Sunday Catch Up: Strawberry fiend!

Hi everyone!  I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  

Yesterday I went to Manchester to my baby nephew’s naming ceremony and was playing with my little nieces for most of the day.  Those girls really do have some energy as I was exhausted when I got home.   I love spending time with my my family and friends, it was a really lovely day. 

The rest of my weekend has been spent chilling out with lie ins, movies and working today.

This week has included an awesome range of meals, so I’m just going to screen dump them all.


Vanilla Alpro soya soghurt with kiwis, pineapple, apples


Pear and Almond Green Smoothie based on my Almond, Pear, Pumpkin smoothie, but without the pumpkin


Peanut butter Cherrios with strawberries, a banana and Kara coconut milk


Lime and Coconut Curry with auberinge, mixed vegetabes and soba noodles…amazing!


Muesli with a chopped pear, strawberries and soya milk


A snack plate of grapes, raw veggies, hummus, soft cheese, almond thins, spicy almonds


A new snack and obsession from iHerb…so good!


Of course salads are never too far away in my list of eats and this one has to be my favourite from the week.  It includes mixed leaves, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, red kidney beans and Sabra hummus.   The buttery avocado went perfectly with the beans- definitely a great combo!


Oats with soya milk, fresh strawberries, figs and banana with maple syrup- such a fab breakfast!

It’s also been a great week for workouts too:

Monday:  Yoga podcasts courtesy of, plus lunges, squats, chest presses and abs.

Tuesday: 15 minutes of high intensity intervals on the cross trainer and a 1 hour of Body Pump class

Wednesday: REST

Thursday:  20 minute of high intensity intervals on the bike and cross trainer, strength workout 1 and 5 minute cool down on the step machine

Friday: 3.5 mile run plus abs and core exercises.

Saturday: 20 minutes on the cross trainer and bike, strength workout 2, cool down on the step machine.

I managed to increase my reps on my strength workouts this week for more of a challenge, but I think that I need to change my strength workouts up to challenge my body more, which I think that I am ready for.  I have found some great workouts that I cannot wait to start this upcoming week.  I’m excited already!

This week I have been going crazy over all the strawberry deals in the supermarkets at the moment and have definitely been making the most of them.  I do love strawberries in every shape or form and I think they have to be my favourite berry with blueberries coming in with a very near seconds.  I cannot wait for the summer for British strawberries to be in season again!

What is your favourite berry?

What have you been getting up to this week?



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25 responses to “Sunday Catch Up: Strawberry fiend!

  1. That lime and coconut curry looks lush – will you be sharing the recipe?
    Fave berries have to be blueberries for me.

    Also for workouts, have you tried Jillian’s 6 week 6 pack DVD? I’ve started doing it this week and it’s great – really challenging!

  2. I think I’m with you on the strawberries, so good! I was playing with my nephews this weekend I’d love to have their energy!

  3. runningcupcake

    I love strawberries, but only get them in the proper season as I never find they taste as good otherwise. Won’t be long now 🙂

  4. I love strawberries when they are in season and aren’t so expensive 😛 Blueberries are definitely my favourite though!

  5. Oh yes!!!!!!!!! I am a fig maniac! They don’t come into season in the states until September. And luckily, my grandfather smuggled several trees from Italy when he last visited his hometown. Oh my naughty grandfather! 😀

  6. I adore strawberries. i like blueberries but only when their in season as had a few and have tasted very mushy. i like getting my fruit from the market tastes so much nicer and way cheaper than the supemarket.

  7. I LOVE strawberries too! My favorite color is red because of strawberries! Where I live they’re just coming into season, which is very exciting. 🙂

  8. pleaae please PLEASE share the lime and coconut curry recipe – it looks amazing!!!

  9. Strawberries and fresh figs look like such a good combination! x

  10. Kayleigh

    i know you dont eat meat, and i rarely eat it too, probably once a week. BUT! i went out for lunch the other day in this “enchanted” garden cafe (it was awesome! it looked like a fairies forest! had a tiny waterfall and bridge and was covered in plants and everything!) and ordered a smoked summer chicken salad…. YUM. it was served with all the usual salady bits, cucumber lettuce bit of tomato etc, and they threw in salad sprouts (not bean sprouts, you know little shooty things that made a nice addition – kinda like the ones in sandwiches and stuff. remind me of watercress on a massive stalk that doesnt taste like watercress), spinach, plenty of avocado and…………..chopped strawberries. ahhhh i cant describe how good it was. literally such a nice combo! i knew cajun-spiced chicken went good with banana, but this took the matching to a whole new level. if you have anything that is similar to smoked chicken then i highly recommend you make a salad just like that! lush!

  11. Kayleigh

    and maybe chuck in a handful of toasted pine nuts too, mmmmmm. i’d marry it if i could. but also – i actually think i just like strawberries in a big bowl on their own the best. simple, and so so so good! too good. i remember when i was young i used to hate the seedy texture, so i coated it in sugar to cover it up. errr! no wonder why i need 8 fillings now. YES. 8. 😥 my bank account is crying. – dentists fees in new zealand are disgusting compared to england! i wish i was back on the nhs!!!!!! free dental work (or cheap), and its $180 just to get your teeth cleaned here! hence why i havent been to the dentist since i was 17 (minus last month when i found out that my teeth are sabotaging my savings account, but im 22 now), thats when i moved to the land of extreme health bills. i wont even go into how much doctors fees are. ($30 for a check up!!!!!! how dare they!)

    i cant believe i just ranted on your blog about the dentists haha. sorry about that! if anything im saving your future, go to the dentists as much as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN JEMMA RUN!

    strawberry fields forever xx

  12. Ooooh I’ve been enjoying the GoRaw pumpkin chips and they’re great for snacking on! Great workout schedule 🙂

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  14. Moving on and letting go

    Mmh all your food looks super yummy! You’ve left me hungry 😀

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