Green Smoothie Challenge Round Up

Happy Monday y’all!  I hope you are all having a good one. 

You have probably noticed that I have been playing around with the blog a little today. I thought that it needed a little bit of a spruce up and since I have been doing a spot of Spring cleaning in my house of late I thought it would be nice to extend it to the blog too.  So far I have changed the theme and produced a new header.  There is still a lot of improvements that I want to do, but I quite like Celery and Cupcakes new look.

So all last week I was taking part of the Green Smoothie Challenge, which meant the consumption of seven smoothies over seven days.  I got involved with this last time and loved it.  Although eating all of those smoothies is never such a challenge for me as I love them so much. 

Like last time I have put together a round up post of all of my smoothies and recipes to share with you all.


Cherry and Almond Bomb:  Frozen cherries, a banana, almond extract, almond butter, chocolate hemp protein powder, camu camu berry powder, rice milk and water.


Pear and Berries: A banana, pear, chocolate hemp protein powder, frozen berries, spinach, milk thistle, camu camu berry powder, rice milk and water.


Berries and Chocolate: Mixed frozen berries, a banana, a nectarine (it needed using), coconut milk, chocolate hemp protein powder, water, spinach topped with buckwheaties and sultanas.


Fudgetastic Green Smoothie: An apple, banana, spinach, double fudge crunch powder, rice milk and water topped with a vegan cookie.


Butternut Squash Smoothie: Butternut squash, with a banana, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger and rice milk topped with rice puffs.


Raspberry and Coconut: Frozen raspberries, a banana, shredded coconut, curly lettuce, coconut milk, water, strawberry hemp protein powder topped with sultanas and spelt berry puffs.


Cookies and Berries:  spinach, coconut milk, mixed frozen berries, a banana, ice, water, strawberry hemp protein powder topped with a Cookie Exchange cookie and sunflower seeds.

This time around I decided to mix things up with smoothies that included super foods, some that did not, sweeter protein powders and didn’t add any gums.  I loved them all and have loved experimenting with frozen berries, such a versatile product.

To read about all about the health benefits of green smoothies, alkalinity and why I love them so much you can read it all in my previous recap post here.

How do you like your smoothies: green or just fruity?

What is your favourite smoothie combination?



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16 responses to “Green Smoothie Challenge Round Up

  1. I love my smoothies green! It doesn’t compromise the taste and ups the nutritional value like crazy 🙂
    Loving the new blog look so far!

  2. Ooh, yummy! This is so encouraging! Glad to hear you enjoyed the challenge 🙂

  3. Those all look great, thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  4. I just recently started adding spinach to my smoothies, I was too scared for the longest time. But you really cannot taste it as I thought you would! They are so healthy packed and delicious! Can’t wait to try some of these concoctions out!

  5. YUM! They all look so good! 🙂

  6. They all sound lovely. I did like green smoothies when I tried them, but I prefer to eat spinach with dinner, so I tend to leave them fruity when I have them.

  7. I always add spinach to my smoothie for an extra hit of green to add to my day and they are always packed with fruit too : )

  8. Lovely looking smoothies! Green smoothies are definitely my favourite. I like simple ones like nut milk, banana, kiwi, spinach. Yummy!

  9. Love the new header and theme, looks fantastic 🙂

    Your smoothies all look and sound delicious, I particularly like the look of the Pear and Berries one and the Berries and Chocolate one!

    I add greens sometimes, when I feel I need that added kick. I do like really fruity smoothies too though. Basically, I just adore smoothies full stop!

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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