I *HEART* March

Well the end of another month is here and it’s time to say hello April.  I really cannot believe how fast this year is going by.  It will be Christmas before we know it and I would be already married by then (eeek!).  


I have been writing these reflective “I Heart…” posts for a year and even now the purpose of why I started these posts originally still holds true: a way of collecting together my achievements and a way of looking at how I can progress in the future.

As months go March has been pretty darn awesome, especially the latter half of the month…


I had a lovely week off from work in the sunshine.

After reading The Hunger Games trilogy I just had to go and watch the film which I thought was awesome!


I took part of the Green Smoothie Challenge and made some awesome breakfast smoothies to start my day off in the right way.  The round up of my own Seven Smoothies in Seven Day Challenge is coming your way tomorrow complete with recipes.

I got closer to 30 last Sunday and celebrated my 26th birthday with my girlies and ate the best cupcake.


It was also my 7 year anniversary with Alfie and we went out for a fab meal.

We also made more headway with our wedding planning and booked a band, a table dresser and two beautiful vintage cars.  Although the most exciting part for me this month as far as wedding planning goes was ordering and paying for my wedding dress yesterday.  I adore my dress and cannot wait for it to be made and come into the shop to be fitted.  I still can’t believe that I actually have my dress!

Yesterday also marked the start of prop buying for the wedding.  I found a great retro/vintage store and a shop specialising in vintage products that stocks loads of stuff.  I wanted to buy it all but for now settled on a vintage looking frame that I bagged for £5.

Looking at last months goals I achieved them all including finishing the discussion of my thesis and having a big wardrobe clean out and bagging things for the bin, eBay or the charity shop. I always feel better after a good clear out.

This month I would like too:

  • make the most of the outdoors by going for walks, longer runs and pottering in my garden
  • continue to save and budget
  • enjoy my Easter lunch
  • finalise the wedding cake design and design for the invites
  • sign up to a 10K race and consider a half marathon if I have the time to dedicate to it
  • finish the first draft of my thesis
  • create a new blog header

For March I am super excited to announce that Groupon are sponsoring with some amazing giveaways and deals up for grabs.  There will also be some great giveaways from some of my continuous blog sponsors too so look out for those.

If you are interested in promoting your blog or business on Celery and Cupcakes then you can read more on my sponsorship page and contact me at celeryandcupcakes@gmail.com.

How was March for you?

Do you have anything exciting coming up for April?



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25 responses to “I *HEART* March

  1. me

    Can’t believe you’ve been doing your monthly round-ups for a year. How time flies! It’ll be nice to have all these to look back on though. Glad you’ve had a great month.

  2. Wow, those are some big goals! I am sure you’ll meet them all with your customary dedication and hard work 🙂

    I cannot wait to see your wedding dress and cake design. I am *so* not a girly girl or bothered about weddings generally but I know what fabulous taste and style you have, and how beautiful both dress and cake will surely be.


    • Thanks so much Jess. I cannot wait to share my dress especially with everyone. It has been ordered but I won’t get to see it until it comes back in 6 months…sigh! Although I still have lots of planning to do in the mean time. c

  3. Looks like a fab month! March has been a good one for me too, I smashed my half marathon pb, celebrated my 24th birthday, did a weeks placement at BBC Sport and moved with my boyfriend to Dublin! In April I’m looking forward to spending time with my family at Easter, exploring my new home city and hopefully enjoying some more nice weather conditions after last week’s hot spell!

  4. You must be so excited about your dress! I can’t believe it’s April already too, as you say it will be Christmas before we know it 🙂

  5. OMG, you found your dress?! How did I miss that announcement? Hope April brings you all you dream of, and that it might hold a catch up with me again too. There’s a fab antique store around here that might have some vintage goodies for your wedding xx

  6. Eek, missed that it was your birthday, happy belated birthday!
    That sounds like a great March and brilliant goals for April… can’t wait to see pictures of the dress and wedding 🙂

  7. groupon wow, I’ve bougt some awesome stuf from them. the skinny protein bars they did bu bio-synenergy were awesome!!!

  8. sarah

    Your photography has really blossomed, I think it is PHENOMONAL. Seriously all your eats and everything are always gorgeous:).

  9. Hehe I heart lots of things, especially vegetables 😉

    I want to consider a half marathon too! I just did a 10K yesterday and I want something to keep pushing me!

  10. gorgeous pink cupcake! so pretty! perfect birthday accompaniment. 🙂

  11. You always sound so busy with these recap posts 🙂
    I am looking forward to April- going back to work (for some normality)-, maybe starting running again, getting outside more, planing in my allotment, having long walks outside. 🙂

  12. Sounds like you had a great March with lots to celebrate. That cupcake looks divine!

    Here’s to an even better April!

  13. It sounds like you had a good month. March was pretty good – the weather made it 🙂

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