recently the cheese like the fish has also been pushed to the side lines.

To some extent I feel that I have at times succumbed to blog pressure.  Sometimes a sense of guilt will wash over me as I wonder “what would my readers think?” I would hate to think that I was letting anyone down if ate a slice of cake or some cookies because I love cake, especially cupcakes.  I’ve documented my past eating habits and my relationship with food in a previous post, which you can read here if you missed it.  After making so much progress on changing the way I think about food and portion size at one point a few months ago I thought I was slipping back into my old habits again-not necessarily in limiting what I eat but some of my old fears about food had crept back into my mind.  And I know that I never want to go back there again.

I think it’s terrible that young girls and women who do not have eating disorders still suffer from issues with their body image as a result of peer pressure or media pressure.  In today’s society we definitely pay far too much attention to size and numbers.  Over the years and on my own journey I have come to realise that numbers on a scale do not define who I am.  The smaller the number does not make be a better person by no mean feat.  What defines me is what is in my heart and my soul.  A few digits pale into significance!  They will not make me successful in the future. The way I look to others becomes insignificant if they are not taking an objective viewpoint as they should.  But, what will me make successful in the future in both my working and family life is defeating my insecurities in the present. Dealing with them and locking them away, never to be seen again.

It is such an easy thing to say but very hard to do, I know. But, I am almost there with a few more tweaks to iron out.  Of course I have those days when I think I look rough, drab and down right crappy, but I think we all have those days every now and then.  I think sometimes that we are given days such as these to help remind us of everything that is good in our lives.  When you have are having a rubbish day and feeling sown in the dumps there is nothing more uplifting than thinking about the people and things you love to make you smile.

Going forwards I will stop being so restrictive with myself.  I’m not going to go on a rampage in the fridge or anything, but be sure to include fish and a little cheese when I fancy it in my meals without feeling guilty.  I don’t think a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t do you any harm what so ever.  So now on I will be truly encompassing the name behind my blog and continue to pursue that healthy balance.

What is the story behind the name of your blog?  If you started to write your own blog what would you call it and why?
Have you ever succumbed to blog pressure in any shape or form?



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12 responses to “Friday Feature: The story behind the name

  1. What an interesting post Jemma. Because I have been vegetarian for such a long time, it is the norm for me anyway. But I did get to the stage where a lot of the blogs I was reading were going vegetarian, then vegan, and I did almost feel left behind if that makes sense. I did think about it for a while but I don’t think it is for me (right now, anyway- never say never). So I made sure that I read other blogs from people who still eat meat (which might sound strange) but it just means that I have a balance in what I see too. I think the WIAW posts are good because they show just how much diets can be varied but still find that healthy balance.
    As for “blog pressure”, I don’t think I have felt that, but I have tried things that I have seen on other blogs- some good, and some not so good (spirulina!) but there is no harm in that.
    Mine was going to be a blog more about my baking, but I had just run my first half marathon and really loved it, and was reading a few running blogs, so I added that in for good measure!

  2. I can’t believe Celery and Cupcakes has only been around for 1.5 years. Wow, have you brought it far in relatively little time! Congratulations 🙂

  3. I love the *Exercise Eat* poster, so simple yet so powerful.

  4. Errign

    When I first started blogging, my blog was called 365 Days! because I wanted to try to post once a day for a year. After a year, it changed to Errign’s Adventures (through life, food and travel), which I LOVE, but I will probably change it again. Only because my name is spelled rather uniquely, which makes my blog very easy to find and I’m starting on job searching soon.

  5. Great post, I sm always trying to figure out the best way of eating for me. I fon’t eat much dairy because milk makes me bloated and gives me spots, I don’t eat much meat maybe once every few months but that’s cause I don’t really like it that much and will only eat organic which is pricy! I eat cake, cookies, chocolate and crisps but I just don’t eat them all the time plus I agree with the saying life is too short if you eat in a balanced way you can enjoy some treats in your diet too. But one thing I do believe is you HAVE TO exercise one way or another you gotta move then everything will slot into place : )

  6. Great post, Jemma! It’s awesome to see you have come so far since starting your blog. I hope that one day I will reach my happy balance as well, I know I’ve gotten so much closer since starting my blog as well.

  7. Lovely post, I was actually just thinking how good it was that you don’t seem to be becoming restrictive in the lead up to your wedding as some women do. I changed my blog name from slim to healthy when I started to understand that health was my goal not skinniness. I firmly believe you need to find a natural balance for you as an individual, I now know that I am always going to be bigger than a lot of other healthy living bloggers but I’ve come to accept and embrace that!

  8. I did think that your food had become even more nutritionally ‘perfect’ than usual. I wondered if it was pre-wedding nerves or trying to do the classic bridal dress slimdown (not that there’s anything there to ‘slim’!) There was so much celery and so few cupcakes 😉 That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, but if you feel anxiety or restricted then it’s better that you eat to make yourself happy 🙂

    I don’t feel pressure from other bloggers, but certain posts I read will make me put pressure on myself. I feel that I should dedicate everything to ethical ‘superiority’ but every darn medical ‘professional’ I see tells me certain foods I’d rather avoid would improve my health. I guess I resent the fact that other people can be healthy avoiding animal products, so why can’t I?

    Almost Over Now comes from a line in the NERD song ‘Rock Star’. It’s my running ‘theme:’ the beat is perfect for every race distance either on the single or double for pace (the Jason Nevins Remix) and the lyrics make me feel badass 😉 Plus, there are other connotations too – telling oneself something is almost over means one can push that little bit harder, do that little bit more. But there’s also the idea that, often, I wish that everything was almost over. In my saddest moments, I tell myself that, if I choose, at any point I can make everything ‘be over.’ And that’s oddly comforting.


  9. This is a great post and you’re right; I think balance is what it’s all about when it comes to health. I think that as long as your diet and lifestyle are mainly healthy, treats and even occasional “eat everything in sight” days aren’t going to do any harm; you could almost say health is a state of mind, I suppose, because it’s seeing that it’s most things in moderation that does it.
    I also think that posting cookies and cakes on a blog is great; everyone eats them and I believe they are part of a healthy diet if, like I say, they’re not the biggest part of that diet!
    I liked hearing the story behind the blog name; I’m not quite sure where mine came from 🙂

  10. Great post and great to hear that you have found your healthy balance. I’ve noticed my eating habits gradually changing over the past couple of years (far less meat and dairy) and do sometimes have to remind myself that its ok to eat some cheese or have a “normal” yogurt if that’s what I feel like eating at the time.
    I have no idea what I would call a food blog…I chose my blog name as it was originally a beauty blog and was the first thing I could think of! x

  11. As I mentioned to you during our first interaction, the title of your blog has intrigued me for quite some time. I often spotted it in Jessica’s blog roll, but I never visited because at the first moment of spotting it, I had already developed a bad girl reputation amongst ‘healthy life bloggers’; and since I believed, because of the ‘I Happily Eat All Spectrums of Food from Celery to Cupcakes Fruity Tutti’ innuendo, I didn’t visit because I figured you’d ignore me anyway. 🙂 So when I received your very first comment at my blog, I was walking with Sir Edmund and Gwendolyn and exclaimed, “OMG, Celery and Cupcakes just commented at my blog!” 🙂

    My three year-old neighbor’s parents told me that because he (the three year old) never spotted me with gwendolyn and gwendolyn without me, he dubbed us as, “nicolendolyn.” The cutest story ever, huh?! Because I’m not one for abbreviations, I expanded that to nicoleandgwendolyn, and it worked! 😀

    Great blog post. Fabulous blog. xxx

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