Sunday Catch Up: A lucky lady

Well another week has flown by.  It still amazes me how fast this year is actually going.  In a blink of an eye Christmas will be here, although I will be married before that…eek!

It has been a pretty awesome week for me and pretty non-stop with completing draft of my thesis, designing my wedding invitation suite, working and treating myself to a session at the hairdressers and a mini shopping spree. 

I  also wrote a guest post over at Amado Loves on Keeping Healthy for the Big Day, so if you haven’t already go and check it out!

I also managed to fit in some awesome workouts…

Monday:  20 minutes of interval training on the the cross trainer and bike, strength workout A from my new routine

Tuesday: 15 minutes of high intensity intervals on the bike and a 1 hour of Body Pump class

Wednesday: REST

45 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, bike and cross trainer (15 minutes each) plus an ab and core workout

Friday: 20 minutes of interval training on the the cross trainer and bike, strength workout B from my new routine

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 4 mile run and abs and cork work

They are having a massive launch of Body Pump 81 next Sunday and as my luck would have it I have been given it as a day off.  I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us with the new routine.  I already know that mountain climbers are involved in the ab section as my instructor leaked that out last week.

This weeks foodie highlights include:


An awesome curried egg stir fry with mixed veggies and quinoa.


A fish curry with butter nut squash and soba noodles

Smoothie love:

Chocolate and PB Swirl Smoothie: chocolate and pb protein powder, a banana, 2 plums, spinach, peanut flour, maple syrup and water

A banana, strawberries, an orange (unpeeled), hemp milk, ice.

A few weeks ago I picked up some chickpea flour meaning to make socca pizza, but totally forgot.  It was definitely hide time that I made one as it has been ages since I had made one.  So the other day I did!  I put parsely in the pizza crust and topped it with tomato paste, green beans, mushrooms, spinach, olives, green beans, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and lots and lots of green pesto.


I promise never to leave it so long to have a socca pizza again as this was so good!


After talking to lovely blog reader Bronagh Twitter this week she reminded me about how delicious Total Greek yoghurt.  Since I haven’t had any for so long I thought I would spoil myself to a tub as a treat.  The other morning I made a bowl of oats with hemp milk, two chopped strawberries, maple syrup and some Greek yoghurt…yum!

Last night I was completely spoilt by my boyfriend who had dinner ready for my when I had come in from work.  He made a lovely chana dhal with lots of veggies, rice and naan bread.


It is so nice to know that Alfie is supportive in my choices where my eating preferences are concerned.  Last week he even bought some soya mince for me from the supermarket.  I think it was hard for him to understand at first but he has come round and respects and understands where I am at where my current eating habits are concerned, which I am truly grateful for as he is a full on carnivore and although I could never see him following a more plant based diet he regularly tries “my kind of food” and it’s great to see him give it a go.  I am really lucky to be with someone that is so understanding.


The rest of my Saturday evening was spent in front of the tv with dark chocolates, strawberries, red wine and manicure and a pedicure ensued.  

My perfect Saturday night in!

Is your partner or family supportive about your dietry preferences?

Has they way that you prefer to eat ever caused any arguments?



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21 responses to “Sunday Catch Up: A lucky lady

  1. Bless Alfie, what a love 🙂 That’s when you know someone really loves you, when they put so much effort in and do things like that, so lovely you’re getting married.
    That pizza looks amazing; I love pesto but have yet to make a socca pizza…
    And I haven’t been to Body Pump for so long! I was put off by the release that came out in October but maybe the new one will be better, might have to get back into it!

  2. my partner is so supportive of my meal preferences, he knows the foods I like. we often cook togeather, this weekend for instance we made our own pizzas with wholewheat flour. He also eats mostly veggie foods with me, and has become a big fan of quorn chicken.

  3. My boyfriend used to be a massive carnivore, and in fact when we met 8 years ago I was still eating meat. He has been pretty supportive throughout the years, as I’ve gone from omni to vegetarian and then vegan. The last few months he has been fantastic, much more willing to try new things, and since we have moved to Dublin he has made the decision to start eating vegan at home and if he takes a packed lunch, which is great, as it makes life easier than having to cook seperate meals, and it is also nice to enjoy the same foods. I am pretty lucky!

  4. Congrats on completing the draft of your thesis and the wedding invites! That’s awesome!

    My boyfriend and I absolutely do not have the same eating habits… haha. He is NOT a healthy eater at all, and I know sometimes it drives him crazy that I’m so particular about what I eat. Deep down though, we both just want the other person to be happy, so we usually find a decent compromise 🙂 It really hasn’t been easy though!

  5. Such a productive weekend! Your food always looks so tasty too! My boyfriend is totally supportive of my eating and I love him for it – I eat mainly gluten-free and he’s committed to eating gluten-free at home with me when we cook. I still buy him his full-of-gluten favorites, but I love that he’s always up for GF cooking with me!

  6. Quite the productive weekend! 🙂 All of your food always looks so tasty too. My boyfriend is SO supportive of my (mainly) gluten-free diet, and I’m so thankful. He gladly cooks/eats GF meals with me, and in return I still stock up on his full-of-gluten treats! 🙂

  7. The socca pizza sounds so good.
    I live by myself so only shop and cook for me which makes things easier…my parents are really good at buying me the foods I like when I’m home but a lot of my friends probably don’t even realise that I don’t eat red meat and dairy so it can be tricky sometimes if I get invited for a meal at someone’s house as I have to explain all the things I don’t eat! x

  8. Aw that’s so good of Alfie! Phil is another one of those who “doesn’t understand” but I’m sure if I pushed him he would try & make an effort to prepare food for me. However, he argues that I’m (me) the cook in this house. I’m cool with that… as long as he washes up!

  9. That’s so sweet that he cooks for you! James has always been 100% supportive of me, he’s even been more determined to find places I can eat than I am half of the time 🙂 Sounds like you’ve had a great weekend!

  10. Great food!

    Tom’s a full on carnivore and is supportive of my dietary needs and choices. Although every meal I make he likes to say that the one thing missing is meat!

  11. All your foods looks delicious! Nice and colorful : )

  12. Aw how sweet of Alfie.- sounds like you had a lovely weekend too- those pine nuts and pesto look amazing- mmmm.
    When I met Andy I was already vegetarian (and he is a big carnivore too) so he just got to know me like that- he is happy to try vegetarian food- happy to visit vegetarian cafes and things when we are away too which is really great.

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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